Meat MAYham


So great you guys are getting in those nice hikes!!

Love your fridge/freezer pics…and yes squish a steak up in that corner for later eats HA

I ate so much variety when I started but now into year 4 I am SO whittled down into what I truly love. Steaks are key for me truly and I dropped alot of meats by the wayside I used to depend on…everyone changes on how they best love eating carnivore.

So you are going off full on carnivore? gonna hit into ketovore style? Remember those veggies are part of the inflammation you are trying to rid youself of :slight_smile: :slight_smile: just sayin’ but cool if you feel comfortable there.

Super sorry on the injury. When I nailed my ankle/achilles heel area I was lame for like 2 years, yea it was that nasty. I thought it would never come around but one day it did, years later cause all I did was keep hurting it…hey I had to walk LOL So you watch your shoulder and do all ya can to heal up best ya can!

On a ketovore type style I get tracking and needing to know and want to control protein levels and more, but on carnivore we truly need none of that. The hardest thing is accepting we can eat anything we want when we want, all we want cause most of us did come from restricted limited control our food schedule and for me personally, letting go of all that crap was a lifesaver for my mental status! :slight_smile:

Wishing you continued success. And yea PKD is a tough plan…all in 2:1 fat ration and for even a carnivore like me I ain’t tackling that protocol but my health isn’t where I need a PKD protocol either.

-------------got hungry yesterday

1.25 lb ribeye steak
1/2 lb. shrimp dipped in alfredo sauce…omg so good
8 slices bacon

that filled me up fine for quite a long time and later when I got 'kinda hungry I did nibbling…I had can of tuna (dry…omg I missed my mayo in it and had to mostly gag it down, I realize mayo makes the tuna for me but I said I would try life without so I did, ick…lol…few leftover bites of pork tenderloin meat…8 slices salami

today I got NY Strips defrosting and rest of shrimp probably.

Woke up slightly bloaty feeling. Bacon. Noticed the bacon and I assume sodium is nailing me a bit. I am ‘feeling sodium’ more since I did cut back and then of course I didn’t cut back alot and went back to heavy salting, then cut back again some days but now I noticed when I do hit heavy salt my body is telling me, hey, we are bloating here :slight_smile: Yea I get it!!! I hear ya!!! Time to control the salt more for me! eh, will work on it.

Carnivore on strong all!

(Vic) #137

2 plates of this for dinner.
Cheddar for dessert



I got 2 lbs. of Kobe Wagyu hambuger and a rack of pork spare ribs from my favorite take out BBQ joint.

I am very happy with that of course :slight_smile:


i think this is my first photo post since i don’t use my phone while i eat so i rarely get an opportunity to take a pic


@daigo1 – well I am super glad you got a phone pic of that beautiful hunk of meat!!

YUM and I bet you will enjoy every bite of that baby!

We love meat and meal pics on this thread LOL


so someone got back to me a week later after reading it and they said there’s no reputable scientific sources to back up a lot of the claims in the book, and there are many medical journals that can refute some of the claims as well…and they’re like “if there are 100 expert researchers and 99 of them agree on everything but 1 doesn’t then it’s likely that 1 is probably wrong” and so categorizing the “1” as us carnivores


oh my that is interesting, very very interesting someone actually read it to ‘debate’ you about it.

Well throw back a 1 liner.

Not one carb from any plant on this planet is required by the body for survival at all. Not one carb from plant matter is needed by the body thru absolute undisputable known science fact.

if the physical body requires not one carb from plants for life survival and only requires protein and fat for any survival, and meat protein is superior to plant protein anyway---------why would our bodies allow that if it was not meant to live without carbs?

I would have them research THAT and get back to me HAHA

Well so many of us ain’t dead yet and we feel better than before and we are thriving and healing and getting younger by the day eating this plan, just ask many thousands who are 20+ years doing this program and are flourishing, not floundering…so…facts are thru true experiences also.

surprised tho someone did read it still HAHA

(KevinDV8) #143

I love the science behind this truth, that it really is about the carbs and not the calories.

