Ava_ad0re's arse scenery thread


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You are so wise, my friend.

Life is too short for rice or your life expectancy will be shortened if you keep eating rice? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Both. Rice is a carb.

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No shit, Sherlock :joy::joy:

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Ah, I forgot it wasn’t the weekend.

Carry on.

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Oh, BOOM! You cut me deep, @juice ;>

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Looking good naked is a very good objective - we certainly share that!

All about the scenery …

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Thinking :thinking:

I see nothing like that on my walks :flushed:
Nothing close!

Then I realized this is not the “ what did you take photo on your walk today “ thread

My bad🙂

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You obviously aren’t passing too many of your neigbours windows :joy::joy::joy:

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Co-worker gave me a 10 pack of ketone blood strips because she is a keto-failure so I decided to test during my fast even though I know it’s redundant

67 hours fasted, tested multiple times throughout the day on all 3 days, KB never exceeded 0.2mmol, even at 67 hours.
Break fast to eat and fast again at same time as yesterday, 0.7mmol.

Haha fuck you FreeStyle Neo blood meter, i’m going to sell you because this shit is useless to me!

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I heard that last year…

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #272

Broken Record

Honestly I tried to sell a bunch of other shit towards Christmas and got no bites and honestly just had no energy for it, lol.

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12am Sunday - Began a fast
8pm Wednesday - Refed and began another 36 hour fast

I lost 2.2kg on the first fast and maintained it the next day after refeeding.

8am Friday - Refed and have just began another fast
Interested to see what my result will be tomorrow

I definitely think I’m going to break the 63kg weight point this week.


I am going to be strict this weekend, I know i’ve said that the last few weeks but I haven’t been as focused as I have been the last few days, and have planned my weekend accordingly.
I’ve got a family BBQ tomorrow but I probably won’t eat as they’re just having hamburgers and sausages on bread, so I’ll save myself for my friends birthday dinner on Sunday night, Lone Star. Gonna get me another steak.

That would mean I had eaten 3 meals the entire week, lol.

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Why are you showing us data that’s a year old? (Or in one case, nearly 2000 years old)

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Oops. Obviously 2019 hasn’t registered to me yet lol. I will fix that!


Steak and salad tonight to conclude three days of feasting - followed by multiple days of fasting.

Seems to be a solid theme towards improving scenery for all.

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Well, if I hadn’t been self sabotaging myself on weekends for the last 3 months we’d probably be in a lot better position than we are now!

I could have kept going on that first fast and made it a 5 dayer
But I just feel much better when I refeed at 3 days, I don’t want to cause unneccesary damage and fast for longer periods if it’s at the detriment to my health, I tend to over eat when refeeding.

I feel much better splitting it up.

Technically for the whole week by Sunday I’d of eaten; two lots of steak, some garlic prawns, one serve of pork belly, a salad, eggs, bacon, sausage, avacado and a fetta cake. Nom.

I am definitely going to break this set weight this week I can feel it in ma Bones.

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Ya gotta stop fixating on an arbitrary number, girlie.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #279

The minute I hit 59.9kg or 18% body fat will be the minute I stop caring about the number and up my calories, start cooking yummy keto meals at home to trial on the fam and working my ARSE off in the gym.

Big changes are coming my friend, this is my year, lol.
And I am not stressing about it at ALL but in April my partner is taking me to Hamilton Island for our 5 year anniversary. So rather than put a deadline on myself, I am just going to work hard knowing there is a big reward at the end :slight_smile:

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Nice work, Keigan!