August Fat Burnin'

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You’re welcome :blush:

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Yes, I think fasting is addicting because :

  1. You don’t have to do anything. It’s the abstention that gives benefits.

  2. You reap health benefits really quickly. For example, one extended fast of 13 days made me a non-diabetic.

  3. With time, it becomes really easy.

But I also think it’s due to my personality. I thought if IF is good for health, then surely more is better. I didn’t know then that multiple short fasts would give me the same results, while being kinder to my body.


Day four, way to go! I am on day one of what I am hoping will end at day 5 this time. I really ate to my hearts content after the last fast and think that I gained back about 3 of the 5 lbs lost. Today I started my menses and so now the scale shows me up by almost a pound pre-fast (last week), but I know it’s the bloating and will not let it worry me.

Wonderful for you to be able to sit with your family whilst they are eating and not let it get to you. I found that worked pretty well last time (except for that night with the cookies!) I saw my BG readings dip down to just about the same as your seeing. But you know, this morning, after a particularly big eating (anger,horrible family situation “need-feeding”) and then not able to sleep until 1230AM…my FBG was at 109. I was pretty disappointed.

I’m trying to remember what I think sounds like the sound, scientific answer to this and that is, my poor fatty liver and pancreas just have an awful lot more work to do before I can hope to see good FBG levels (70s to 80s). I don’t know if it will takes months or years, and if ever it will get that good, really.

KCKO! you’re doing great Sonia!


13 days to being non-daibetic?! That is amazing! I wonder now…how many fasts of 5 days could I do to see the pre-diabetes turn around…but I suppose, it depends on my body.

(Sonia A.) #345

Yes and I was still a sugar burner. While doing keto and fasting, I’m sure you’ll have great results. Just be patient. Like I said in an earlier post, be gentle with yourself and you’ll reap more benefits. Happy fasting :grinning:.


Thank you Sonia, gentle…that’s a plan, now if the rest of the people and events in my life would cooperate :wink:

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Irishred (once again - thank you for this thread) - let me throw in my 2 cents’ worth: maybe addicting, yes, and I’d say a good bit of that is us wanting fast results, and longer fasts do increase the rate and magnitude of some desirable things, i.e. weight loss, decline in insulin levels, and autophagy, to mention three pretty big ones.

I love this chart - it’s showing that increasing insulin levels - even fairly small increases within what is considered the normal range - really slows the body from breaking down fat. Those of us with insulin resistance may struggle to reach the desirable insulin levels for fat-burning. I’ve read that most of the decline in one’s insulin levels will occur in the first 24 hours of fasting, yet that means there is still more to go, and if I begin high and am resistant to the lowering of it, then I figure the longer the better, on that score.

Insulin resistance also suppresses autophagy. I’ve read that the peak times for autophagy during fasting begin on day 2 or 3, and last for around 3 days, for most people. I want to get into the really good zone there, so multiple days are definitely called for.

Weight loss: I don’t really even get the “fasting” feeling until the second day. I ate yesterday evening, and then started the August Zornfast. It’s been about 21 hours and there has been nothing today as far as hunger. 2 little cups of coffee this morning, no salt or supplementation, and it’s not even a thing at all yet. Tomorrow maybe will really feel the deal. I don’t know that this is true, but if anything it feels like I’m still running on leftovers from yesterday and the night’s digestion - blood sugar and liver glycogen.

How long to digest a meal, before everything has gotten out of the stomach and all the way through the small intestine? 6 hours? 9 hours? I don’t think a “fast” really kicks in until then, and that there’s another level at the later point where the 'easy energy" of blood sugar and liver sugars are depleted.


I sure hope so irishred. I made it all the way to my 7 days, plus an extra 1.5 hour or so because we ended up at the urgent care after my 9 year old fell off her bike and broke her wrist in two places. So she didn’t make her tutoring appointment, it didn’t all wrap up the way I pictured today. I didn’t have a headache til that happened. It was good to stay busy today, made time go by faster, but that wasn’t something I had wanted to be doing. She is doing fine though, and is probably going to love all the attention she gets at the performance camp the kids are going to here at the end of summer.

I think the very long extended fasts are right for some people, it just depends what their bodies need to heal. If it is between that and being very close to permanent kidney damage or something, then those kind of drastic measures could be called for. I am amazed that just 7 days had such a strong effect, and I’m glad I stuck with it long enough to see one glucose reading in the normal range. It gives me hope that as weird as my sugars have been, I can still be helped by fasting.

I like what you’re saying about a gentle cycle (although it doesn’t feel all that gentle with the GI effects in transitioning between feast and fast - not so bad this time actually though!). Life is a cycle of feast and fast. Eventually I suppose it will become more natural and less structured/forced.


Darcy, your daughter had quite a day too, oh my! Poor mom, you must have been a bit undone, but clearly your fast did not interfere with your clear thinking and getting everything done as you went with the unexpected flow of your final fast day. What a doozie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have been really encouraged by your reports and the amazing results you have been able to see with your BG, what a huge gift, this “fasting thing”. Are you considering another 7 day fast in a “nearish” future? I believe Dr Fung has his patients use these longer fasting protocols quite frequently, if they are willing and able, in order to make some remarkable progress and intense healing asap. But, clearly, we each have to do the best we can with it and listen to our bodies. If only the mind games wouldn’t get in the way!

I’m just past the 36 hour mark in my planned 5 day fast and, being a scale slave today, I went to recheck, whilst feeling bloated (menstrual). But, to my surprise, this morning I was back to the post-fasting weight of last week and believe that much of what I saw was a water weight increase? I’m hopeful that I will continue to get the nasty visceral gunk to melt away and give my pancreas and liver a new lease on life.