I heard Ally on The Biggest Loser say that Fruit Loops are better for you than Shredded Wheat because of the calories. This was before her 100+ pound loss and subsequent regain like all but one of the contestants.

(Vic) #144

Hihi, just took the book and counted the references, there are 748 references to scientific papers and articles in the back of the book.

Here is a thing,

You can’t argue with an idiot. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat ya with experience. :grin:

To be honest, I’m done with listening to anyone when it comes to nutrition. I read books on carnivore, veganism and junkfood alike, took my own conclusion and self experimented.

Now I’m a healthy, fit, skinny, painless, happy man with a massive eating disorder (according to some).

I’m proud of it.


What a wonderful Mother’s day, despite working 7-3!! As I was getting ready for work, after I posted on here, hubby disappeared briefly into the basement. He reappeared minutes later with a beautiful plant combo, and a 6qt InstaPot . That was quite a send off, as I went to work. When I got home, my 3 youngest kiddos were there. The youngest had made an adorable homemade card, and informed me that she bought me an Iphone. All the kids HATE my Samsung, so the littlest one decided it was time. She’s been planning this for months, apparently. It arrives in a few days.
The oldest daughter is my rock hunter/mining guru expert, and made a picture frame from all the little agates she’s collected - and put a pic of the two of us in it. The youngest son gave me a lovely card from he and his girlfriend, a bottle of champagne and a new coffee mug. The husbie cooked steaks, etc. I had 2 porterhouse and butter. Glorious!

I sure hope all you mamas out there had a wonderful day, too! I am dying to test out that instaPot!!! What cut of meat to cook first?


reading that fruit loops beats shredded wheat for food curled my toes LOL I didn’t know that Ally gained back the weight, I had to go and search the net and yes she did. wow. I knew alot of them gained back but for some reason I thought she held on, nope, the low kcal/low fat kill yourself exercising people can’t hold weight loss…who can? I know I couldn’t :slight_smile: interesting!

Vic your post was great! I so agree with you!! How I feel and the benefits I received for better health are not a fantasy ya know…they are real and known to me and desired by me and feeling this good…no idiot debate and their non-experience with this lifestyle is a joke to me. Why truly take on a defend your judgement debate when who is judging you doesn’t have a clue…and truly it isn’t about real nutrition debate or anything, it is about judging your actions…go judge someone else right? LOL AMEN!

SB what a great mom’s day for you!!! Your family sounds so sweet! you made out like a bandit on good presents :wink:
InstaPot…wow…new meat adventure cooking time! Let us know how ya like it when you use it.

***************May is marching on down. Days ticking away.

food yesterday flipped cause of the meat they bought me.

I had 3/4 rack of pork ribs
some leftover peel eat shrimp

then I had a another meal later — small Kobe Wagyu cheeseburger patty and some taylor ham slices
2 beef sticks

The Kobe Wagyu burger. Great taste no doubt on it but I didn’t like the texture. You know how burger is ground, using a grinder and it still has some chunky like to it…this burger was pulverized. Into a very fine dry but firm meat slurry kinda. Over smushed to death kinda thing which even when making patties it was like playing with silly putty or play doh type feeling and the chew texture was off, I don’t know, just like not usual ground burger LOL Hard to describe. Taste was great but it didn’t give me NO big WOW at all for the price they paid for it! but nice present to eat and I will. But won’t be on my shop list for the future.

Have to eat that ribeye I got defrosted today.

not sure what I will pair it up with…thinking of cooking a small pork tenderloin or eating the rest of the ribs, we shall see.

Carnivore On All!

