BewareEasterBunny -- DangerousCarnivoreApril


We are all hunting the E Bunny this month :crazy_face:

New month, new benefits from the carnivore lifestyle.

List any small goals you might tackle for the month!

-------------food yesterday was few slices taylor ham, tuna/mayo, 1 lb shrimp, 1/2 lb. cheeseburger patty.

I am going into April feeling fine and solid on plan.
No ‘goals’ to hit other than keep cutting back salt a bit and keeping that a priority in my mind.

Right now I am hitting into lighter food option mode a bit. Normal swings for me on plan and nothing new. I just eat what I want when I want and let my body guide me on food choices.

Let’s rock ZC in April!


reporting in


It’s still hot outside and I saw goats!

All my processed pork except some bacon in the freezer:

3 different kinds of sausage (all with paprika, of course :)), the whole ones are from the pig farm shop, a spicier and a milder one.
Smoked raw ham and a little head cheese from a supermarket (those head cheeses are usually not so great as the really good ones but still nice and offer variety), smoked chuck from the pig farm shop.

So… I don’t even remember my March so well but it was a rollercoaster. I got some data from my more or less accidental experiments but it wasn’t nearly enough hedonistic. April should be almost perfect! We will see. I really mean carnivore this month. I did not so bad in November but I changed since then and I buy more meat nowadays, it should be easier now.

My goals is being as strict as comfortably possible but I will gradually relax my ways, probably. I can imagine several days without dairy but a whole month? I probably don’t want that. But I want to handle dairy almost like my small plant matter: I only eat it if I really feel it would be much worse without it and in really small amounts. I don’t even feel I need much dairy ever. And my interest towards dairy plummeted lately for some reason.
I definitely will do my best to get my preferred level of variety from meat and eggs. I can be very creative when it’s about my food and plans. My doom would be losing interest in my plans as I did in November but it was harder for me then. I did the first 1-2 weeks with eggs, chicken liver and smoked pork, mostly! I can’t even imagine that now, it’s fine and dandy for 1-2 days but that’s it.
And it was still easy while lasted, I just suddenly stopped for a break back then.
NOW if I “stop”, that totally must be at least carnivore-ish, almost no carbs from plants and mushrooms. Can I do a month with my rebellious inner self and very undisciplined personality? Probably if I will be prepared.

So I start with eggs, meat, tea, spices and condiments and do it until it feels okay. Today I had black coffee as medicine but it’s an exception. Fortunately I have a not nice, slightly bitter coffee and I dislike black coffee lately anyways but it always feels nice when I use it as medicine.

Such restriction sounds awesome right now, it feels my body wants just this, we will see what I will say a week later :smiley:

Rabbits aren’t in my near future but a significant amount of beef is (I try to postpone the stew as it is not strict at all but I have some little beef to fry). But first, eggs and pork. I have a little bacon and a nice amount of roasted pork shoulders in the freezer too. And bony fowl meat for soup.
We have 20 eggs but we will buy about 90 tomorrow, it’s significantly more than enough for a week but it’s nice to have plenty. In the past I preferred having 200. We are kind of food hoarders (it makes food significantly less expensive and we can be sure we won’t suddenly die of hunger or suffer from lack of variety :D) but in a still healthy way, we don’t buy more than what we can eat before it spoils. We don’t hoarder meat much as the freezer is small and there is a butcher in a nice walking distance (6 km) and I can get cheap chicken liver in every tiny village shops.

I am curious about my (probably reduced) salt intake so I will measure it. My smoked pork items will make it harder especially the chuck (zero idea about its sodium content but it’s insanely high) but the saltier the stuff, the less I eat from it so it won’t ruin the accuracy too much. We only bought a little smoked chuck and we will eat it for a month or something.

Maybe in April I can do a meatier week (I planned it in November but couldn’t do it. but those were different times). I don’t think I ever ate 7 pounds of meat in a week in my life, I am not sure it’s comfortably doable for me but not far from that, at least. I love roasted pork but I love my eggs too and while I love the former more, it’s only for a few days while I can eat several eggs every day for a decade and more (but I only have a decade. and not each and every day but almost). But without my other usual items, eggs may be a tad more boring and meat (with variety) has a chance then.

I wanted it shorter, oh well. You know me.

Good luck, everyone! For everything. Wishing well costs nothing to me, why not be generous?