Last night BG was 82 and blood ketones at just 1.4. I won’t check those ketones too often as those strips are not cheap. During a fast it’s understood that those levels will be rising anyway, so I’ll KCKO

I’m interested in your results as the days pass Darcy, will you be IF each day until your next extended fast?


Poor kid! Hope she’s feeling better (and enjoying the attention)…


Helewisa, great news on getting back to that lower weight. I noticed that whatever weight gained between fasts fell off pretty quickly, in the first few days. (The female cycles are one thing I don’t have to deal with, since a hysterectomy when I had cancer. I don’t envy you that struggle.) Keep up the good work! Are you feeling pretty well throughout?

It’s turning out that my fasting is based around life events. I could hardly imagine doing another 7 day fast the day before yesterday when I had a bad headache, but now that I’m in the day past the fast I am reflecting on the powerful results and thinking about repeating sometime soon. I can see why Dr. Fung encourages the 7-day especially for severe diabetics. So I would like to do one or even two a month if time allows. It will probably even get easier to get through them (get time to speed up a little) when school starts in September. (4 kids doing online school, so I am working with them all day).

I am IF-ing between fasts. On eating days, other than sometimes having coffee & cream on its own early in the day, I am going to stick to the two 90-minute meals within an 8 hour timeframe. I also am thinking of some of the shorter multi-day fasts, fitting those in between things. Right now I feel like I need to stick with eating days for a little bit. I find it takes a couple days to adjust to food again. I feel brain fog, plus this morning I was having some dizzy spells (am now drinking an electrolyte drink which is EmergenC’s electrolyte powder mixed with the juice of one lime, 20 drops of stevia and water in a quart jar). This time I’m not having too much GI distress, so maybe that is something that is fixed over time doing repeated fasts. I am not planning to do a multi-day fast until Wednesday, because of taking time to recover and because Tuesday is a special day for my 9 year old, we may do a meal to celebrate. I am thinking of fasting for 4 days then, and having a few days to recover before I have a consultation with a functional medicine doctor on the 29th. Sounds complicated, but essentially, I am just fitting it in where I can.

One thing that spurs me into a fast is what my bg is doing. Today I woke up to 132, which is still pretty darn good for me. I also lost another pound, but might be a little dehydrated. If those bg numbers start climbing a lot, I am going to start a fast, because I cannot bear going backwards. I am ok if it goes up some, but if it is back to what it was before the 7 day (249 bg waking number), I think I will cry. And fast.

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I’m curious how this goes… I started switching things up to Friday (~36hr) and Monday (~36hr) fasts because my last 60ish hr fast didn’t do what I wanted. I regained most weight after it… I’ve been cycling or spinning most mornings…


Thank you. She is doing fine today, took a walk with her sister and the two of them are going out to lunch together (adventure for a 9 and 12 year old). The splint is very bulky, but once she gets a wrist cast next week I think it will be a little more manageable for her.

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o/~ o/~ Big wheel keep on toinin’… August fat keep on boinin’… o/~


I think your following what will work for you, and that’s what it’s all about. Having busy days ahead is always a great help for fasting too.

The longer fast times seem to be so much more powerful, as I believe the anecdotal evidence/research from Dr Fung’s patients has born out. For myself, the BG readings started to go back up fairly quickly, and I think I had a FBG of 109 this past Thursday. So, it seems like I’d be on the right track to follow along and see if I can manage a 7 day fast here and there, but that won’t be until after vacation! I feel pretty good about heading into vacation at the end of a 5 day fast as well. So hopefully I will continue to see a bit of a downward trend.

You’re so right about how those numbers can spur you on to another fast! I’m thinking that I have to be more controlled in my protein intake and stick with the IF when not in a full fast. Who knows how long it will take before BG and hopefully insulin levels, will decrease for us and begin to find a new, lower normal.

The 90 minute window is a very good point to remember as well…not grazing for 8 hours, as i did perhaps a little bit after that last fast. I don’t want to rebound with old eating habits and feel as if I have failed myself. So many head games with food, and health…ah…to be calm and live the keto life!


How’s everybody doing??

So I did a 24-hour fast, then a 24-hour egg fast, and tonight I’m going back to plain ol’ keto. The good news is I seems to be staying below 200 even as my water levels bounce around…

I have also been playing with exogenous ketones, having 1/2 to 1 scoop a day. Mainly I want to see how I tolerate them and how they taste, because I want to give some to my sister in law who is fighting cancer. So I’m being the guinea pig first. I’m testing the Perfect Keto chocolate flavor. So far, I don’t feel that different but it’s only been two days. Ketones did shoot up, especially after fasting for a day.


Gatita, you sound like your rolling along nicely, feeling the groove and doing what feels right in your fasting/keto life. Keeping the weight maintained is always a plus, and wow, that water weight can be a psych-out sometimes, huh?
I hope the exogenous ketones may be a benefit for your sister-in-law. Having you on her side sounds like a real blessing too! Cancer is so rampant in this country, a change in the WOE feels like just what we need. At least those of us who are becoming more aware of what Keto can offer. The IF/fasting as well of course.
Tomorrow is day 3 fasting for me, feeling great, not hungry really, so I’m hopeful the whole 5 days will pass just as easily. It’s that fasting muscle Megan Ramos spoke of!

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I’ve been doing OMAD since I ended my last fast early. I’ve been eating standard keto and have kept the weight from bouncing back. I’m going to continue this for a while and see how it will affect my weight.


Funny, that’s what I’m doing this week too — OMAD on straight-up keto now for a little while. I guess I’m just copying whatever you do LOL…


Yeah, that fasting muscle is the thing… keep up the great work! I’m planning to get much more hardcore in the nest two months, so meanwhile I’ll be watching your posts to stay inspired!

Me and that water weight have a lifetime understanding lol. I can literally gain or lose 5 pounds in 12 hours. Crazy!