(Keto Koala 🐨) #147

@HelenW Thank you so much for your creative post, because creativity is what I love the most. I’m glad it inspired you to tackle that hill, better then sitting around being still.:upside_down_face: I hope your back let’s you go for a run, it’s really fun to rhyme with someone. I had Pork chops for dinner tonight, and fried up in butter they turned out alright. My energy is better so I did some sit ups, but with my weak belly it could cause hiccups. :scream: I may have a hernia, but I’ll be ok, a Pork chop a day keeps the doctor away.:wink: It’s raining in Australia, yes BRING ON THE RAIN…As last summer the heat was Frying my brain.:hot_face: Thankyou so much for making me smile, I used to be here lots and then left for a while. So back on the Carnivore Pony I go, and this new pony is FAST, as there’s no time for slow. So back into fat adaption I’ll run, Giddyup pony, let’s bring on the FUN!!!:racehorse:. Fun meaning better sleep, and a healthier life, no more carbs, they only cause strife, I’m married to Mr Carnivore, I will be his wife.:bride_with_veil:…Here comes the bride, eating beef hide…Omg I will stop now…But tomorrow I may eat some cow.:wink: Cos this little Carnivore, well she’s on the PROW!!!:leopard:

(Linda ) #148

@SecondBreakfast sounds like you had a fabulous mother’s day thats awesome.

Yesterday I had My normal 2 meals then I decided to throw a brisket in the smoker which came out and smelled wonderful

So todays food brisket and I bought some calf liver to have with bacon


wow that is amazing brisket pic and I LOVE brisket and would eat that fat cap right off it first :sunny:

beautiful smoking job on that meat!

I am jelly on it of course cause now I want it!



resizing pics helps and I figured it out mostly LOL
dinosaur internet person here on pics and more

first meal wanted for LATER

I have NO desire to eat. This is my eat time but I do not want to cook this steak or eat anything.

going by the body. probably be OMAD today cause I am thinking around 2-3 I might want this and when I eat it, full for day.

I just go with the flow. Got steak and shrimp on my mind but will ONLY eat when I truly want.

again, do as the body asks is always the right way :slight_smile:

(Vic) #151

Lamb and beef


fried up the steak and delish and ate the shrimp and heated up a tad of alfredo sauce for dipping

so done for food around 3 now and see where the next food wanted will go? we shall see

(Karen) #153

So Sunday was a great day. Stair runs as per then my daughter picked me up to go and get Ben from the care home. We went to Rufford Abbey Country Park which we didn’t think was the best for a good walk but it was very pretty with lots of bluebells and a large lake to walk round. We let Ben do the leading and he led us straight to the ice cream shop! Well it is the first time I have been faced with every flavour ice cream under the sun simce starting this woe and I would have usually had a good 3 or 4 scoops of different flavours because I wouldn’t be able to choose just one! However standing there in front of the counter looking at all the ice cream, it did look nice I have to admit, i felt no desire to have any! Ben and Sian both had an ice cream. So again Ben took the lead and led us straight to a cafe by the lake. Nothing for me to be able to eat so just an earl grey but Ben chose a steak slice (in puff pastry) with a cup of tea. So I am getting peckish by now so we decided to head back to a cafe on the route to the Park which had a garden with bench tables and Ben then ate an enormous Turkey dinner! Where he puts it I have no idea but he looked totally stuffed by this time lol.

My daughter and I had a super omelette with cheese bacon and sausage.
Once home again I had a big rump steak with some bacon and some cheese.

Up at the crack of dawn for work this morning at 4.45 and got the stair runs done. Busy day in reception. Brunch was chicken breast with butter and cheese. Late afternoon I had the 2 cooked burgers. Then home at 6.30pm and ate some cheese amd beef brisket.

Off tomorrow and back to work wednesday.

(Vic) #154

2 plates of beef and eggs for breakfast.
Double cream yogurtn as a dip.


That is great. I love also the want for junkier food disappears. Too me a bit to get into that feeling of being able to just not want it, but darn when that kicks in, that feeling of total control and no desire, it truly is a great benefit of this plan. Your outing sounds like a very nice for everyone!!

---------------------the steak and shrimp held me for a very long time

but around 7 I ate a can of tuna and yea, I used a tablespoon of regular old mayo in it. I needed a little something and that is all I wanted and darn I loved that stupid mayo in it :slight_smile:

today got Tbone steak defrosted
and will cook up that little pork tenderloin I gotta cook up