Oh and another plan but not diet related. I really, really want to do my weightlifting regularly (I keep forgetting or eat first and I need to be well-fasted, I find the weights heavy or whatever. I do it sometimes but not 2-3 times a week as I should and I am super weak). And getting more energy or mood to walk longer. I was more tired lately, mostly just my legs, despite I really didn’t walk much or did anything exhausting. Odd. Maybe the lack of cycling didn’t do good to me. Maybe I will try to do some all alone. In the now extremely beautiful wildlife park. But it looks good in every season, actually. But it’s spring now :smiley:

So I am really serious now. About my woe, among others.


what are your reason(s) for cutting back on salt? i’m always afraid of intaking too little after find about how too much salt is better than too little because our bodies can handle too much salt but can’t handle too little, especially on pure carnivore. the carnivores i’ve spoken with (mostly outside of this forum) are always throwing numbers like 10g. of sodium (not 10g. of salt!) per day around and such.

(Vic) #5

I had chicken gizzards and eggs for breakfast.

No lunch and I plan to eat a whole chicken for dinner.

A chicken day


oh I am a super salter, have been my whole life. I eat SO much salt in my day it would make others heads spin LOL and I have to say cutting back has taken some bloat off me so I do feel better on less…but do not go by me about ‘how much salt people’ need and more cause I am one of those insane lover of salt. So this is just me wanting less in my life and walking that way little by little. I feel like zero carb is now saying, hey cut back the salt some…you know how our bodies ‘talk to us slowly sometimes and whisper’ so I hear something about salt with me now and I think it is time to not eat so much. I truly eat a ton of it. I don’t play on that part, I super salt everything if I can!

On salt I say eat what you like, need, do well on and don’t give it another thought :slight_smile:

@Carnivoor, chicken days are good days, but you best be huntin’ wabbit soon :crazy_face:

@Shinita, nice meat pic!!


My body can’t handle much salt, I feel quite unwell if go near to the keto recommended levels (or only if I do it with too salty smoked pork? I clearly hated that feeling…) but I never had problems when I ate no sodium for a few days so I go for little. It’s individual.

And lots of carnivores get away without salting their food, it sounds promising too…

I would feel if I lacked sodium anyway and ate some. So I don’t worry about it, I don’t know if other people should, possibly… But the problem is easy to spot and solve, isn’t it? At least if we know about its existence. When I went without any sodium for 5 days, I had no idea about electrolytes. It’s not something schools teach or curious me found in books, I probably read different books… I felt funny in the last days, maybe it was lack of sodium. Now I would eat salt if I felt dizzy on an EF. But I eat every day and I am not among the ones who need extra salt in that case.

But it’s interesting what if I drop my sodium more. The more carnivore days I have, the less sodium I feel perfect. Unsalted meat is still not right for me but it’s not as inedible as in the past.

WHAT? 10g SALT is where I get salt aversion and it’s not nice, I do my best never getting close to that. 10g sodium is insane to me. It’s clearly unneeded for most people, I would think.

(Edith) #8

I tried cutting way back on salt and it didn’t go well for me. I had to add my extra supplementation back in. I feel better with it. You will have to experiment and see what works best for you.

(Vic) #9

(Karen) #10

Happy BEB-DCA!

Well the heatwave has gone as quick as it arrived. Back to cold and wearing the furry fleece zipper jacket. Hey ho good ol’ British weather!

Stair runs done as 4 x 25 s/r, 25 russian twists w/6kg kb and 25 pu’s. Wasn’t as stiff as I thought I would be after all the power walking yesterday , though my glutes feel it today and the stair runs jiggled out any little bits of stiffness that I was feeling.

Brunch was two duck breasts sauted in butter with cheese.
Dinner was 227g sirloin steak pan fried with lard and tooped with king prawns sizzled in the juices with melted cheese.

Up early for work tomorrow, a long 14 hour shift looming but weekend off and back in mon and tues. As the weather is meant to be crappy cold wet and poss snow/sleet i don’t suspect I will be missing much!

Boiled up some eggs to take to work. Going to try once more to ease up on the cheese which is really really hard. Failed that one through March


I finished my day I think.

I ate much in the last days so I did expect a low-cal day. I felt my body doesn’t really need fuel but I still got properly hungry in the end.
I had some eggs with sausage, smoked chuck and head cheese. A tiny bit of mustard too. As I ate many boiled eggs lately, I didn’t want that, I had scrambled eggs and my 100% egg sponge cakes.
It still got a bit boring after a while, it’s not nice for me to eat eggs and smoked meat only even for a day so I got out some roast from the freezer but it needed some extra roasting (nice, I prefer it freshly made anyway, at least partially) and at the time it got ready, I got satiated…
But I ate it later :slight_smile: Part of it, I don’t put a small piece of pork into the oven when we don’t even need heating! It was warmer outside than inside so we kept the windows open for a long time. I like the nice fresh air we have here.

Tomorrow I will have liver too so there will be some nice variety.

(Linda ) #12

Lunch ,later will be ground beef and butter

Thanks vic resizing helped


Scotch fillet and 2 farm fresh eggs for April Fool’s Day dinner.

