(traci simpson) #482

Its definitely a mental challenge but only when I felt the pangs of hunger. As long as I’m busy and not thinking about it, I’m fine, however at this point I am glad that I made it to 12:30. I’ll just have to keep adding more time week by week and see if I can make it until dinner time!

Thanks for the “push” and info.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #483

A request posters: Please use the blur tool when you mention and food item or drink. Not water, of course. People reading this thread are assumed to be fasting and may not want to see food words.



Thanks, Eric. … This is actually requested in any threads regarding Fasting. Which is generally this one, along with the ZornFast threads. :+1:

(Mame) #485

inspirational! I am on my second ADF this week. I was feeling quite cranky around lunchtime – but I was short on coffee as well – luckily there was no easy food around at that time.
Now I am at 20+ hours and feeling all right. My digestion is feeling well-rested. I need to focus and enjoy that as I love this feeling.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday so far.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #486

I took the week off because of some stressors (Now getting worked out) and getting to a new cardiologist. I’m missing fasting. And I don’t lose weight anymore unless I am fasting. Or so it seems.


Yeah, this happens to me a lot as well. … Actually still doing OMAD for this week, but actually think I’m coming down with something? Have all the symptoms presently, which usually indicates I’m about to get sick. … But could be the Pollen too, which is really bad right now? I’ll soon know though.

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #488

I even skipped the workout this AM today as well. I don’t do that easily. I feel so much better when I am working out and my man boobs are starting to be replaced by muscles.

(Herb Martin) #489

My wife who is new at extended fasting and back at the end of day 3 now planning for sometime tomorrow, looked at me and said, "I feel great, so much energy. I hate to say it out loud but maybe I’ll just keep going until Fri [will be day #5

This is a mindset I think worth adopting if you WANT long fasts but have been doing short ones.

Plan for 3, with a PLAN to evaluate for 5 then 7 etc.

Don’t make a plan “just until a day” but a plan to go there and then review.

As long as you WANT a long fast and FEEL good, you don’t plan short.

(Herb Martin) #490

My tips (Finished Day 17. This fast day 43 1/2 of 60 I think: 12, 14, 1.5, 17).

  1. Start from a sugar & carb clean diet, in ketosis if possible to make the first few days much, much easier.

(Return to a sugar & carb clean diet when you exit the fast – don’t go back to the SAD – Standard American Diet – or to otherwise eating crap.)

  1. Manage your electrolytes so you will FEEL good, be healthy enough to continue, and easily refeed safely. (90% of problems are fluid and electrolytes issues.)

  2. Psychology:
    a. Count DAYS and plan DAYS not hours if you want to do a long fast.
    b. Accept feelings from your stomach etc. Don’t try to deny them but rather use them as a signal:
    It’s not so much that you are hungry but a signal: You’ve been on a fast for 2 days. You are doing great. You are doing something most people cannot do and will not attempt. You are getting health.
    c. When you feel something not so pleasant CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING, take a walk, a nap, do sit ups. Just do some different physical activity.
    d. When you feel something get some water (electrolyte solution is better), drink some tea or coffee (if you allow that) etc.
    e. Remember, not everything wrong with you is due to the fast – if you didn’t have health issues BEFORE the fast you probably wouldn’t be doing it.
    f. REMEMBER: No one dies from not eating IF they have good electrolytes – the records is 382 days.
    g. Most people don’t even feel bad or get too hungry after day 3 if they manage electrolytes.
    h. It is better to eat a little bone broth or something than to exit a fast that you are otherwise enjoying and which is giving you health benefits.
    j. It’s your fast and YOU MAKE THE RULES – the fasting police will not break down your door for transgressions so use what you need to get by as long as it keeps you on the path to YOUR GOALS.
    I use the GKI (glucose and ketones) to know I am doing fine and even boost with a bit of heavy cream or MCT oil powder when my numbers are on track for the number of days in the fast.
    k. Don’t plan for a limited fast NOR for a long fast at first. Plan to go to a point and re-evaluate:
    I started every one of the long fasts with a plan to go 1 then 3 days. Then 5, 7, 10, etc.
    I never plan an exit until I really intend to exit, but I don’t set some nearly impossible goal of 42 or 60 days at the beginning.
    Right now at day 17 I am pretty sure that 20 or 21 will be easy and then I’ll try to figure out if all the way to April 30 (for 30 days) is right. I might go to 42 days or 7 weeks.
    Key: I am NOT planning 4 to 7 weeks, but neither am I planning to exist at my next milepost.

