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Followed by old mumutton. Tastes ok but so though the knife and fork couldn’t handle it.
After 20min of fiddling i gave up, ate it with my hands and teeth, pulling it to shreds Paleolithic style.


it’s annoying because they put carnivores in the same category as flat earth and moon landing conspiracy theorists


LOL. I’m a few days late in replying but if I eat breakfast it’s 4 eggs. If I don’t have breakfast, Supper is 4 eggs after a large mid-day meal of steak.


I had bacon and eggs for dinner last night as I misjudged my steak inputs.

(Keto Koala 🐨) #365

Cooking Pork chops and eggs. I noticed today that my skin has this GLOW. Like a radiant glow.:grinning: My skin is also softer. I seem to have more energy too. It’s amazing as last year, I didn’t get good benefits so quickly. I never felt an energy surge last year, OR a glow. :heartpulse:. So I’m SO happy to be here.:grinning: Found $10 massive T bone steaks in the butcher.:heart_eyes: So tomorrow I look forward to that big boy.:wink: My throat hurts and I am sneezing, I think it’s the colder weather. It is heading towards Flu Season, so I think I need to get the flu Jab.:grimacing::roll_eyes:. @Carnivoor Yum!!!:heart_eyes: I’ve never in my 32 years had Lobster. I’ve always wanted to try it. Nice pic.:grinning: @Fangs Sorry to hear you have allergies :scream: Glad you woke up ok though with your hearty Carni Appetite.:wink: I’m looking forward to Meat MAYham. :cut_of_meat::poultry_leg::meat_on_bone::bacon: Bring it ON!!! Have had a good day. Signed a petition to make the government do more for aged care homes, better food, facilities, more staff and better care.:heartpulse::pray:. I am passionate about this cause so I’m glad I went into town and did that.:grinning: There was a free Sausage Sizzle in town. I couldn’t get a sausage because the oil was not keto. I fry everything in butter, much better.:wink: I will take a pic of my bad boy T bone tomorrow. Hope everyone is well. I am shocked about the virus in India ( as well as everywhere). :roll_eyes::pensive: I hope it all eases soon.:heartpulse:


Sorry I can’t help but oh you poor soul :frowning: My family is so very okay with whatever I do… I can’t even imagine this problem. I build something in my mind and can decide things for myself but persuading others, even partially or not at all just providing some good info from reliable sources…? I couldn’t do that.
I probably would refer to my and other people’s experiences, okay I know a few facts too… And totally point out horrible flaws in the diets of my family members as they (the flaws) would almost surely exist. But even if I don’t KNOW if their diet is wrong, I would love to see if they can do the research and prove it to me.
I don’t like if people mock my woe when I put effort into it and I am sure about it. I would become a hedgehog and I so would fight back or ignore them but I am not good at that.

(Linda ) #367

Yesterday Another day of great meat and fish lamb chops and orange roughy…

Today is 2nd vaccine shot for me so hopefully It doesn’t affect me too bad …cos I’m planning a repeat of yesterday’s food…

I was looking up the price to buy a whole lamb its about 330 dollars here… but my freezer is too full to hold a whole one so I’ll have to eat my way to make room… I’ve enjoyed the lamb so much I want more lol…


and life is fabulous in your house :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

loved reading your great update and how much better you are feeling on carnivore…you eat up that meat girl!

-------------So April is darn near over…we can report in how we did for the month and give updates on any changes and more! Then we start a new month to keep rockin’ ZC!

yesterday food was
5 slices bacon
10 oz Tbone steak
small cheeseburger patty

in truth this isn’t alot for me. steak was small amt of meat once that bone was out of it, hence the backup little burger but in the end I didn’t want much.

warmer weather, full sun and I change in eating. I eat WAY less than I do in cold weather, not one doubt about that. I follow a ‘more seasonal’ life somehow, being way more connected to nature and seasons that truly effect my body and mind and I just go with the flow.

Plus I ate the bacon early AM cause hubby made some for him and brought me 5 slices which I ate but didn’t really want, but bacon ya know!! Once I ate that I wanted a tad more so I had tuna/mayo and again, eating like 8AM or so and this ‘sets me off very wrong’ in my eating. If I eat early, cause I rarely do, I find my next meal can go 2 ways, massive cause I am starving or that early food takes my hunger totally way from me…just stuff I notice about me when I eat different times. I love my 2 set eating times. They work best for me and are in tune for me, when I eat outside those times it can throw me off in a few ways. Just years of knowing me on this :slight_smile: Just a personal situation for me as I evolved on carnivore.

I have that ‘leaner meaner’ feeling in my body which I love. Coming off heavier winter eating, I kinda did lose that. Now I have it back eating less, and feeling wonderful and fine doing it, cause my body says to do it.

woke up not hungry as usual. Not sure on food today. Got a 10 oz Tbone steak for later but what else to eat? thinking shrimp and I might make some alfredo sauce for dipping but that might be too much work HA

ZC soldier on!

(Heather) #369

Love that “leaner meaner” feeling, even when the scale doesn’t move. Of course, we all know, the scale is a liar - LOL.

