Best Fatty Proteins


I’m almost certain it’s true :grin::lying_face:

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I’m entirely certain it’s made up.

Which doesn’t, by default, make it UNTRUE, but if not, that would be a significant coincidence.


More koala noses for me :yum:

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@LeCheffre, correct me if I’m wrong, but since you mentioned not eating pork for religious purposes, I believe this is in reference to the “Jewish Tribe”.

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Yes. That’s generally Member of the Tribe. Or technically, member of the 12 Tribes. Of course, could have misread and OP could be from another faith that shuns the cloven feet and the bottom feeders.

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Cooking it is nigh obsessive compulsive. Days of curing, a day of smoking, and then steaming. In my case, it was a couple weeks of curing, several hours of cold smoke (like lox), a couple days of Sous Vide and then about six hours on the smoker, hot. Obsession.

Most delis will have. If no delis near by,
Mail order from any of:
Or use the google.
If you have Turkish people about, basturma is the same thing, more or less. If you’re in Canada, Montreal Smoked Meat is a close approximation.

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yeah, my father was from a tribe, just not those tribes lolz.

But thanx for all the info. Now I REALLY want some Pastrami to taste this delicacy and see if it really is all that.

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I think he means Jewish ie the 12 tribes.

I recommend that you investigate sousvide, All the fats and juice is sealed in the cooking bag.

Basically pastrami or smoked corned beef brisket.

Sorry that I didn’t read all the thread before responding with redundant info🤠

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Just to make sure everyone is aware, Crab and Crawfish are the only zero carb shellfish, shrimp and lobster have minimal carbs and are in line with keto style eating. Mussels, clams, squid , octopus, scallops and oysters all have significant carb levels that make it very easy to go above 20 carbs per day.

This is a handy PDF that you can save on your phone, very useful even for old timer keto folks. I find it very useful even though I am pretty familiar with keto choices there’s still stuff that comes up from time to time. This is great to have while shopping so you don’t accidentally buy stuff you shouldn’t eat that you’re not really familiar with.

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Me too. Maybe I should double-check what I’m doing.

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I’ve eaten bear sausage. If wanted get to know some bear hunters or buy from a processor.

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I eat uncured bacon. It’s real bacon without all the preservatives.

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Uncured bacon is loaded with nitrate from celery juice concentrate or celery juice powder. Celery is one of the highest vegetable sources for nitrates which are actually an important substance our body produces and needs for various functions. You get more nitrate from a couple of celery stalks than you get in pounds of bacon. The have to call it uncured because they don’t use sodium nitrate salt, but it’s cured and preserved in reality.

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Sorry. Just dawned on me that it’s a new world tribe. Appologies if offense was taken. None was meant.

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Good information, David. I didn’t know that. That Atkins Carb Counter is nicely comprehensive.

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Same process, but pastrami has a much more interesting cure than beef bacon.


You are correct, David. Good catch!

But I wouldn’t want either one. :wink:


Well, don’t tell me you’re never too old to learn something new! :+1:

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That shows you’re doing it all wrong!

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I’m not offended at all. But I will be going to the grocery store to try pastrami.