Today I did 4 hours of Jiu-Jitsu (at two different schools) I am trying out; both are very close to my house which I like, and both will let me get to boxing easy on the nights when I want to do both.

That should tell you more about fasting than about me but you have to use me to see the example:

Finished 17 days of electrolyte fasting:

  • 66 years old
  • Haven’t exercise AT all in over 4 years until the last 2-3 weeks
  • No boxing or formal Jiu-Jutsu training in almost 9 years
  • 4 replaced joints (both hips, both knees) – haven’t worked out really hard since replacements
  • Had undiagnosed heart failure in 2010 or 2011 which was diagnored and treated successfully along with AFIB in 2012 – currently off all meds since fasting, except clonidine which I use for any blood pressure reading over 130-140.
  • Motivation has returned since fasting (and keto/carnivore diet)
  • Taking action in all phases of my life
  • Energetic (4 hours Jiu-Jitsu today, boxing yesterday including full speed sparing for 2 rounds in the ring for the first time, boxing 3-4 times each day the last 2 weeks and now adding jiu-jitsu.)
  • Cleaning up my garage and storage rooms.
  • My wife is joining me in this and feels the same

The numbers

  • Glucose: 77
  • Ketones 7.3 - highest ever
  • GKI 0.59
  • DrBozRatio 10.9
  • Weight. 205.8
  • Loss since Thanksgiving 2017: 76.5 lbs
  • Loss on this fast (17 days): 26.5 lbs (stuck for a few days)
  • Body Fat 23.2% (started at 40%+)
  • Lean body mass: 158 (up about 8 lbs since FASTING)
  • Target weight (15% body fat): 186
  • Total weight loss required: 96.5 lbs (it was 110 lbs when I started)
  • Weight to lose: 19.9 lbs. (First time it’s been under 20 lbs)

I have no real understanding of how I am putting on muscle while fasting and losing weight and these scale numbers are a bit inaccurate, but they are consistently trending in this direction.

Fasting == High energy output, fat loss, MUSCLE addition, feeling great.

Hopefully, I’ve cleaned up a fatty liver, fatty pancreas, reset my insulin basal levels, induced significant autophagy to clean up poorly performing cellular organelles, and induced significant apoptosis to eliminate cells no longer functioning correctly or no longer needed (fat, extra skin, extra blood vessels in those areas etc.)

However you do it, just do it and do what is right for you and do it safely.

(Tamela Robinette) #491

@daddyoh and @Digital_Dave, I hope you both start to feel better soon!

(Eric - New Hat Day!) #492


Thanks so much. I am great today. Most stress and stressors are gone and I slept almost 8 hours last night. I really appreciate the kind words. Not fasting this week has helped me mentally but also given me the motivation to get back to it after Sunday dinner.

And how are you doing?

(Tamela Robinette) #493

I took a break from water fasting as well this week as I am focusing on healing my foot and I seem to have stalled with water fasting over several weeks and struggling with it. Granted I cheated pretty bad at my beach/race weekend so I decided to do my first ever “fat fast.” It’s working beautifully as I am down 2.2 pounds in 2 days and back to my pre-race weight, however I have a slight headache this morning. I am certain I didn’t consume enough salt/sodium yesterday so I am working on it this morning. Thanks for asking.
I am glad you got some sleep and the stress level is decreasing. Besides carbs from the SAD diet, I believe stress is the #1 cause of poor health. It’s a good thing you recognized it and did the things you needed to do to take care of yourself. I will be going back to water fasting either Sunday or Monday and probably try 3x36 for the week. Since I don’t have much to lose I think this will get me where I need to be. Have a great day!


I broke my last fast at 50 hours on Tuesday. I ate 2 meals yesterday and now I’m 12 hours in for my 2nd 48 hr fast of the week.

Thank you for this. I’m still up 8-9 lbs from last week and I’m not sure why, but I’ll give this a try over the weekend. Sometimes I just have to wait for my cycle to start and then I get the whoosh.

