(Eric - New Hat Day!) #542

I make my own dry rub just because of this. No sugar, no sugar at all. I make it up in large batches and then vacuum seal it into smaller bags.


I had a wonky week last week, but I’m hoping to get back on track this week. I’m in the middle of what will be about 65 hours. I fasted yesterday and I’m going to fast today and break tomorrow around lunch time. I have a social event in the evening, so I’m planning on eating on Tuesday.

I’ve tried having a shot of pickle juice a few times, like a lot of people do. I realized yesterday that it tastes sweet to me for some reason (there are NO sweeteners in my pickles) and it may be setting off urges to eat rather than tamping them down like expected. I’m going to cut this out and stick to broth, salt, or tea with HWC to see if this helps. I was doing okay with not eating and getting through fasts with just broth before I tried the pickle juice.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #544

24 hrs in. Day was was pretty easy. I expect tomorrow will be easy also as I’m going to be busying seeing a car crash test at https://m.iihs.org/iihs

BG 81 mg/dL
BHB 0.9 mmol/dL
GKI 5.0
Boz 90
This after 45 mins of lite fence repair tonight after work.

I’m pleased with the BG. Seems my insulin resistance is starting to go down some. I’m guessing I’ll just have to push the EF durations to get the ketones up. Not this week and Not next. But after that will push it more.

I’ll do a dawn measurement and then at about 45 hrs tomorrow.

Happy Fasting all.

(Carol) #545

Sounds like a contrary but very friendly meter. :slight_smile:

I’m at 28 hours so by tomorrow I will end up at about 41 hours. And despite how nice I feel with an empty stomach, I will eat. Friday I will be out and about so might get one more IF in before the month is done. I’m very pleased to get some shorter fasts in for a change.

Another month almost done - happy fasting everyone!

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #546

I am back :sweat_smile:

Easter break did not go as planned at all, (was trying to omad or at least 20/4 16/8 I wasn’t able to.

Well I am glad however that I was not constantly grazing and that I stuck to keto besides of a single chocolate egg and the caramel cookie that is served with my coffe at my favorite place.

This is already a huge thing for me. Next year around I will plan a city trip around easter so this doesn’t happen. I hate every kind of family holiday because that makes me feel more lonely than ever. (I would love to go on trips with dad and my brother, but my mom still drains all my positive energy in as little as an hour or two)

Ps. in 16h into a 48h fast.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #547

About 34 hours in and measured BP and BHB. First, I did sleep well but getting to sleep took a little longer than normal. I usually fall asleep in 5 mins or less. Woke this am to a strong taste of ketones.

BG 83 mg/dL - this is my lowest every fasting, dawn BG
BHB 0.7 mmol/dL

Well my blood ketones not so strong. I won’t even calculate my GKI or Boz ratio.

My dawn BG levels are spectacular for me. I’m assuming I’m losing weight even if my Boz ratio is high.

Next fast will be without coffee and will just be green tea and water. I will see if that makes a difference in my BHB levels.

My fasted ~34 hr weight is 199.0 lbs which is the lowest at a day and a half by more than two pounds. Will take this one to 45+ hours this afternoon and then will refeed.

Happy fasting all.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #548

Could you try to describe this, please? :pleading_face:

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #549

I get this typically when I’m fasting. A slightly chemical acrid flavor. Not very strong but something I don’t get during non-fasting times.

I have never put acetone in my mouth but I’m familiar with its smell. My under graduate degree is in chemistry.

WIthout a breath meter I can’t say for certain it is acetone which is, in my understanding, a by product of BHB breakdown.

If I’m wrong I’m sure someone will correct me.

(I came for the weight loss and stayed for my sanity... ) #550

Ahhh… so that is what I might experience when I have that nailpolish remover taste in my mouth (no i never drank it but you know the taste of something when you inhale the fumes)

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #551

Yes, nail polisher is acetone.

(Mame) #552

I call this ‘dragon breath’ when it happens to me. And it happens a lot :grinning:

(Herb Martin) #553

Even one sugar desert and you’re almost certainly not going to be in keto anymore.

It’s very close to an all or nothing thing when dealing with sugar though it helps some that the quantity was limited so good job on that.

(Herb Martin) #554

Super job, Eric.

We know it is ‘just a number’ but breaking 200 lbs is a BIG DEAL psychologically to me and I haven’t done it yet so kudos to you!!!

I am so happy for you.

(traci simpson) #555

Even after you brush your teeth?

(Mame) #556

Tuesday here. Currently at 35 hours fasting, will be lunching in 2 hours with a friend, so probably TMAD. Post weight lifting fasted GKI = 1.29.

Major work/deadline stress had me wanting to eat last night, luckily i do not keep carby foods in the house then it was like my body got pissed at me and I had a tummy ache. I almost broke my fast as the tummy thing was so unusual. Sorted itself out overnight.

Happy that first ADF of the week is in the bag.

Sending out those good thoughts for everyone’s success!

(Herb Martin) #557

The acetone (ketone) smell is coming from your lungs. It’s being excreted similar to the ketones we measure in urine.

So even after brushing your teeth it will continue to be present (maybe reduced smell for a bit.)

This is pretty much for the same reason you can’t hide intoxication with alcohol from a breathalyzer (very effectively) by using mouthwash or chewing gum.)

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #558

Yes. 2nd time but last time was at 60hrs not 34. So I’m getting there.

(Mame) #559

yep. I use peppermint essential oil … It’s worse in the mornings when I wake up, during the day when I take in liquids it is a bit more muted.


Awesome that you mostly stuck to keto and controlled how you wanted to eat. I’m sure you got back into ketosis very quickly after your treats–your current fast will wrap that up!

I’m at 64 hours right now and I think I’ll wrap it up pretty soon with breakfast (it’s mid-morning here). This fast went better than the last couple. I really think there is something about that pickle juice that just makes me want to eat. Also, the scale moved more like I expected it to, which it didn’t last week. That pickle juice does weird things to me.

Anyway, eating today and tomorrow and then I think another 2-day fast on Thursday and Friday.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #561

Okay broke my fast at ~45 hrs. Easing into dinner tonight. Feeling great.

197.8 lbs fasted - lowest yet
BG 80 mg/dl
BHB 1.2 mmol/dl
GKI 3.7
Boz 67

Totally happy with my BG three measurements in a row
24 hrs 81 mg/dl
33 hrs 83 mg/dl
45 hrs 80 mg/dl

Clearly a trend for significantly lower BG.

I had a totally fun day today. I’ll post pictures in the pictures with chuck thread.