(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #602

Called it quits after 85h. the scale didn’t budge at all during this fast, I was not feeling too well and my head was starting to hurt. just will enjoy and refeed during the weekend and try again on monday.

(Bunny) #603

Some thoughts…

I am aware of one way to do that very fast and effectively from self experimenting and it will work on anyone, the only problem is lack of research on the other end of spectrum! :zipper_mouth_face:

My question is how the heck it does it and what metabolic biological pathways are being utilized to do it?


I also broke at 73 hrs. No scale move. But i feel better I’m not puffy (yet). Here’s to a Monday redo :clinking_glasses:

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #605

I am maybe a tiny bit better, but not as much as I usually am after such a long fast.
I will have another 14 to 16 h window until my next meal since I was stuck on the phone during lunch hour. At least I will probably feel good during gym class because it feels best when I haven’t eaten anything in at least 10h.

(Jane) #606

Breaking my fast now at 38 hours

BG: 111
BK: 1.7
GKI: 3.63


I’m about 40-hours in and plan to keep going until tomorrow at lunch time. I definitely struggled some yesterday evening when my body realized it missed dinner and kept reminding me. That time of day is always when I have the most trouble. I have broth, I have tea with HWC, and my stomach keeps saying “Nope. That wasn’t dinner. Feed me.” And it keeps up until at least 10pm. It’s so annoying.

(Heather) #608

44 hours in. No “true” hunger, just missing food in general. I can feel my body moving towards the euphoric state. Hopefully I’ll reach it tomorrow morning :grinning:


Went in for a doctor’s appointment this morning and she notice I hadn’t had a physical in a year and half and said she could do that today, too. I agreed and she said she’d put the order in for the labs and I could come back to do them. I just need to fast for “Maybe 8 hours?” with this look on her face like she was asking a HUUUUGE favor. Eight hours? Eight? In the past, it’s always been 12. Do people really have that much trouble going for 12 hours (or eight) without eating?

I told her it was fine, I don’t normally eat breakfast. :rofl: She said I could do them today, but I had to hedge and said something about my schedule. I didn’t want to tell her (she’s a new to me doc) that I actually haven’t eaten since Wednesday and I don’t want to get wonky results.


(Lorraine) #610

Hi. I am at the 96 hour of an extended fast. I have not set an end date, yet, as I would like to go as long as I can. However, I am hungry. I keep hearing that it gets easier after after a couple of days, but I feel pretty good, I’m just really tired of being hungry ALL DAY LONG! They say hunger comes in waves. Well, yes, but I seem to be hungry every half hour to one hour. It’s quite distracting at work and I find myself daydreaming about eating. What is wrong with me?

I did keto for a year and lost 83 lbs. Then I hit a plateau and got discouraged after a couple of months. I then started experimenting with adding carbs and just went back to my old habits. I gained 30 lbs back in record time and have been attempting to get back on the keto horse since January. I have been losing and gaining the same 8 lbs for months and just give up and eat whatever for a while before trying again.

Now, I have decided to do an extended fast to really get myself on track and lose some of the 30 lbs. I probably have a total of 50 to lose to be at goal weight. I have been doing a water only fast since 7pm on April 22. I have taken some supplements of magnesium, calcium and potasium and suck on pink Hymalayan salt crystals through the day.

What am I doing wrong? More salt? No salt? Could my strawberry EOS lip gloss be messing me up? It does taste a little sweet. I do use it frequently during the day. I really just want to go to bed because I don’t notice any hunger when I’m asleep (of course) and I feel really good first thing in the morning. Then around 9 am I start getting hungry and have to try to ignore it all day. I really want to continue because I have lost 9 lbs in the first 3 days, which is probably just water weight, but I am looking forward to actual fast loss in the near future. Any advice?

(Liz ) #611

Honestly? There’s nothing wrong. You haven’t eaten and you’re hungry. If it was me I’d break the fast, eat for a few days then start another fast. There’s no need to suffer like that. But that’s just one person’s advice.

(Herb Martin) #612

My wife (Carol) planned another fast starting after dinner on Sunday evening.

In many ways, I’ll probably be happier fasting than eating – and I love to eat. Though you can’t and I wouldn’t want to fast forever.

The arthritis pain (or similar inflammation) during the latter half of this week was bad – distracted me quite a bit and was rather miserable a few times.

Apparently the fast was not just an anti-inflammatory but also an analgesic.

It’s seemed to have more effect than 2 x 10mg oxycodone (based on when I had my knees and hips replaced) in both pain relief and euphoria (by at most the end of the first week into it.)

(Tamela Robinette) #613

Lorraine, you could try some green tea or coffee with a little HWC or some bone broth to push through? I promise the small amount of calories will not affect your weight loss. Just keep the HWC to a tablespoon or less and the bone broth to less than a cup. I have to do this to do the longer fasts myself. I have no problem with a 24 hour or less but the hunger gets to me beyond that and I use these tools to push through. That being said, my longest was 72 hour and look at you well past 100 hours of you haven’t broken yet! Way to go!

(Paul H) #614

I really like that. Sounds logical and mixing it up a bit is always good imho… of course you might learn what not to do as well but, you learn. Thank you Dave!

(Paul H) #615

Thank you for the updates. I am curious why your BG went up so much while fasting? Is this typical for the Ketones to offset the BG for a better GKI? I m type 2 so the BG is something I am paying more attention to than most.

(Lorraine) #616

Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t like coffe or green tea, but I do have bone broth, so I will definitely try that before just giving up. I am very pleased with the weight loss though so that is definitely helping.

(Jane) #617

When I was on day 3 or 4 of a fast back in January my BG dropped to 52 (ketones over 7 but I felt fine). Ten hours later my BG was 85 with nothing but water and black coffee.

I was never diabetic but insulin resistant and pre-diabetic for sure before keto.

Anyway, I posed the same question and the answer I got was gluconeogenesis. My liver made some glucose because my body needed it.

(Paul H) #618

Very good… Thanks I will google it.

(Herb Martin) #619

Everyone is different.

My BG, bounces around a bit deep in a fast, usually staying well below 90 but not always.

This is while my ketones get up in the 7.0 or even beyond 8.0 – my meter won’t read past 8.0 so I don’t even know for certain how high it went between day 14 and day 21.

Dr. Phinney has been reported to find even 12.0+ ketones unremarkable when questioning those in his seminars but I haven’t found that video.

(Mame) #620

Weekend! I made it through ADF 3 days, two weeks in a row. Broke fast at 38 hours today as planned. First time to ever put 3DayADF weeks back to back.
Wasn’t perfect but that’s fine what with being human and all :slightly_smiling_face: ketones 3.3 last night and 2.3 before breaking fast today. No GKI ratios as I ran out of glucose strips.

Now visiting lake cabin, working on writing project and eating. Planning to start week3 ADF MWF on 4/29. Wishing all success

(Jane) #621