Done it!!! Lol
I’m a chef, I am guilty forsure. Im in a pretty good habit of never trying anything i cook anymore. I have tons of Guinea pigs around to fatten up and be my tasters but have forgotten at times


Euphoria hit yet?

(Mame) #584

Wednesday almost done here, hope it went all right for all!

I am at 25h of my second ADF of the week. GKI = 1.081

I am hoping for the day this will be effortless. As it is I am stressed and I want to put food in my mouth because the stress is so uncomfortable… of course so is inflammation I keep reminding myself. I am feeling confident about today not so much about Friday but isn’t here yet.

Checking in to this community is helping for sure.

sigh, this is a myth for me that I want to believe in :smile:

(Herb Martin) #585

So tired after eating for 2 days and some of the inflammation came back even though I’m eating carnivore.

I don’t think it’s the exertion but the food.

Weak (for me) and hands feel arthritic.

(Herb Martin) #586

I do forget that I am fasting sometimes, but haven’t yet eaten while doing that – usually eating just doesn’t occur to me in that condition.

So no, not yet, and you’re not crazy as that could happen.

(Herb Martin) #587

Go back and read some of my posts from during the first 21 days of the month when I did my long fast.

The euphoria and super-high energy is real.

Ate almost normally the last two days and I am SO tired plus arthritic inflammation is back a bit.

I don’t think it’s primarily the old inflammation but rather than the fast was acting as an analgesic, allowing me to exert beyond my normal pain tolerances and left me sore.

This is something that is known to happen with opioids: taking them can leave unrelated body parts quite sore, especially the hands since we do not protect them when we can’t feel low-level stress and pain as clearly.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #588

Not euphoria, but the fatigue is a bit better. 63h was tempted to break the fast this morning. Had some coconut oil and decided to power through… Won’t be able to eat all the day so I might as well push through until tomorrow morning. Let’s see how it goes

I know the euphoria feeling pretty well and I love it, but it is never consistent. Depends on time of the monthy, physical and emotional stress, all kinds of things, sometimes it hits after less than 24 h. on other times it does not ever come, not even after 72h or more…

(Herb Martin) #589

Can’t comment about hormonal changes and the euphoria, but for me it was very consistent once my ketones hit about 6.0.

I was a bit surprised to be (a little) inflamed, stiff, and sore after returning to eating, even before the ketones dropped down.

High 4’s now and my hands feel swollen, not seriously but definitely noticeably. Remember, I did jiu-jitsu last night; we concentrated on gi chokes the last 2-3 practices so lots of grabbing and twisting of the stiff collars was required.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #590

Swollen hands is also a thing for me.

I ordered a mojo that should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. I am excited to be able to collect some hard data :nerd_face:

(Jane) #591

Jumping on this thread for a quick 36-hr fast with my husband. Hope everyone is doing well!

(Mame) #592

I love how different our experience is!

My longest fast is 9 days, but not once have I had fasting euphoria although I need to look at my spreadsheet at home to see how high my ketones have been, I know I have only seen the ‘hi’ reading once or twice… I always remember my GKI ratio better.
Of course that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.

I am at work and at 38 hours fasted. I am enjoying that light, empty feeling. Planning to end second ADF this week at 6ish today.
Stress levels all right, trying to squeeze in extra meditating/journal time as it really helps me.

No food with me although I do need to do a presentation at lunch time and people will be eating. However as I am presenting I will have other stuff to do which is great!

Happy Thursday all!


My hands are stiff and swollen too, what is that?
I keep thinking water retention. Any clue

(Jane) #594

I experienced the energy and euphoria one time on day 4 of a 5-day fast. It was so unexpected and the rush was amazing. My ketones were very high also (7.6).

(Mame) #595

so many things it could be: seasonal allergies, hormonal fluctuations, stress, gardening, new foods, a lot of one food (like 3 avocados instead of one), new soap in office bathroom…
I hope you get relief soon!

(Jane) #596

12 hours in, so just getting started.

BG: 85
BK: 0.7
GKI: 6.75

(Jane) #597

Yes! And I spit it out before I swallowed. Just goes to show how easy fasting can be once you are fat-adapted and have a few fasts under your belt that you forget you are fasting.


During my first couple of full-day (42-hour) fasts I had some extra energy kick in. Like the “I need to do something, what can I do? Should I clean the fridge? Maybe I’ll go clean the dog room!” sort of energy. Never anything like euphoria or Magic Mind Clarity™ or other stuff that people talk about, even on the two-day fasts I’ve done (I have done anything longer). More often it’s “I want to eat. When the f*&$ is this going to end?”

(Jane) #599

19 hours in and not even hungry. Had some salted water with ACV and a couple of cups of coffee so far.

BG: 90
BK: 1.1
GKI: 4.55

(Mame) #600

I made it 47+ hours for my second ADF of the week. GKI = .71 not much scale movement at all although the trend is still downwards. Which is good.

I thought about food a lot before eating today. It was rather hard.
I am planning on my third day of ADF tomorrow, feeling fairly good about it. lol Of course I haven’t started it yet, in the middle of my eating window.

(KCKO, KCFO) #601

You’re not the only one who can forget your fasting. I was at the grocery shopping with DH midway through a fast and I started to pop a sample of a chicken dish they were promoting. It was almost to my mouth when DH put his hand between my mouth and the sample, and said “You are fasting, do you really want to eat that?” I just love him so much because he can do this kind of stuff for me.

On a good fast I can cook, grocery shop, collect new recipes, etc. But some times when the mojo isn’t working. I end up doing 1 or 2 meals instead. I think we all have days like that.