(Mame) #522

Sigh, While what you say it technically true life isn’t always so black and white. I don’t find blanket statements like that useful although I am sure they are well meant. Yes, technically I can fast anywhere, and certainly I do when traveling, especially by plane. (and Jason Fung also speaks of how there is a time for fasting and a time for feasting, life is not all fasting)

However in my job there are times where I can’t/won’t just skip meals as meals are part of the job. Do nothing is not a wise choice for other reasons for me in these instances.

I have been off sugar since 2002. that’s right 17 years this summer. I know how to hold onto an important health decision and I also know, again for myself, that life is full of compromises because other things are important to me as well. Like my career and my family’s feelings on holidays.


Well, as a confirmation of sorts, though I’m still sick (Mostly a bad cough I can’t shake with a lot of chest congestion) the scale did show a loss of -8.5 lbs. for me this week. And I did indeed stick with OMAD’s all week and had a pretty hearty meal yesterday, so I’m pretty sure most of this was fluid retention loss that I’ve been dealing with. As I said a couple days ago I noticed this around my knee and abdominal area mostly. 2 areas that have been showing retention since my Emergency Surgery back in January.

For me, I’ll probably just stick with OMAD this coming week and toss in a TMAD and try to get passed this damn illness first. … So happy Fasting Folks. :slight_smile:

(Tamela Robinette) #524

I’m happy to hear you are on the mend Dave :blush:

(Tamela Robinette) #525

Oh and that you lost weight/fluid!


Thanks, Tamela. :slight_smile: I was hoping it would be passed by the end of the weekend, but looks like it’s trying to hang about a bit longer? Throat is getting quite sore, but yes, it is a bit better.

(Herb Martin) #527

I’m worried about you Dave and hope you’ll get well as rapidly as possible.

(Tamela Robinette) #528

Have you ever tried elderberry? You can buy it under the brand name Sambucol at Walgreens or CVS. It is all natural and it works wonders! My doctor turned me onto it. We keep it in stock here at the house and I nor my husband had a full blown cold all year. Also, my youngest, who has a weakened immune system and is away at college began using it. She usually gets 4 to 5 strep infections and multiple colds throughout the year and she has had none since she started using elderberry. My local pharmacy now sells it in large homemade bottles of syrup because it is so effective and requested so much. Just a thought, though I’m not sure how well it would work so far into a bug. I hope it lifts soon. It sounds awful, especially the cough, those are the worst :disappointed:


Thanks @Herb_Martin @Robinette71 … I will definitely take a look into it Tamela, thanks. I know I have heard of it, but don’t recall ever using it before? … Like I said, it’s actually quite rare for me to get this sick. Usually contract it after the wife or son gets sick first, or occasionally someone from work. But I’m hoping it will move out in the next couple days. Just laying about drinking liquids mostly. :+1:

(Herb Martin) #530

Today is Day #21 (mostly finished).

I ate a small bit yesterday (2 shrimp plain and 2 small bytes of liverwurst) but did NOT break the fast.

The purpose was to knock down the ketones just a little from 8.1 OR MORE.

This was merely cautionary, there probably was no real issue and I wasn’t hungry (and I’m not hungry today.)

The result was technically perfect: 73 glucose and 7.3 ketones.

Dr. Boz Ratio of 10 and GKI of 0.56.

Weight at 201.5 or 81 lbs total (21 on this fast.)

Happy with this fast and probably good through the end of June, but we’ll see…

Happy Fasting & Good Health to Everyone.

FYI:: Someone mentioned that salt has sugar (probably for anti-bacterial properties as sugar even poisons bacteria.)

I looked, Morton’s had sugar. Threw it all away.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #531

Starting a 48 hr fast now. Wednesday I have two doctors appt and one would be complicated if I was fasting.

I plan on fasting Thursday for a 36 hr fast.

In less than 2 weeks I travel to Cleveland, Ohio USA for a conference. Thinking I’ll just do OMAD most days. Steaks or naked burgers likely. Conference food is guaranteed to be crap but dinner is on us. I’m traveling with an associate that works for me who is keto so that will be nice.

(Herb Martin) #532


As far as I’m concerned the docs can just DEAL with it.

It they give me trouble I’ll just find new ones: I am the customer. :slight_smile:

If they give good advice I’ll listen but it is always my choice what we do.

Usually I have no real issue, and my docs cooperate and agree to my modifications of their treatment plans even if it’s not “standard of care”.

They’ve given me all sorts of freedom to adjust meds as needed without having to “cheat” and not tell them what I’m doing.

Makes sense really, I can check blood pressure and EKG several times per day and they only see if every 3-12 months etc.

YOU FOLKS ARE SURE QUIET. Where is everyone these days?

Mon is April 22nd, and I’m now on 22nd day of fast. Probably going for the whole month is energy and health stay good.

We’ve got 8 days left in the month, let’s have some FUN. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Fasting is FUN!

