Best Fatty Proteins

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Lean and lean, though crocs have some omega-3, the good stuff, like fish.

Whale bacon. Legal in Japan.

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Last night I reheated some baked chicken legs in hot oil and butter and spices. OMG so :yum:.

It made the skin so yummy and crispy.

I’ll check out the source for beef bacon Thanx.


Fairly recently, there was an Inuit teenager in Alaska who killed a bowhead whale. It was done for sustenance and was going to feed his village for months. Despite the fact that the Inuit are allowed to hunt certain numbers of whales, despite the fact that the bowhead whale is not on the endangered species list, despite the fact that this is part of his people’s diet, this poor kid got so many death threats from people that he was traumatized.

It reminds me how there’s a lot of nuance when it comes to subjects as to which foods should and should not be killed and consumed.


I did perplex me during my 30 odd years of vegetarianism that some animals were off limits & others weren’t but then I was sentimental about all of them.

People get quite weird about Kangaroo consumption still.

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I’d eat a help more of it if it wasn’t so expensive.

Also, it’s very lean, so that’s another mark against it.


I mean I think most decent people can agree that eating animals on the endangered species list is wrong, that trophy hunting is wrong, that wastefulness is wrong, and that animals should at least be treated as humanely as possible before we kill and consume them. But as far as which species are off limits will differ between cultures, and that’s where we should allow for nuance.


But you wouldn’t not eat it because it’s on the coat of arms right?

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I’d eat it BECAUSE it’s on the Coat of Arms. Same as the emu.

They would increase my Australianess.


No issue there whatsoever & I’m not even that decent :smiley:


In your face Kekovich :grin: Dr Juice for the win.


Then will eating cane toad make you Super Australian, considering their evasiveness? Or can you even eat it, considering it’s poisonous?

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Moderation in all things, that’s my motto.

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Sam Kekovich is a hoot! “The greatest disaster to befall our great nation since tofu . . .” :rofl:

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Yeah, he’s great. Was a very good footballer back in the day, as well.

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I didn’t realize that Australians liked lamb. I grew up eating it, but in America its considered kind of weird and “foreign” I guess. Its super expensive over here too.


I hate how unpopular lamb is in America and how expensive that makes it. It’s ridiculous. Same with goat. These are some prime animals that could be grazing in the Great Plains (or in the case of goats, literally anywhere) but nah.


It’s exceedingly popular here and not nearly as expensive as in the US. It’s pretty delicious :yum:

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Sheep, we eat 'em and wear 'em.

I’ll leave it to @tdean to tell you what they do with them in NZ…


Oh so they’re the West Virginia of the Southern Hemisphere

(Notice which law did not get repealed in 2010.)