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How goes the fast adventure?

I’m have excellent results with three day fast followed by day of feasting.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #242

Im 57 hours deep right now
Don’t really have an end point at this stage
I was originally going to do 4
But I thought if I felt good at 4, I will keep going :smiley:

Ive been armed with bone broth but only 3 days worth so I will run out today. I may end up breaking it tomorrow evening. I will see how I feel :slight_smile:

(Complete legend) #243

Get on the phone to the old girl for emergency supplies :slight_smile:

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #244

I should hey, I doubt she has been drinking it lol


If you can do 24hrs, then 48hrs is easy enough
If you can do 48hrs, then 96hrs is not a stretch
Once beyond 96hrs you have the maximum autophagy and continuing is walk in the park

I believe in your resolve
We all believe in your resolve

And it matter to no one, other than yourself, just how many hours or days you keep with your resolve

We are all here to help


Well, and I’m here for the scenery! you know that.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #247

Hahaha Thanks @Keigan

I will see how I go
I’ll get those pictures to you tonight yeh :stuck_out_tongue:

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #248

An update on my week, considering I am trying to stay accountable, lol.

Fasted from Sunday Night to Wednesday Night, 67 hours
Ended up just wanting to eat, so I went to the pub and had pork belly and rib fillet.

Starting weight on Monday morning was 65.6kg
Tuesday 64.8
Wednesday 63.4
Refed that evening
Today 63.4

May do another fast until Saturday lunch time as I have a family BBQ then, but I will be resolved to not snacking at all this time, lol. Orrrr I might eat today, I will see how I feel.
Either way I am not tempted to eat crap and that’s the main thing.

Took a ‘behind shot’ last night, mainly for Keigz
I am not keen on uploading this, lol
I have never really taken one before, let alone uploaded it to the interwebz
I can’t imagine what it could have looked like 20kg ago, haha

Anyway, I guess the only way is up right!
I told myself last night if I was going to break my fast I had to start my booty program today so I’m guessing this is now the before;

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(Doug) #250

Hello Elven Princess.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #251


Think Legolas would be keen?

(Doug) #252

I’m tellin’ ya… :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:


The scenery around here keeps getting better!

Keep up the good attitude and hard work, always feels fantastic to have results.


(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #254

You’d want to hope that’s what progress would accomplish, hahah :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m starting to feel a lot more focused now the dreadful holiday season is over!


I love that outfit! Super cute…I am a FASHIONISTA!!!
So, my bone broth ROCKS!
1 chicken carcass
1Tlb.pink salt
3tsp pepper
1tsp cayenne
1tsp stevia
1Tlb turmeric
2Tlb garlic powder
Cook it in a crock pot for 24 hours and the bones almost dissolve therefore that bone broth is true bone broth and will nourish your own bones. I pick out the skin and the extra bones and it is fantastic sometimes I have to add a little extra stevia and salt and sesame oil.



Distraction will always be present, the empowering part is that now you have tools that are yours and you can choose when to pay attention to the distractions and when to use your tools that are now a part of you.

We are all very proud of you.

(Complete legend) #257

Not all of us.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #258

I’ve never been more ashamed of an individual in my life :laughing: :kissing_heart:

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #259

There’s a few wankers in here that could disagree with you :wink:
And thank you!


Absorb what works and let the rest bounce off the skin, we all leverege strength from those around us that we believe in and support us / which is human.

I like sashimi, because life is too short for rice.