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Thank you :smiley:

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Down another 1kg today
Had a lovely steak dinner with my man then ate some keto chocolate mousse.
Switched back to two meals a day for now.


Currently eating Nandos, with macros that leave me enough to get a no carb burger from Grill’d tonight, oh yes.


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Girl, cooking your own food will save you a HEAP of moolah.

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I generally do, but on Wednesdays I like to splurge ;D
Back to boring boiled eggs and bacon tomorrow lol.

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Happy belated birthday.

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Thank you :slight_smile:


Bacon and scrambled eggs cooked in rendered beef fat - not boring

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Courtesy of the boss for my birthday. Cant complain!

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That’s how you treat your staff :smile:

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WTF is that drink?

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Haha, almond milk iced latte

He’s an amazing boss, and cute too lol

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Great article

So i’ve been doing the egg diet/fast this week
Currently on day 4
Have lost 2.8kg so far of the 8kg of water weight I put on, lol
Definitely saved a lot of money!
Though pretty sure i’ve eaten two packets of cheese and 2 blocks of butter this week, haha.
Tho most of that was used to candy walnuts, if you haven’t done it, YOU NEED TO TRY IT.
Not really sure what to do with myself after this fast finishes, apparently you shouldn’t exceed 5 days. Might research some more info on this.

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Well, despite me sticking to that diet fairly well for 6 days, I didn’t really get the results that I wanted.
I started to feel very bloated and inflamed and full very quickly and then my pants wouldn’t do up, I think it was all the cheese/butter/cream that I was eating every day. I believe I have more of an issue with dairy than I’d like to admit.

I am now trying 30 days of carnivore, probably 60 days just to give it a chance.

Starting weight is 67.4kg, as I’ve put on some weight over the last few weeks.

I will be eating twice a day, which will go hand in hand with working out, which I plan to start doing 5 days a week from next Monday.

I gotta get Hamilton Island ready for next month!

Anyway, will detail my food and my findings here.

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I need to meet that diet fairy, for sure…

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oops :joy:

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My first Carnivore meal
Decided I’m going to ditch the coffee and cream as of today

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That looks soooo good :grinning:

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yes it is complete, you bloody forum software! #deadset