Best Fatty Proteins


I was thinking what a pity this was because I could probably take down an armadillo whereas I’d have no chance with larger animals - then I remembered I run screaming from moths so maybe not :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s well worth it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh and I forgot about corned beef. Is that like corned beef and cabbage? Keto friendly?

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Corned beef and cabbage is absolutely keto friendly!


@David_Stilley posted this recipe on another thread.

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I bought a half pound of pastrami.

It’s really savory and peppery. It’s soooooo :yum:. Me and my son absolutely love it. Next week I want to buy more and make low carb sandwhich roll-ups.

They were really yum!

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Make gravy out of the the fat and pan juices!

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I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with this language. Could you provide an English translation, please?

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There isn’t one, that’s why he had to use that weird word combination.

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That’s my opening line of the week right there :joy:

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Slowly this time.

Pastrami has:
Better fat
Better protein
And More interesting flavor
Than bacon.

Especially commercial bacon that has never seen real smoke.

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Not sure which part of the world you’re in, but here’s one source. I really like US Wellness. Though they do have a minimum weight order, which is based on the bulk needed to keep the items frozen in the shipment. (Their liverwurst is really good too.)

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Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING has more interesting flavor than bacon.


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She’s in Alaska.

And yes, they eat bears, up there. :wink:


My point, which was perhaps too subtle, was that maybe she wouldn’t be able to order from the resource I posted because of her location.


No probs, Pier.

Just answering the question, with a little humor.

Mainly because I had made fun of the eating bears comment earlier, before I was properly put in my place. :grin:


Are there any fatty sources of protein out there that are rarer and worth looking out for on travels etc?

I.e. most of us have access to bacon, ribeyes, pork belly etc. Are crocodiles a good source of fatty protein? Ostrich?

I’m interested in any great (and legal) sources that are uncommon but if you could ever get your hands on them, it would be one of the best keto-friendly meats you’ve ever laid your hands on.


I’ve had alligator out here in Portland, tho it’s more common in the South, but it’s super low in fat, so no good for my diet outside of its novelty.