(Justin Jordan) #533

Attempting to do a 72 hour fast - from 6pm today to 6pm Wednesday. I’ve done 72 hours a bunch, but I find my ability to power through fasts is a little unpredictable.

(Herb Martin) #534

Likely your diet on entry.

If you are fully ketogenic when you start the fast is 10 times easier to begin.

Then if you are still having an issue then likely you are not managing electrolytes.

Don’t do a (pure) ‘water’ fast; instead, do an ELECTROLYTE FAST.

There is no useful reason to avoid electrolytes, they prevent most issues, and they make ‘refeeding’ at the end of a long extended fast much safer.

Add salt, salt substitute to water and take a magnesium supplement (magnesium malate early in the day or perhaps magnesium glycinate at bedtime.)

Electrolytes are the cause of “keto flu” according to Dr. Phinney, one of the godfathers of the ketogenic diet.

You can do all sorts of complicated recipes for electrolyte solution but all you really need is above.

If you get an “Internet” recipe, just be sure to drop all ingredients with SUGAR. (There’s a good reason for the sugar in an EMERGENCY rehydration situation but not for fasting.)

If hunger or something is still bothering you eat a little “bone broth” or other zero carb snack.

Better to break the fasting rules a trifle than to give up a useful fast.

(Carol) #535

Hello Fasters! I just realized I will be from home most of tomorrow so think I will get another easy 40ish hour fast in. I feasted on keto snacks today with a friend so that works perfectly for me. I like posting here as I think it keeps me accountable to myself. :slight_smile: Carry on and happy fasting!

@Digital_Dave, I’m glad to hear you’re improving if a bit slower than one would like. Keep resting and drinking those fluids.

@Herb_Martin, 22 days!

(Alec) #536

20hrs into my regular Monday 36hr fast. No hunger. Supping coffee with small amount of cream. Developing that lovely empty stomach feeling.

Did a 5k run this morning, not my best run, but they can’t all be good! Any lingering carbs well and truly chewed through, ketones building…

(Herb Martin) #537


Not quite 22 days, I am only part way through the 22nd day. :slight_smile:

But looking good for a possible 30+. (Maybe).

I heard this was the “APRIL 2019” fast thread and took it literally :smile: :smile: :wink:

Only problem is my ketones went so high the meter won’t read them anymore and just says “HI”.

This is at least 8.1 but I had no way to know so I nibbled a bit to keep it in the 6-8 range.

(Tamela Robinette) #538

I’m about to hit 17 hours of an unknown length of time. I had one meal yesterday of all meat, actually not a huge meal but it sat so heavy with me for the rest of the day. I had gone grocery shopping and bought some lovely ribeyes and a slab of ribs with a dry rub on them for a 2nd meal. They were on sale at half price. So as soon as I got home I popped them in the oven and was so looking forward to them. I didn’t take one bite! I’ve been slowly transitioning to carnivore, not for any particular reason, it just kind of started happening. The only thing I would need to give up to be completely carnivore now would be my coffee and my avocados. Not particularly hungry this morning so after my workout I will be doing yardwork to clean up from the storms on Friday. I figure if I’m going to be busy in the yard I may just make it a 36 hour fast. Hope everyone had a great holiday and didn’t stray too far from keto (I’m agnostic and basically an orphan so no non-keto temptation for me :wink:)

Happy fasting all!

(Liz ) #539

Taking a break from fasting right now as I found it was triggering binging on re-feeding and I really do not need an eating disorder!! Happy to find my satiety signals started working again about day 3 after I finished my last fast, so I feel like I got quickly back on track.

Luckily I only ever eat keto so even if I have too much in one sitting it doesn’t seem to affect the scale. I just don’t like the out-of-control feeling.

Anyway I wanted to be open about it if anyone else had this reaction to fasting, my experiences might be helpful.

(Herb Martin) #540


Watch carefully if it’s someone else’s ‘dry rub’ or anything else, as many will slip SUGAR in there.

Now that I know that even SALT typically has sugar, I am following my own advice even more carefully: READ EVERY (damn) LABEL.

My numbers are good this morning (on Day #22) and not off scale:

Glucose 88 Ketones 6.6 GKI: 0.74

Up a couple of pounds: 204 (loss during fast 17 1/2, total 77 1/2).

Not sure why but it’s water and the fat is leaving.

I had hoped to get down to 195 or below on this fast but keep hanging up (first at 208, now at 201-205); 195 is starting to look iffy, even by the end of April.

One thing about weight loss that we must remind ourselves: Even if you do everything right it takes weeks to months to years to make permanent changes.

We’ll see…

(Mame) #541

For sure I am noticed this, even though I don’t go off plan, I sometimes feel as though my emotional hunger is over-riding my physical non-hunger. (not sure if that even makes sense).

As for this week, I am planning on week 2 of 3xADF, MWF. My first will be only 36 hours or so as I have a lunch date on Tuesday. Lots of work stress this week with many deadlines. Planning to keep up with the meditating.

I hope all have a fabulous week whether you fast or not!