August Fat Burnin'


I thought about getting the Perfect Keto chocolate to try, wondering if it would help cut my brain fog when I start eating after a fast. Tasty?


Now that is a nice looking B & B. I was especially drooling over the breakfast menu (fasting - everything looks wonderful even though I probably normally won’t want it). I spent 3 weeks in New Zealand a number of years ago and stay only in B & Bs. Loved the experience.


Thank you, I like that! I have a lot of traveling coming up, so I’ll be sneaking in a quick fast here and there — in gentle waves :sunglasses:

The ketones taste kind of like a chocolate protein powder, I’ve been blending them with coffee, so the flavor isn’t very pronounced. The feeling is pretty close to how I feel after fasting for about 20 hours – clear-headed, energetic, optimistic.

Is there a recipe somewhere? I have lots of joint pain that has gotten WAY better on keto,but can always use a little push!


It is pretty tasty, not bad at all. And it does seem to clear the fog, at least in me.

They do advise to work up to a full dose (like MCT oil, though not as bad). I, of course, ignored that advice the first time, and had a full scoop in a BPC (which is already hard on my digestive tract because I don’t have a gall bladder) and my guts were rocking and rolling lol.

But since then, it’s been fine.

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The recipe is here.

I’ve been meaning to taste it since I’ve read about it. Tell me if it’s good.


Thanks! I sometimes add turmeric to my BPC, but this sounds great for nighttime.


Thank you! It is my parents’ B&B :-).


Inspiring, now that’s something I could hope to be!
You can gain or lose that much in 12 hours? Are you a cardiac patient by any chance? That is a lot for your body to deal with, my goodness! I’m not being sarcastic (I know posts can be seen that way at times because we cannot hear the inflection). That just sounds like a crazy-fast water weight shift…ugh.
The hardcore statement make me really think. When you’re fasting it seems you (I) do more of that…hence the occasional mind games too, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I get going on a fast, and I realize today that it really is a lot easier for me to fast than it is for me to eat!
So, what I’m finding, under the layers, is that my bad relationship with food needs a LOT of work! I absolutely love to eat. But, when I do, I find it hard to stop even when, yes, I am physically satiated. It’s the want, need for more, more, more of every delicious thing I can have. Dear Lord, I need help!
Therefore, I’m finding that the fasting is helping me to just see more clearly and I realize that there is going to be a continuous battle of sorts until I can find peace with all of this. Does that sound crazy?
I also can see that I have a much easier time keeping my intake more reasonable when I do more of an OMAD/Keto WOE or at most 20:4 IF
I had a FBG of 92 this morning…I thought it would be lower, but not so. Anyway, fasting is on and all is well.
BTW, when you say “much more hardcore” what are you thinking of for duration of fast?


We’re heading to Lubec, Maine. A B&B for the first three nights, then a house rental for a week. It’s so quiet (many would say boring) I just love it there. The sea, seals, gulls, lobster…knitting, spinning, walks and whatever! A few decent eateries as well ;-D
I plan to bring a lot of baking items (swerve, sukrin gold, sucralose, cacao, coconut oil, cocoa butter, oat fiber, almond and coconut flour too) and we can buy all the other basics like eggs, butter, bacon, steak, lobster, HWC and such at the local grocery.
I’ve also had a talk with my husband, letting him know how much I appreciate his support, and how I plan to make myself some desserts for after dinner when we get “home”. he even bought me an ice cream maker and had it shipped to our destination!


That’s a great place to be!

No, I’m not a heart patient, in fact no real health issues other than overweight and I am celiac. Just a very watery physique I guess lol. I would always gain five or more pounds when my period came.

Well, I’m going to be alone in the house for a couple months starting in late September, so no pressure to cook for anyone or eat with anyone. I’ve done one partial Zornfast (54 hours), so I’d like to build from there. At least five days and if that goes well, maybe 1-2 weeks? :grimacing: NOTE: I realize that for some folks here, that ain’t very 'hardcore." Hah, I’m a wuss…

What a sweet hubs you have! I’m also heading to Maine, going sailing with family next month. Yessss…


Sailing, oh yea, you will have a blast!

I think 1-2 weeks is amazing, and I know you can do it!!! I can hardly wait to see how you do. This is such a great forum for us, huh?


Yep, seriously. It has changed my life! I would never, ever have thought I could fast if it wasn’t for this ‘place.’

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Hey Irishred. I heard Bruce Springsteen singing, there. Born to run or more likely born to eat, in my case, but went 70 hours on my version of the August Zornfast, easiest ever. I hope things are well in your neck of the woods.


Wow, that’s really awesome! You’re rockin’ it…

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Thanks, Gatita. I remember Dr. Fung saying that most people should expect a maximum of 1/2 lb. lost per day while fasting. I’ll take it.


0.5 lb per day lost, that is pretty good, if only I wouldn’t past it back on after the fact. Truly loving the fast though. Congrats on 70 hours! Zorn Fast, I haven’t looked to see, what IS that?

We still have almost 2 weeks left for the August Fat Burnin’, so let the fat BURN!

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It’s a good thing, Helewisa. Normally set for the third week in each month, over a weekend, high-priestessed by none other than the inimitable Brenda Zorn herself.


Ha, then I have already completed it I guess! I stopped eating…well no, that was the night of the 17th that I began to fast, but now I’m still fasting :wink: So, from 8/17 @ about 2030 until…8/22 or maybe 8/23…or 8/24!

Thank you for the definition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great job, Helewisa! The night of the 17th was when I started as well - found out I’d be off over this weekend, makes fasting easier, since otherwise I’d be with my co-worker all the time and drinks and meals would call too strongly. I’m weak, that way, but you’re strong - keep it going! :sunglasses:


Thank you Doug! I really can’t believe the support we can be to each other here. Thank God for 2KetoDudes!!!