I hope everyone’s having a great day! :hibiscus:

(traci simpson) #495

I think I’m getting used to not eating breakfast. If I don’t eat by 10 then I’m just going to wait until lunchtime. At least during the work week. Weekends I have a different schedule and can usually go longer before I eat.

(aka Nick) #496

I just started a 2 week refeed after eating 3FE:3FA continuously for 3+ months. Yesterday was pretty much the first time I ate 4 days in a row this year. Something really funny happened. I had to pee like a race horse all day like I usually do on my first day of fasting. I lost 4lbs of water weight in one day despite 4 quarts of ketoaide and heavily salting my food. The crazy thing about that is I ate nearly 3000kcal over the course of the day!

I think my body was expecting a fast, so it did what it always does. That’s weird!

(Herb Martin) #497

My wife Carol has a new (modern :slight_smile: ) low weight today. Much lower than previous at the 3 1/2 day mark of her current fast. She put on some skinnier pants and asked if they looked too tight.

“Damn, who are you and what have you done with my wife, and where’d you get that cute butt?” (Really! Pretty good for a 66-year-old woman.)

TODAY I AM DOWN 80 lbs total with my best GKI ever:

Glucose 69, Ketones 7.8: GKI 0.49 less than half the “magic 1.0” that supposedly reflects DEEP AUTOPHAGY and VERY DEEP WEIGHT LOSS.

I am having a bit of bone broth to celebrate here on my 18th day of fasting.

Don’t make it difficult people.

LONG extended fasting can be fun and comfortable while still being effective.

Also, I am a little sore in the shoulders from 4 hours of jiu-jutsu yesterday but nothing unreasonable.

It’s actually pretty crazy that I can stand up or move after that much exercise and getting twisted around like a pretzel (lots of mat work, pins and submissions) after 4-9 years of laying off.

Fasting is FUN. (If your electrolytes stay good.)

(Mame) #498

Thursday already. It sounds like people are having a good week, whether it includes fasting or not. Lots of inspiring self-care.

Right now I am at 43 hours for my second ADF period of the week.
GKI was .86 last night at 27h fasted, I will test again this afternoon. Then I will eat tonight (steaks thawing) and hopefully fast tomorrow as planned and complete my 3 days of ADF this week. This thread is so helpful.

Cheering others on!



Yesterday was a sort-of failed fast. I was on the third fast day of doing ADF and I thought it might be tough, since I haven’t really gotten this down as a routine yet. So I gave myself permission to have a tiny snack so that I could keep going. And somehow that evolved into me grazing my way through about 500 calories worth of salami and pickles throughout the day. I kind of never really stopped, but it never added up to much. About the worst way I could have done that. To emphasize how much that really doesn’t work, my scale was exactly the same today as yesterday.

Well, let’s focus on progress not perfection and keep moving forward.

I think I’m going to try to keep fasting today. I’m not hungry now at all, so we’ll see how it goes in a couple of hours. Coming off yesterday’s weirdness, I’m not sure what is going to happen, but right now I don’t feel like I need to eat. If I get wonky later, maybe I’ll break and eat dinner. But obviously I’m going to make a much more conscious decision than yesterday.

Eat something. I think you’re getting delusional. :rofl:

(Herb Martin) #500

Finishing Day #18 in bit and my energy levels are INCREDIBLY HIGH.

It’s BETTER than drugs and since it’s allowing me to successfully train with skilled boxers and also with judo/jiu-jitsu players it’s not delusions :slight_smile:

My wife who is new to fasting and hasn’t only recently started keto and weight loss came through a few minutes ago and said (on her Fast Day #4):

“I’m going to stay on the fast until tomorrow [day 5] and then see about going on.”

Notice she does NOT think in hours or have a fixed end day, only provisional goals and counts DAYS.

She also said, “It gets easier as you keep going into the fast.”

I think I’ve heard that before :slight_smile:

Fasting IS FUN.

(KCKO, KCFO) #501

Naw, he is just deep in the euphoric phase.

I’m doing the Zornfast, started last night, so @21 hrs. into it. Sipping freshly made ketoaide and feeling pretty darned good right now.

KCFO everyone.