I have so many tins of mackerel in the cupboard after my wife and I double shopped. Oily fish in omelette works well as a breakfast for me.

For April I’m going to continue reconciling my hunger signals against blood glucose measuring.

Work stress is a recognised big health confounder for me. So, I’m going to tackle that a bit more.

April and Animal both begin with the beginning letter of the alphabet, also an ‘A’. It’s also the start of a sneeze. A A April we begin again.

(Vic) #14

I had no saturday evening beer for the last 3 weeks, so I still had my weekly 20gr of carbs available.

So I dicided to put a slice of cucumber in my mouth, I spit it out again in less then a second, it was absolutely disgusting, the texture and taste, yaeks. I use to love it. Not anymore apparently. Weird.

It seems like the longer you do this, the more carnivorous you become. Anyone else?

This group is also influencing me towards more carnivorous.

I don’t know if it still suits me to identify as a ketovore, don’t seem to be one anymore, besides my 2 beers on saturday.

@Azi that looks delicious :heart_eyes:


good little goal but ya know too, longer you stay carnivore most of us just naturally cut back our cheese with time, so don’t go too hard on yourself :slight_smile:

I bet this is a monster problem for so many across the globe! I know I had my fair share of it in the past :frowning:

What kinda ways are you going to tackle it? You know I never did find great ways to tackle work stress (back then) but I have to say older I do get now the more I am working on ‘letting it go’ ya know…as in whatever goes down with a situation, I deal fast with it and then forget the hell out of it and put it into a little box in my brain marked don’t give it another thought and ‘whatever’ attitude attached to it. heck it seems to work for me.

Oh yes, at some point longer on plan, you truly THINK carnivore with instinct. I absolutely get what you are saying. Instinct for meat. I truly see plant based foods as useless now. They don’t provide me for what the body wants and it ain’t just me ‘saying that ya know’, it is my body and brain just defaulting straight to ‘meat proteins good’, everything else why bother eating LOL

I thought that the other day when I was craving for ‘anything’ a bit and stood in the kitchen and thought…a bite of ??..but I said over and over as I scanned the junk in the house and said in my brain you ain’t ever gonna eat that, you wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole, you don’t want that nasty stuff and I thought, heck go cook up a burger :slight_smile:
Default brain is now carnivore way of life, like solidly locked in! I actually love it :slight_smile:

your few beers are cool. bit of alcohol is allowed on carnivore if you want it! I have to say my draw to alcohol is all but gone now. I weirdly miss that call but then again, don’t miss it LOL but on vacay or such I will party up with some rum. Now you can’t get me to drink a beer anymore, tastes nasty to me when I used to love beer. oh well…we all just change on carnivore at different passes but I don’t find many carnivores drink much any more longer on plan tho.

-----------------------food was 8 slices bacon, med. sized cheese burger patty, 1 big chicken breast, 1 beef stick.

wow like no food huh :slight_smile: that is low eating for me. Appetite right now is just not around. Again, fine with it. Just eat as I need.

woke up ‘kinda’ hungry with thoughts about a steak tho :slight_smile: Am gonna eat one today!!


What is the best a carnivore can feel and be happiest?

A FREEZER FULL OF MEAT AND BUTTER AND SEAFOOD! :slight_smile: yes that is the simple answer to that.


8 packs baby back ribs on great sale. ton money saved.
butter on sale. I buy cheapo store brand, Kerrygold etc too darn expensive for amt I use so I got 5 salt, 5 unsalted at great low price.
Extra large shrimp buy one get one. 10 bags. oh yea

NOW I need a good beef/steak sale again. Eyes open for it!

I feel SO SECURE when my freezer is full. Full truth on that. Being carnivore I need sales to hold me cause that is ALL I EAT :slight_smile: better the sales the happier I am with a full freezer to cover me.

ok just a chat on why I love sales and my freezer LOL

(Vic) #17

I’m happy for tou Fangy, enjoy all the fresh food.


Apropos beer. I decided on No Booze April (I pretty much forgot until now, it was a few days ago). Not like it’s a big deal, my alcohol consumption is ridiculous :smiley: Like, 20ml vodka once a month… If I drink beer, that’s usually 100ml.

I ate cucumber a few days ago. WATER… I love juicy things…
But… I don’t enjoy most vegetables anymore. I don’t even notice them. They surely taste the same but I can’t focus on it. So whenever I added my half radish and slices of cucumber, it was pretty much useless. Some neutral juicy vegetables would be good for a too salty dish (but I very carefully salt my food and I barely eat any really salted pork) or if I had no water (I always have water)… I only kept myself from eating them in my strictest times as I have no problems with them and I remember they were very nice now and then but I have this very rarely now.
Onion, sometimes garlic and tomato puree are still awesome though (and I don’t eat them now but it’s fine). Garlic is super rare and with eggs only, never with meat.
We will see what future brings. I probably will reach the point where these all become annoyingly sweet. I never liked sweet tomato, just the sour ones. Sour is great. Lemon is my fruit. I don’t eat it now, why would I, I don’t have dairy desserts or salmon and I rarely put it into my tea, but I keep that as an option if some need arises.

