August Fat Burnin'

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:slightly_smiling_face: YEAH! Though I look back in horror at a lot of the stuff I used to do, one good thing (I think) was just having coffee in the mornings, nothing for lunch - it being just a hop, skip and a jump to supper, then. Even if supper involved booze and large portions of food, it was giving me time to recover, somewhat, in-between.

For hormone regulation, specifically - insulin, it makes perfect sense to me.


Hey you all are having too much fun here, especially with all that BUTTER! Why isn’t there a butter emoji??

@Helewisa I never, ever thought of having melted butter on a salad. But dang, why not?

I’m doing a 24 hour fast today, and will eat dinner late. I will have a bit of cream in my coffee, though. I’m liking @jeremystorie 's plan to just pay attention to hunger for a bit. Sometimes, that’s worked the best for me.

I’m actually eating more the past couple weeks and losing weight, so go figure. I had been thinking of giving up cheese and cream for a day since I eat so darn much of them, but it can wait LOL.


I like the sound of this pattern. And absolutely agree with the need for eating well on those days. I will also be making sure to get all my vitamins taken on eating days too, since I don’t like trying to stomach those on a fast. I am going to focus on variety and color in the foods I eat… being vegetarian, I have been missing eating colorful fruits and vegetables. I will focus in on the leafy greens and low-carb veg, maybe sprinkle in a little of the ones that are higher carb. I also plan to eat fish more often, as well as eggs. I have been defaulting to cheese too much.


Wow I would never have thought of melted butter on a salad, but that sounds awesome! Congratulations on knocking the 6-day fast out of the park! Hope you’re having a great time!


The whole thing where you eat more and lose weight just proves that CICO is false. Nice surprise though, right? As for giving up cheese and cream, sounds like a bad dream.

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I love cream cheese. I used some the other day in a cheese sauce and had about 2 oz left in the package. It went directly into my mouth :grin:

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Darcy, I think the biggest thing that’s wrong with ‘CICO’ is that we often think of it as so simple, when it’s really not, since hormonal balances can drastically affect our metabolism and tendency to store fat. The “calories out” is there, but it’s everything that’s burned, excreted, and stored.


I thought I should give a little report on the fast I did after the 7-day fast. I was going to go 4 days straight (started Monday night), but yesterday I had one of those “I just know I need to eat” experiences. I think it may have been a little too soon to jump into another multi-day fast (ate 3 days in between). The signal yesterday was feeling nauseous in the afternoon. Also, while getting some clothes at Walmart I decided to pick up some of my soup ingredients. I think I knew in my heart I was going to have some that day instead of waiting for Friday night. So around 4 PM I had some cheese curds and almonds (seems like there are always extra cheese curds in the fridge when I get to the end of a fast lately), waited about an hour with no ill effect, then had my soup. Later I had whipped cream and more cheese curds. It was fun to eat. It was a couple more hours before it hit my gut, and that lasted until bedtime. After the fun of eating was over, I felt kind of icky about eating. My energy went down almost instantly. I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open after having the soup.

I was not thrilled with my bg numbers on this almost 3-day fast. The morning numbers were:
Tuesday 214
Wednesday 191
Thursday 165

(It is just disappointing after getting as low as 113 on the 7-day fast)

Today (the day after the cheese curds, almonds, and soup) I woke up to 204 bg.

Going forward from here, it will be an intermittent fasting schedule that actually started up right away today (fasting today, won’t eat til coffee tomorrow AM). The plan that my husband and I are both planning to do is:

Monday fast
Tuesday eat (coffee AM, then lunch and dinner in an 8 hour window)
Wednesday fast
Thursday eat (same as above)
Friday fast
Saturday and Sunday eat (same as above)

It was a little rough when I got up today not being able to have coffee (I am having Berocca on fasting days though). I am glad that we have a plan though, and I don’t mind tacking one more fasting day on to this week.

As far as weight, I had gone up 5 pounds after the 7 day fast, then lost three pounds during the 3 day fast, but this morning those 3 pounds were back. I did see a few body fat percentage points come off. It had increased during the 7-day fast, so I lost those extra plus a few more. (Have no idea if I can trust that Aria scale as far as body fat percentage.) I hope the intermittent fasting schedule yields some results. I am hopeful that getting some better nutrition in on the eating days will help.

Hope you are all are still burning away fat as August approaches the end. Looking forward to hearing your progress!