I have recently delved into eating beef liver. I am not a fan of liver, at all. However, I took desiccated liver pills up until 2 months ago. I didn’t think there was any difference for me, but I realized that my fingernails were suddenly incredibly soft and would break or peel any time I would bump them on something. That’s when it dawned on me that I it started when I had stopped taking them. I decided to go for real beef liver this time, instead of the pills. I did this for a couple reasons - 1. I believe the nurtrient benefits of real liver outweigh the amount of nutrients in a capsule and 2. It’s cheaper:).

I’m doing the “frozen liver pill” version of eating the liver, because I’m too scared to eat it cooked (I don’t think I’d like it anymore than I did when I was little). I’m hoping it helps with my afternoon tiredness and groggIness. I’m planning on eating about 1/2 to 1 pound per week in pill form.

With carnivore, I’ve always been the type to say, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!” But I really feel my body is looking for these nutrients.

I’ll let you all know how it goes!

(Vic) #370

I had a 100% zc month. No saturday evenings beers also.

Found a few fishes that I never tried before, new things are always cool :sunglasses:

Have been eating 50% more than when I’m home.
14h workdays, no days off. (For almost 2 months now). Not complaining thou, and this place gives me a few distractions during the long days.

I do breakfast and dinner, this I don’t like but I can’t find good carnivore lunch during the day.

Looking forward to zc Mayhem

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No but I do have a way of getting rid of it which I don’t think 8 should mention on the forum lol :laughing::wink:

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Another long catch up of so many posts!!! :astonished:

Stair runs done and CrossFit gassy workout followed! Then that was followed by 20 minute RomWod which is yoga stretching which I love and need so much after using the weights. Then I shocked them all when I said I needed refuelling so was off home for Ribeye, bacon and eggs. Steak for breakfast!!! Brunch says me and yes lovely steak :grin:

So that was my brunch today and dinner was some cheese and 5 slices of beef topside.

Busy day again here, there and everywhere but sometimes I quite like those kind of days.

So yes this month has been a good one even if it has flown by. Still enjoying carni woe and have now done 6months. Feel good , plenty of energy and skin looking good bar the odd occasional red marks caused when I have been wearing my face mask all day at work. Mood has been on a nice even keel since I started carni. Not eaten as much cheese this month but haven’t been able to cut it out completely yet and don’t know if I want to. My taste has changed with the cheese though. I find a cheese i really like and then that changes all of a sudden and I don’t enjoy that particular one after that.

My work colleagues have been quite interested in my meat eating ways and i had a good conversatiin yesterday morning with one who is vegan. He asked loads of questions but not once did he diss my woe, just very interested. I think the fact I am so fit and look so healthy really says it all, can’t really argue with that can you? Proof is in the errrrr steak?

(Jane) #373

I had this sudden image of being shoved in the back of a white van and people forcing you to eat hamburgers and steak. I’m weird I know…lol. :cut_of_meat: :meat_on_bone:

(Vic) #374



Can’t believe how quickly these months fly by. Loved seeing all the pics and updates that everyone’s been adding.

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Cub:" YAY, Mummy found a cow, we can have porterhouse STEAK for dinner"!!!. Lioness: " Yes son, there will be MEAT tonight, we are carnivore WARRIOR’S “!!! Daddy Lion: " Yes, but I’m KING carnivore, and rules say I eat FIRST”!!! Cub: " MY HERO, I just can’t wait to be carnivore King"!!. :lion::prince: Hi guys, am about to cook this juicy bad boy!!! My mouth waters to look at it. Wanted a t bone but found this, some good red meat. I have not had a steak for ages, so King of the carnivores or not…He can back off cos I am the QUEEN of porterhouse.:crazy_face::drooling_face::metal:

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I don’t think they are worried that you might make yourself ill by eating this way, I think they are worried that you might be right. They see your way of eating as an unspoken criticism of their way of eating. You are frightening the bejeebers out of them by eating carnivore and starting to look healthier than they do.

Keep it up, you are doing great!


Love this and isn’t it great when you can chat in good form with another adult and they don’t act like a 2 yr old throwing a tantrum…person sounds cool LOL

@Carnivoor, nice plate of meat, bet that did your body good!

So true, and if one wants to try the plan, the days fly by for a trial experiment cause we chat so much and enjoy this WOE that we just let the days fly being carnivores! :slight_smile:

AND YES YOU ARE! that was hysterical with the lion family and wanting your steak!! I bet you won and it was delish. I tell ya B that beef is top dog in our lives, more beef you eat the better you feel! Happy you are doing well! Keep carnivoring on!!! You jumped back on plan and are doing wonderful!

---------------------------So food was: 1 lb. shrimp with homemade alfredo sauce. I could barely finish it. Sauce so rich and yummy tho,

then not hungry. But around 10 at night I got hungry LOL and was going to say NO but then I thought screw this and fried up 2 small cheeseburger patties. Did ok on them but not good for being super comfy to sleep but I did ok.

woke up very not hungry this morning :slight_smile:

just going with the flow and eating as it goes down.

finishing off April in good form, got a 1/2 lb off me LOL and while not much, the scale means nothing cause I feel so darn good that the number on a scale means squat!

Into Meat MayHam we go soon :slight_smile:


that was a great insight Polly and probably true for so many of us in any eating plan we choose and get results.

We change and it scares others!! And then they have to jump in and throw around judgement cause what they fear is being left out, not having info to help them and that fear, means sometimes the crazy comes out in others towards us LOL

good post

(Polly) #380

Thank you :heart: @Fangs