(traci simpson) #562

That’s amazing.

(Herb Martin) #563

Nice and more weight loss.

I saw “chuck thread” and have chuck roast steaks on my mind. :slight_smile:

(Justin Jordan) #564

48 hours in.

As usual, not remotely physical difference, just having to fight boredom. On the upside I’ve got stuff to do that takes me out of the house (I work at home) so I got that going for me, which is nice.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #565

39h in. My senses are hightend. Passing the bakery was torture but there was no other way to the train station… Hunger is okay though and I look forward to having my first Americano soon

Maybe I’ll be able to push to 72? Would be nice.

(Herb Martin) #566

Ok, I ‘only’ fasted 21 days (today would be 24th), but I came off slowly and was considering moving back on up until today (23rd/Tue).

It happened due to reducing ketones from beyond 8.0 when my meter could not read that high. I nibbled a bit and tried to hold it in the 6.0 to 8.0 range but it kept bouncing back up there.

Probably wasn’t a concern but “abundance of caution” and the folks on the Facebook fasting groups got in my head a bit about it.

Please don’t tell people who are healthy to “stop fasting” or “eat something” – it’s not helpful unless you have specific information they aren’t healthy.

Please don’t do this even in jest; it’s far worse than even discussing food.

Even with my self-control is was at least a small part of the exit.

Even today, I was eating mostly small, and have kept ketones in the 6.1 to 7.5 range.

My plan is to keep ketones up, perhaps 4.0 or higher, or return to the fast when they approach or drop below this. (Maybe 4-5 more days if I am good.)

I’ll also return when I gain too much weight – which will happen.

My weight loss was about 20 lbs (but a LOT of fat is gone.)

Probably I’ll use “10 lbs net” as the stop limit or return to the fast. Darn, it’ll be irritating to repeat that last 10 lbs except that I know the fat goes away even when the water is yo-yo’ing.

Tonight I sparred full speed again at boxing. My competitors were unremarkable (no pro fighters, maybe next week as the pros are getting ready for matches and don’t need my interference this week.)

However, they were young men and I more than held my own though I still look like a fat old man and my footwork became clumsy as I tired out.

My style is aggressive so these guys almost all spend their time running from me since I am slower – got them on the ropes a few times each and that’s where I would score (amateur) points – not hurting them since they are wearing headgear but they are getting hit solid a lot more than I am. That’s satisfying.

Also, I had some video taken so I could see where my progress later, and this jibed with my own evaluation in the ring.

(Except I thought I was thinner – I guess the camera really does add 10 lbs.) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am about 18-30 lbs from goal weight so clearly still overweight significantly.

Rolled with my 6th Dan Judo/jiu-jitsu instructor last night a couple of times (6th-degree black belt and he’s the real deal).

Of course, he won but the first time I survived for a while (though he wasn’t trying to hurry).

First go went on long enough, I actually gave up when I tired because it didn’t seem prudent to push it too far since my comeback to exercise is only about 3 weeks long.

2nd time he got an armbar submission – the idea is I learn what NOT to do and learn how to SURVIVE against strong players.

Pretty good for 66 years old but give me 6 weeks and I’ll have some significant stamina and more of my strength and speed back.

My goal is to be pretty formidable by my 67th birthday in mid-July. :slight_smile:

I had a pretty big meal by tonight (end of 23rd day, 2nd day eating.)

Shaking both sodium and potassium salt on my food to keep electrolytes up because I didn’t have much electrolyte solution today.

Sardines and a bit of cheese. Then added some more cheese and a few ounces of chicken we picked off the bone broth carcasses.

One could eat pretty well from $1 a pound bone broth carcasses. Lots of meat and bone broth as a bonus.

Never thought I’d need to SALT (twice) a can of sardines but they are making them with some sort of reduced salt now.

Maybe if you want to see the sparring, I’ll post some of this video even if it shows me being a bit clumsy at times.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #567

44h and the fatigue is killing me…
Lets see if a tsp of coconut oil in my coffee will help. If not I will call it quits at dinner time, will be my planned 48 h + some more.
already having all the salt.

Just ordered my keto mojo meter, let’s see if being able to pull my numbers again will give me a new boost of motivation.


Hi all, i see everyone has had a successful month, nice work. I had last week off fasting and feasted, no cheats but TMAD, and i magaged to put 7 lbs back on. Hoping its water weight! Anyway, I’m 32 hrs in, this time was a really hard start but I powered through. I definitely am not as excited as I usually am, maybe cause I feel it’s a need not want because of the gain. Oh well KCKO
@Herb_Martin…your comeback to exercise has been amazing for only 3 weeks…
@Hardrock_keto_chick your almost over the dreaded 48 hr mark. You can do it!!!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #569

@Tee2 you think its going to get better by then? I hope you’re right :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Of course it is…in a few short hrs all hunger will subside, you will be frolicking around in daisies with endless energy!! It will be euphoric!!!
Bwahahahaha… as if, but by then you’ll look back and say hey I made it 4 more hrs…lol.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #571


I took last week off and gained something like 5 lbs. But I lost all of it within 24 hrs of fasting and expect not to gain it all back. Fasted low weight was 8lb down. I’m sure mine was water.

I’m hoping for a whoosh soon. One more 36 hr fast this week. starts after dinner tonight.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #572

I hope you are right and I won’t turn into that short tempered insomniac beast I occasionally become. XD


Thanks, a little motivation i needed!

(Herb Martin) #574

Water weight is fast to rise or fall, but what I see is a steady, but slow and more controlled, decrease in body fat percentage.

(Herb Martin) #575

Fatigue at 44 hours, it is more likely sodium (or potassium) than anything else.

You dropped 4-5 grams of salt out of your diet.

Eat salt, or drink electrolyte.

Buillion cubes work for portability.

(Liz ) #576

This is my consistent experience! Still taking a break from fasting rn but mostly only because my weight is miraculously holding steady. Wishing you luck.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #577

I had a whole teaspoon of pink Himalayan in my water :sweat_smile:

And a few smaller rocks under my tongue.

Coconut oil helped pretty quickly.
I’m on h52 my roommate is cooking the whole apartment smells of food :sob:

Not hungry though. I will prepare a nice pitcher of tea…

(Herb Martin) #578

Most of it is water weight, AND filling up the digestive system with both food and the water required to mobilize it.

2-5 lbs can be just what is in the intestines.


@Herb_Martin you make boxing sound fun!

I know that re-gaining about half of what you lose in any fast is typical, but it sure is mentally hard not to feel like you’re “gaining” or that the work of the fast wasn’t “worth it” or other mental stupidity.


I’m eating again today and then planning on another 2-day for Thursday and Friday. We’ll see how it goes. It almost never goes like I think it might!

(Justin Jordan) #580

72 hours complete.

Went well.


Anybody ever forget you’re fasting and accidentally eat something? I had to pick up an rx at Walmart today, so while I was there I returned a pack of cheese that was moldy when I opened it, and I got a replacement pack. The rx wasn’t ready so I went back to my car to wait. The thought crossed my mind that I was kinda hungry so I just opened that pack of cheese and started munching!! I realized by the second bite, froze and then spit it out the window :crazy_face:

But seriously, somebody tell me I’m not the only idiot that’s done that?