Thanks, Tamela. :slight_smile:

But, unfortunately for me, I got extremely sick starting while at work, and getting worse as the night passed. As I said, I usually get signs of an illness coming and this one wasn’t any different. (Been a while too) … So I actually laid in bed, freezing and burning up at the same time, and didn’t sleep at all. Spent the night running a fever tucked in a ball and shivering uncontrollably. I swear I hurt/ached all over, and only slept for like 5 -10 minutes at a time all night long. The shivering drove me crazy and I was up and running to the restroom, like I had drank 3 cases of freaking water! - So actually fell asleep sometime after 6am this morning after a real long night, and have just been weak and feeling wonky. Hoping this passes soon, but don’t think I will be going back to work until next week. :+1:

(Tamela Robinette) #503

I’m so sorry to hear that Dave. Take care of yourself, rest up and hydrate well.

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #504

Sorry to hear that Dave. Get well man!

(Mame) #505

That sounds miserable. Here’s hoping you keep feeling better.

quick ADF-2 fast update: ended my second ADF for the week at 47 hours, GKI = .61 and enjoyed a lavish keto meal.

Started the clock on ADF-3 for the week this evening, I will need to break it at about 40 hours on Saturday, I have a wedding shower Saturday afternoon and I do not want to break my fast there or be tempted by the high sugar party foods. Feeling optimistic that my ADF week is going to be a success.

(Carol) #506

Without the benefit of a sauna or icy cold showers - maybe it will have some sort of positive results? In all seriousness, I hope you feel better soon!!

I just completed 3 days of a lovely refeed/feasting. Tomorrow I will be busy so might slip in a 40 hour fast just to keep things interesting. I know I said I was done with fasting for April but, well, you know.

I’m impressed with those of you doing the ADF. I tried it once and found it more difficult than doing 5 days. Maybe I need to build that particular fasting muscle. Future personal challenge…

KCFO :slight_smile:

(RossanaF) #507

Greatly said! When I read this I said to myself… duh… easy to follow, you just have to WANT to!
Thank you for writing it so simply!

(RossanaF) #508


(KCKO, KCFO) #509

In just over 36 hrs. into the monthly Zornfast. Light traffic over there, but tons going on in here.
If you want to join the Zornfast go for it.

I love it that we can discuss fasting and not have people freaking out, LOL.

(Herb Martin) #510

You want delusional? I’ll give you delusional.

I only boxed an hour last night and only did jiu-jitsu an hour at lunch.

The boxing was mostly very light, helping a young man who had not yet been taught to punch. He was only about 16 so I could NOT hit him which meant alternately hitting the bag.

I’d show him something then have him do it. He could do some of it by hitting me but I couldn’t hit him.

People are always surprised when I teach them to hit by having them actually hit me. Really? Yes, really. I’ll be Ok. Really hit you? Yes, HIT ME. No, not easy, but HIT ME.

[The above is NOT the delusional part. :slight_smile: ]

But before I left the gym, I started talking to one of the younger boxers who was around when I sparred the other night (but they all had headgear on so I could tell one from another.)

NOT the guy I sparred with and this fellow was actually 38.

So he and I agreed to spar when my protective gear arrives (tonight probably so we’ll spar next week.)

Another guy walks up and starts talking with Alex and (long story shorter) I figure out that Alex is a professional boxer, albeit making a comeback at 38.

He’s not a nobody either but rather a contender for the WBA Continental Belt (though he has to win one more fight before he gets the title shot.)

So, I have happily managed to make a date to full speed spar with a professional boxer.

Truth: He’s a nice guy and he’ll likely take it very easy on me until he figures out he’s not going to “kill the old man”.

Day #19 half finished. (Carol day #5 for 2nd fast; she had a big weight drop which motivated her. It would be great if I can encourage her to hang in for 7-10, or even 14 days.)

Good numbers, not as good as yesterday. Up a pound. 19 total loss on this fast, but the fat is melting away.

Still seem to be building muscle somehow.


Thanks folks, I actually thought I was getting better yesterday afternoon, but then it grabbed 2nd gear I guess? … Fever/Chills all came back some, but so did some really bad sweats from fever breaking.

Funny you say that Carol. Only thing I’m taking is a Cough-Syrup with Codeine, that we had left over from not long ago, and this is only taken once just before bed. … But between constantly running to the restroom to urinate, (What seems like a whole lot more than what I’m consuming) and then breaking out in sweats all night last night, let me just say I don’t think I’ve ever lost that much water before. Hope not TMI, but my Pillow was soaked through, sheets and blankets, etc. (Wife had to wash it all & I ended up having to keep a full sized towel with me and one around my pillow from somewhere around 1 or 2am? Sleep also didn’t come but in small spurts and have been under covers all day. … But to your point - this morning, I actually feel like I’ve lost a ton of fluids, including the retention around my knee that has been present for the past few months. I think I also feel this similarly around my Abdomen area as well, but also still only doing OMAD presently. :+1:

So I won’t know until I weigh Sunday morning, but just wanted to mention that since it was actually my thinking as well this morning? Who knows I could be totally wrong, and actually gain 10 lbs. :smile:

(traci simpson) #512

Turn off your computer and rest! lots of tea and Tylenol etc., maybe scrambled eggs but sleep for sure.

