August Fat Burnin'

(Liz ) #461

I do the same thing with My Fitness Pal, log my day’s food before eating it so I can make adjustments to fit my goals ahead of time instead of seeing later what I should have done which I would find demoralizing. Having patience for this process to work has been my biggest challenge and the main reason I find spending time in the forums so helpful to KCKO.


Liz, I like your description of it being demoralizing. It really fits. It’s that gut churning feeling you get when you go through your day eating and thinking you made good choices only to think hmm, I don’t feel my best and low and behold if you enter your meal in myfitnesspal you find you over shot your carbs by a lot. Ugh! And I so agree that coming here generally helps keep me on track and not getting crazy with impatience. Are you fasting with keto?

(Liz ) #463

Yes I IF every day, I switch it up 16:8, 18:6, 20:4. Sometimes I do a 24 hr fast, dinner to dinner. Have done 1 47 hr fast which was not well timed & ended with migraine associated with my monthly period. Was hoping to do a 48 hr fast starting last night but woke in the night with migraine & had to eat some macadamia nuts to keep meds down. So I’m still trying to fit EF into my life. I’d really like to go 72 hrs & get the benefit of autophagy now that I’ve dropped 30 pounds & my skin is loose. I have at least 20 more pounds to go, maybe 30.


Getting into that next longer fast is always a challenge. What I found is that I worked on getting in 24 hour fasts (dinner to dinner) 3x a week for a period of time until I was comfortable with them. Then I went to 3y hour fasts which just took me past that dinner to the next morning. It really was not that hard to do once I really had 24 hours down pat. The extra 12 hours really did help and it was motivating. I do those 3x per week usually. I have experimented with 42, 48, and 72 hours but have not used the consistently. I think for me that probably 48 would be a good next step. I think maybe a good pattern would be fast 2 days eat 1, fast 2 days eat 2 days, then repeat. But I think it would be important on the eating days to be sure to eat well while staying keto. I am thinking about running a week like soon.


I just finished my 6 day fast last evening, I am so happy that I could make it! I don’t think I really lost any weight (those last stubborn pounds), but I’m not at home, no scale and I don’t even care. I know I was doing a healthy fast for visceral fat and lowering insulin, increasing HGH and some autophagy at work too :wink:
As for my dinner…Oh My! It was so good, I could eat this every night.
We went to a place called Cohill’s in Lubec, Maine (you can goole the place) and I had their steak salad. I keto-ized it like this; Hold the croutons and carrots; give me blue cheese crumbles, bacon, avocado and melted butter poured over the top. It was absolutely AMAZING! BEST salad I EVER ate! I’m planning to go there at least 2 more times for that and reproduce this at home…WOW!
This morning, FBG was 82, so, almost 10 points higher than yesterday 5/12 day fasted…I’ll be tracking that closely as the days pass.
Have a fabulous day!

(Sonia A.) #466

Wow, after seeing your photo, I’d have sworn you were at your ideal weight. You look amazing.

(Sonia A.) #467

Irishred, that’s a great idea :+1: (I’m probably going to steal it :wink:). But, imo, if you’re still having results with the way you fast, you should keep on doing it. When you see your results slow down, I think it’s time for a change.

(Liz ) #468

I love hearing your plans & following along here!

(Liz ) #469

Ah that is very kind! I’m 5’8" and about 180 lbs right now, (260 at my heaviest in 2003) but I’m pretty sure I have a slender frame because my wrists are tiny so I’m curious how I’d look at 160 or even 150. I don’t want to be skinny so if I go too far I’ll come back up a bit. TBH I don’t really know what I should weigh! I’ve always been overweight.

(Sonia A.) #470

I’ve been feeling hungry this past couple days. I think it’s because I’ve been exercising more intensely. I’m happy about that, but it’s not conducive to long fasts.

Since Monday, I’m not always doing omad, but I’m always fasting at least 19 or 20 hours. I’ll see if this hunger is going to pass. To help, I’m eating more fat at dinner.

Did it ever happen to any of you ?

(Doug) #471

Sonia, I’d set out on a 5 day fast, and on the 3rd day got hungry in the late afternoon. Nothing special with exercise or anything else, just really was hungry. Ate some tuna and sardines, and felt full unusually fast. Felt fine the rest of that day, and didn’t eat anything the next day. Shrugged my shoulders and didn’t worry about that hunger.

(Sonia A.) #472

The 3rd day is often the day when I feel the most hungry too. I’m just not used to hunger when I do IF, that’s why it bothers me.

I’ve decided today not to exercise (only walking, like everyday) to see if it’s what causes this ravenous hunger. Through this week-end, I’m going back to OMAD and see how hungry I feel.

What’s your plan for this weekend ?

(Doug) #473

Well, been fasting since last night, so… I got hooked on the early fast weight loss even though I know it gets slower and harder later on. Being realistic, I probably have a two-year project here, and then should keep on with the lifestyle changes forever, and that all seems pretty ‘heavy’ to me, “heavy” like they used to say in the 1960s and 1970s.

One problem is that a grocery store yielded me up a bounty yesterday, Kerrygold butter (first time, yay), cheese, pork rinds and apple cider vinegar, so I was all set to do the Balanced Diet thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounds like a good plan Sonia. There are so many factors to consider, our bodies are so wondrously made, but trying to figure it all out can lead me to stress a bit more than I should or need to at times.

My plans for this weekend are to enjoy this lovely place, Lubec, Maine, to eat OMAD style and to keep it Keto. So, it will be IF for me, and I may even sneak in a 42 hour fast this coming week.

I had a lunch yesterday of salad with bacon, blue cheese and butter with some green pepper and onion and small bit of tomato. A lobster for dinner, with butter, plus another small salad w/ blue cheese, a small bit of onion and butter. Then a dessert of about 3.5g carbs and then however many carbs in about 1/2 C of heavy whipped cream.

This morning my BG was 103. I must say, I’m pretty disappointed, since yesterday it was at 83.
I hade breakfast this morning of eggs, bacon, butter and heavy cream in my coffee, but that will be the last breakfast for a long time. I’m really wondering why my BG was so high this morning

From all that I know, this dawn phenomenon is the stuff of T2D and not the norm at all. So, clearly I have a long way to go for healing. I just wonder, how high IS my insulin?

Well, there I go, rambling again! Take care all, and have wonderful success in whichever fast you decide to follow. Try to keep a smile in your heart, relax and Keto on!


I hear your pain Doug, “heavy” indeed!
Congrats on the grocery store treasures! I was thrilled to see that if I get to the big city and hit Walmart, I can get the Kerry Gold for 2.88 and they have pork rinds galore!
Keep the faith man, KCKO! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (see how I did that…“man”?)

(Jeremy Storie) #476

I’m going to take a break from analyzing my diet this coming week and eat when I’m hungry. It may be once a day or twice.

(Doug) #477

:smile: I can dig it, Helewisa. Born in 1959 here, so the 60s and 70s really impacted me. The music you hear and like in your early teen years…

That sounds familiar:

(Doug) #478

Jeremy, that sounds really good. There’s a reality that “time needs to go by,” and it’s possible to get over-focused on stuff.


Mwahahahahaha, now THAT’s some butter and pork rinds!!! Love it :smiley: :bacon:

1965 for me, but close enough to be in that era for sure!

(Sonia A.) #480

I like your approach. There’s nothing better than an intuitive way of eating. When I feel like I’m overthinking things and I need to relax, that’s what I do. For me, actually, OMAD has become second nature.