August Fat Burnin'


Was sorry to read about your daughter, but she should heal rapidly at her age. Still a bummer. I broke my leg at 40 and it really threw me off my healthy lifestyle at the time.

How is your post fast period going? Are your bg values staying at a reasonably low level? Are you doing okay keeping your carbs and proteins controlled? Those pesky proteins seemed to become more problematic for me as my fasting experience lengthened. The body just finds hacks around any improvements we try! I decided I was going to really feast yesterday like I was doing last year. Three full meals. But I kept my carbs to 10 and kept a tight control of my protein. I feel great this morning and my fasting bg creeped down a little more. I want to go faster, faster, faster but maybe my “goddess” temple needs the time to adjust. Hope you have a beautiful day!


Fasting before vacation is a great strategy. It prepares you by getting you into a better health position but also has your mind focused on the reasons why you want to make better choices. Where are you going on vacation? What are you taking with you to help maintain your keto woe?


Good morning to you! You sound very happy this morning. Maybe that is the exogenous ketones at work?:smiley: What did it taste like? When your ketones shot up did you notice any changes at all?

It sounds like you are doing gentle waves of fasting right now. I think that is a great plan for easing our body in a downward direction. Gives our systems time to adjust and adapt. And our minds. This is the way we are going to be living for a very long time … forever. We need to learn how to easily flow in a rhythm of feasting and fasting. Sail gently today dear gatita!


Hi Irishred. So far yesterday I had a 132 morning number but by late afternoon it was 115. But this morning I woke up to a disheartening 177. Yesterday I had quite a bit of vertigo and for a short time a pulsing pain in the back/one side of my head. I really focused an electrolytes and today it seems much better. I actually suspect it could be sinuses though.

Foodwise I think i was ok. I had coffee in the morning, then didnt eat a meal til 3 pm (my parm soup and dessert of heavy whipping cream). Later I had half a fathead pizza and mac nuts. I didnt track carbs and protein but later I may enter it in Sparkpeople to see if that contributed to my high fasting number today.


I am curious about your omad experience. Do you end up calorie restricted when you do omad or do you get in most of a days worth of food in that one day? Megan Ramos spoke about the risks of omad in one of the Fasting Talks (I think that is where I heard it). I was reading here in the forum Friday night and I got to thinking about whether I might have been ending up to restricted recently using omad between fasting. At one point I had been much more conscious of using a fast-feast rhythm that truly made eating days full. I was doing well with that philosophy but drifted away for some reason. Always tweaking and sometimes for no reason other than acting like the dog hating off after new ideas. Curious about how you utilize omad for yourself.


How are you rolling on today? August heat is a burnin’ the fat down, down, down!

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I tracked one day in my fitness pal and had around 1300 calories. I think it is sufficient but it is a deficit compared to a regular eating day for me. I would normally eat two meals a day and average around 2000 calories. But I have been full and other than the first day I have had no problems with ravenous hunger.


You are amazing. 13 days of fasting! Did you work up to that or just jump in? After the super long fast what did you have to do initially to keep from having bg rebound? Any fasting pattern in addition to dietary changes? I think that is one piece of the story that we don’t typically get to read much about.


How are you doing today? Feasting or fasting? Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.


That looks pretty good, but I find I don’t “guess” as well as I think I do. I do best when I put it all down in myfitnesspal. It still is not perfectly accurate because I don’t weigh and measure but it is close enough for now. I especially struggle to make sure I am not over eating protein as I seem to spike my bg pretty easily now days from it. I can keep my carbs below 20 all day, but eat too much protein at supper and there goes a whole days worth if being good. Up, up, up goes the bg. And I typically get at least a morning fasting bg 20 points higher than my 2 hour post supper bg. Sigh! What’s a girl going to do? Call the Fat Busters…calling all ketones! Can anyone say time to fast some more? I am obviously goofy this morning.


That was my experience as well. Not hungry. Satisfied. But I wonder if I was not creating enough of a variable calorie intake difference with omad and alternating it with 36 hour fasting. I think this week I am going to try going back to feasting on my eating days and seeing what if anything is different in my experience. Sometimes I think I read too much and end up getting a muddled up plan in my mind.


It is hard to believe but it is already the 20th of August. I had a lovely day yesterday goofing off with my son and husband while having a keto feast day. I have decided that this week I am going to try and revive my old eating plan of truly feasting on my feasting days and getting more calories in. I am wondering if I had become too restrictive. So I ate 3 meals yesterday keeping my carbs to 10 gm, my protein moderate, and had fat, fat, and fat. I also decided I wanted to try Fatzu’s turmeric latte. So while we were out and about yesterday I got some powdered turmeric. Decided I wanted to try it in the evening to see if it helped my joint pain overnight and how it would effect my bg if at all. It was really different, but a strangely pleasant taste. Incredibly filling with the fat content. In fact I still feel very satisfied this morning. No hunger at all. My knees did not bother me last night, but my hip still did and my neck is still stiff this morning so not sure of the anti-inflammatory effects. My bg creeped down again this morning so I would say no negative effect there. I think the main advantage would be as a vehicle for getting more fat in on eating days. I am going to be fasting today. Hope that you all have a great day!


Fun to be silly. :full_moon_with_face:

31 grams carbs, 80 grams protein yesterday from what I entered in Sparkpeople. The mac nuts put me over a bit on both though that is not too bad for me for protein. I probably could have skipped those nuts but I was thinking about getting phosphorus in my nutrition in case my dizziness was from refeeding. I still feel like when I eat, my body kicks out dispropirtional extra glucose. We will see if this bears out today. I am having a lot of whipping cream this morning in coffee, cuz I have to get up way early to play organ and have an early cup, and between services I have a homemade iced coffee to keep me going. At 11 I am done and will probably stop by the cheese factory for fresh curds and to replenish my shredded parm supply. I will have to keep an eye on the curds, easy to overdo.


You are a lucky woman. I love cheese curds and there is no where around here to get them. Can I move in with you?

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Howdy irishred. I’m doing pretty great. After fasting almost 100 hours last week, I’m on feast mode right now. After today I’ll probably do a couple of normal eating days and then do a fast sometime this week.

I hope you’re doing well. Love to see all the encouragement and feedback from you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Irishred, you’re too kind.

No, I was crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and jumped in right away after seeing a documentary on the benefits of fasting and reading everything I could find. I had been diabetic for 3 years when I did my 13 days fast. I changed a little my diet before that, but it didn’t help much to control my bg or lose weight.

The first few days after the fast, I was ravenous, but couldn’t eat large portions like before. And my bg didn’t skyrocket as much as before. After that, I started to crave eating clean. It was like my system had been reset. So I controlled my diabetes with diet and exercise for a while.

A month or two after that, I began IF, sometimes 20/4, sometimes omad. The month after, I decided to do a longer fast and manage to do 3 days. That was my pattern for a long time until my fasting burn out. It was always IF every day, then when I stalled I did a longer fast.

I hope I answered your question. Don’t hesitate to ask any question. I learn so much every day seeing the comments from everyone here and I’m inspired to continue on this journey :grin:.

Good day everyone :hugs:.

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After some time, it’ll regulate itself. Don’t worry about it. Your levels of insulin drop with each fast you do. When it’s low enough, you won’t see those bg rebounds anymore.

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My plan was to do an egg fast for 3 days, but I didn’t feel like eating only eggs. So I’ve been feasting yesterday and today. Tomorrow I’ll be going back to omad.


Sure why not? Lol. You should come visit, I know a great B and B here.


Here’s hoping.