(Mame) #513

Sorry to read of the second wave and hoping it moves out as quickly as it came on!

It’s Friday and I am managing (barely) to hold onto my third ADF this week. Needing to go to store to pick up pre-ordered holiday ham did not help - wow that place smelled great.

morning GKI after eating keto last night was 2.7 and after 24 hours of fasting late this afternoon it was 1.38. weight not moving.

Wishing everyone well this weekend. There is going to be a lot of out of my control food around. Not to mention tons of ‘catch up on work’ stress.

(Carol) #514

I hope this feeling lasts - that would be a very positive result!

@Herb_Martin, congrats to your wife! (and to you too!)

As I anticipated, it’s now evening so today will be a fast day and I should clock another 40ish hours. I confess, I’m really looking forward to my next meal. :slight_smile:

(Herb Martin) #515

Highest ketones ever for me:

7.4 Ketones
77 Glucose
0.58 GKI
1.0 DrBozRatio

Day 20 is almost half over.

Headed to jiu-jitsu in a bit. This will be a LONG session, almost 5 hours.

My stamina is still way down (though damn good for age and 4 years of no exercise) so this will be an interesting experience.

Pace yourself. Breath. Relax.

(Mame) #516

Pleased that I managed a 3x ADF this week. (MWF) I tend to not make it to the third time when I try ADF
Before I broke fast late morning GKI =1.2

This topic really helped me keep focus during a very busy week so thanks to all of you!

I only consider my weight by trends and new lows as it tends to bounce a lot. My weight went down 3.6# over the week but it is likely I will see most of this come back as I eat this weekend.

I have 2 more weeks before I start all the traveling so I am planning to do the same 3xADF next week, I have never done it two weeks in a row before.

(Herb Martin) #517

You can fast anywhere. You can fast while traveling and avoid crappy food or the chance of traveler’s illnesses.

Fasting is cheap and even cheaper than eating out in strange restaurants that might not even be worth visiting or ordering dishes where you have no knowledge or control of ingredients.

Dr. Fung talks about how easy fasting is logistically: Do nothing.

Just came back from 3 1/2 hours of Jiu-Jitsu (first time for that long at once).

I survived and I’m still standing.

At the end, I was able to roll (spar on the ground) with a much younger man who was as strong or stronger, of similar size, and much faster than me.

He was a white belt (as am I) but he had some skills and was fast.

He passed my guard (got fully on top of me which is bad) but I did a very basic but often overlooked ‘maneuver’ (not even a technique) called shrimping rapidly and got myself back out – probably the best thing I did despite the next paragraph.

After we stalemated (no one could really progress – he didn’t know how and I was too tired) we rested then reset.

I snookered him and tapped him out (won) with a collar choke I learned from a video. The silly thing worked the first time. Cool.

Then I taught that collar choke to him, and we reset again, he passed guard again and I used a variation of the 1st choke to tap him out again – it’s usually quite difficult to attack and win from such positions, but remember he isn’t very experienced though he’s certainly no pushover and a good match for me generally.

Pretty cool, two taps, and the even better shrimp escape.

Probably worked hard for 2-2.5 hours of the 3.5 hours.


I hit 200 even on the scale when I returned, even after some more hydration.

First time in over 8 years – woo woo

Down 82.5 lbs and finishing the 20th fast day in a few hours.

Thanks to all of you for commenting and supporting me in this healing work.

Stay healthy and remember:

Fasting is FUN.

If fasting isn’t fun for you, I don’t know what you are doing but I know you are doing it wrong. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Eric - I am a onelander!) #518


(Herb Martin) #519

Here’s a first for me, my Precision Xtra said “Hi” to me when analyzing ketones.

DrBozRation of 8.1 and GKI of 0.45 – BEST EVER.
(I used 66 and 8.1 since “Hi” means greater than 8.0.)

The crappy part is I was planning on eating ice cream if it ever got higher than 10.0 :slight_smile: :wink:

(Alec) #520

I am with you. I have tried longer fasts but not felt inspired (yet) to repeat them. My best regime is 2x36hr fasts each week. Seems to be perfect for me. I lose weight and feel good.

(Alec) #521

Eric, I am the same. When I don’t fast I just don’t feel as good. And fasting is my go to weight loss method. Works wonders.