We collected some wild garlic leaves on a walk lately :slight_smile: We forgot it until April so only Alvaro ate from it. I never liked green leaves but this is special. And we collected it in a forest. So I ate it 2-3 years ago… And a year ago but just a little taste, I wasn’t enthusiastic anymore. And now we have our first little bunch and I feel absolutely no regret I forgot about it. I know I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway. (And we will collect some later again. I am super good at not being tempted if it’s not the last time for something. But it’s really not tempting, I just don’t see the point in not eating, like, 2 leaves then to try and join the experience this year too. But we will see.)
I call this freedom, free from the power of a tiny compulsion. My stronger compulsions will have their end too, eventually. but I have none right now.
If I can visit Alvaro’s Mom without eating any plants, I will know I reached big heights. It’s very different not to get tempted at home and not to get tempted there. Probably because I habitually relax my ways there.

So yep, I can relate to those changes. And I do on/off carnivore-ish! Still, it was more than enough.
Barely eating vegetables is the only thing I keep doing, no matter what other carbs I may consume. It seems there is no way back (and it feels surprisingly good, I see many downsides now). Once, several months ago I tried to eat my big fav, a green pea dish on one of my off days. A little break, it’s mostly harmless anyway, even mildly satiating due to the protein, my rebellious inner self has needs too, better this than half loaf of bread with plum jam (okay, I only eat plum jam with pancakes and bread with lard/butter, whatever).
And I ate a spoonful and I didn’t want it.
And it’s BIG. It’s me. And peas! It’s highly effective as I don’t have compulsions involved green peas (compulsions is the unhealthy shameful things which have power even if I don’t want or enjoy the dish sometimes. very anti-hedonistic and alarming. and needs carbs for fuel for carnivore is the best I can do especially without dairy).

This is my therapist session, apparently. I don’t even need anyone to listen or talk to me, I just think and write about these and chill knowing I am safe until I have enough proper food.

I know the feeling :smiley: Sometimes I have no big amounts but bony parts for soup, liver, beef, pork, turkey… I like to have everything. It’s not only for the freezer, of course.

I must say it was a bit stressful when I did it with all my usual vegetables in the past… Must. Have, Everything. While not throwing out anything due to spoilage, of course (well, a little very rarely). And with oily seeds and oily seed flours… I still have zillion spices without any idea what to do with those, especially the herbs, even Alvaro doesn’t use them. Oh well, once in my life I can throw away some bigger amounts of herbs I suppose.

Even dairy make things more complicated, I will stop buying all the many types I did lately…

Meat and eggs. It’s perfect right now but I barely even started, I am still full from Monday and Tuesday or something. I know I didn’t eat very much since then but my body has this weird thing, it may take days to balance things out. And I still can’t just fast as I get hungry.

(Karen) #19

Trying not to beat myself up about the cheese, in fact just home from work and had some grated cheese which I usually love but it didn’t taste too good tonight so maybe i am going off it bit already or it could be the ham i ate first may have sabotaged my taste buds a tad bit???

So I was up at 4.45am this morning and sair runs and pu’s done before work. My glutes are so sore this morning … doms from the power walking on wednesday!!! Ouch they have ouched all day!

Lunch in my pack up was smoked duck breast slices at 12pm
1 hard bouled egg about 3pm
followed at 5.15pm by ham n cheese (which tasted better than this evenings grated cheddar)
Supposed to be at work till 9pm but with it being Good Friday and no courts or new prisoners there was nothing for me to do in healthcare so i was given a 3 hour flier… what a result!:grinning:

Off tomorrow so a nice lay in, not back in work till monday which is a bank holiday so weekend routine.


I had dinner and… second dinner? It’s hard to name them when I eat at 6pm and 8pm. I ate the same items as yesterday and liver too, few eggs this time. I was a bit bored of my food today, it happens sometimes, no big deal.

I still had several coffees as it felt good, still medicine level. I even used a tiny bit of butter in one but that’s pretty much fat even if dairy, close enough for me… So it was an okay day again.

I slept little and didn’t lift (the thought didn’t even cross my mind) but I took a nice 12km walk in the beautiful wildlife park in perfect weather and got 40 eggs (I forgot it’s before Easter so no shops when I mentioned 90 earlier. whatever, it’s plenty). I appreciate when I don’t do everything wrong nowadays so yep, I am mildly pleased.