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Your subconscious was already paying attention? :slightly_smiling_face:

Extra cheese curds in the fridge - oh to have that problem…


It is either that, or I was willfully sabotaging my fast.


Thanks Darcy, so far it’s been great!


Yes, the melted butter on a salad is fantastic! We do need a butter Gemini.

Listening to your body is key, because your head can really mess with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Eating more, losing weight…I would love that equation to prove true for me. I’ll say this, my stomach is really not moving into the groove of eating much after the fast. Having breakfast today, has left me with stomach pain and almost nauseous this afternoon. I almost feel like skipping dinner tonight, but my husband may get a little freaked.

Maybe I’ll just have another salad and see how that goes.

I know how you feel about dairy…I consider it, and then decide that I’m not going to struggle, or make this any harder. I love my cheese and sour cream, etc!

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I have an aria too and I know it’s not precise (or real for that matter). But that’s not how I use it. For me, it’s not the numbers, it’s the trends that matter. If it goes up, I know I did something wrong :pensive:. If it goes down, it’s :tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball: :wink:.

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Decided to end the month with a fast. Goal is to end it on Thursday night which would be around 110 hours. It was a pretty spontaneous start and the end time is just a goal. We shall see how it goes.

(Sonia A.) #495

I find that starting a fast spontaneously generally leads to longer and easier fasts for me. I hope it does for you too.


Fasted all day yesterday until 730 PM, and borke that with a nice green slada, blue cheese and butter, then some duck w/ sour cream, delicious! FBG this mroning was 92…not too bad, but it always climbs up by about 20 points once I am not on an extended fast.

Started keto grazing today by 1200, cooking some keto recipes I’ve found here and elsewhere. I find some of the “chocolate” recipes to be far less than what I hoped for…and a keto whoopie pie just isn’t a whoopie pie. However, I put them in the freezer for after our lobster fest this evening :wink:
Made a keto pad thai sauce and will have that w/ shirataki noodles as a side dish too, so all in all, not bad!

I hope you are all finding your August fat brunin’ to be a success at some level. Hooray for the wins and the failures are for learning. It’s all good. Let’s KCKO and I’m looking forward to the road ahead, making steps toward a new lifestyle and not a “diet” after all. THAT, is a victory.

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Bravo, Helewisa! :slightly_smiling_face: Learning Department: last two days saw me eat a couple Burger King Whoppers (buns and all) and a pizza. Best I can say is that is was a mental break, although didn’t do much for me. Feel sluggish today and like I lost some progress. Of course all things pass (one way or another), and no good point in dwelling upon the times one slips off the rails, nor in posting about it all the time, whining and moaning and crying. :wink:

Increased thermogenesis - it’s a thing - I don’t know if “carb sweats” are a common phenomenon, but I had the temperature set on 65°F or 18°C, and I still roasted all night. Something was getting burned, somewhere.

You mentioned lobsters. I worked in Canada for 9 years, and lived in Nova Scotia for 4 of them. Never more than 35 miles from the ocean, there, and so down to the docks we go. Middle-aged Doug went out on a lobster boat once, a co-worker had a brother-in-law who fished for a living. Cloudy, foggy, day, choppy swells, the boat rocking fore and aft and to and fro and port and starboard and up and down and back and forth. Could not see the sky nor horizon. Got pretty queasy but no cookies were tossed.

Market prices fluctuated, but I remember lobsters for $3.50 Cdn per lb. and scallops for $5. For most people a 1.5 lb. lobster is good, maybe a 2 pounder if one is really hungry. Good stuff. Maritimers are really nice people.

(Jim Russell) #498

When you slip up, learn what you can from the experience and move on.

For me, the biggest issue when I cheat is that I end up disappointed in the food I ate. A cookie never tastes as good as it does in my imagination.

I know that you are on the road a lot for work, I’m impressed that you don’t slip up more often.

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About 34 hours into my fast and I’m struggling. Feeling lethargic and tired and hungry. Part of it might be the weather, the effects of hurricane Harvey have fortunately spared us for the most part, mostly just a lot of rain and some wind. But I haven’t seen the sun in 3 days and gray rainy weather always seems to affect me this way to an extent.

I’m going to drink some ketoaide and put some salt on my tongue and see if that helps.

(Jim Russell) #500

Well, it seems like just thinking about ending my fast was like giving myself permission to do it. I walked to the kitchen for the ketoade and salt and instead cooked up sausage and bacon scrambled eggs. It was delicious. :slight_smile: