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Your partner is a fortunate individual - anyone who commits to their health and well being is worthy of being cherished by their partner. All in how people approach life. Easier to serve than to expect, serve self first then those around you - for if self falls, then all to others falls as well.



That’s a long time to be keto.


We conduct things that alter and impact the world directly around us as well as distant, degrees of separation. All we can influence are the decisions we make, first towards ourselves and second towards others.

The best we can do is go with our flow - in that the decision we make today might not be the same as the decisions we make a month from now. As the context of emotional connection and experience and perception will be totally different.

Follow your heart for what it needs now.

Follow your conviction with balance for where you want to go - you’ll get there and you’ll know when you arrive.

My message, be nice to yourself and respect the gifts in front of you.

Rock on!

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I will definitely tell him you said that :grin:

Hey man, fasting really works, anti aging and all…

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Aw thank you Keigan, I really do love reading your words <3


And I really love the scenery here!


Keep making good decisions that fit your needs for this moment.

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Ah yes… hence my mantra ‘I am happy to make choices which align with my goals’

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You’re probably fasting too much. :wink:

Who says it’s not sustainable?

You’re quite the philosopher, Keigan.

Definitely thoughts to ponder. :thinking:

“gifts in front of you”

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I thought this thread was about the gifts behind her.


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IKR? I think Keigan’s ad0ration is ALL-ar0und! :wink:

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As usual, my learned friend from THE SOUTH does seem to be correct.

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:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Oh HI friends, glad to see you have kept yourself entertained.

Guess the fuck what?

I have officially broken my stall.

I ate a total of 4 times last week, it was supposed to be 3 but I was worried about undereating or screwing up my fasting progress.

I fasted from Saturday Lunch to Sunday evening and then I went to Lone Star, I got steak and salad and was even mindful to order the jalapeno poppers (never had them before), they were fucking fried. They were small, so I had two and gave the rest away.
Did have a sneaky cocktail too.

Back into Fasting today.
Smashed my bong yesterday - no more smoking weed. I’m resolved.
No more cigarettes either, back on my swag vape tank.

Oh well. I’m going to struggle this week but I’m prepared for it so hopefully I don’t go too fucking crazy.


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Yeah you did :sunglasses:


Congratulations on breaking the stall!

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