April 2017 Zornfast 20-23

(Regina M.) #142

I think he’s a little ashamed.

Bosco and tomato

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(Regina M.) #144

Still truckin’. Almost at 134 hours. I think seven days is really possible. Sending a general thanks to this board. There is no way I would have lasted this long without the reinforcement of seeing others successfully complete fasts.


Woohoo! Keep on truckin’ @Regina_M! Your dog is adorable. I think he’s looking a bit intimidated at the size of that tomato though. You obviously have the knack. My toms have never worked out. I’ve given up now.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #146

Wow! That’s amazing. Go you!!!

(Regina M.) #147

I stopped at 142 hours. I bought a new brand of coffee and after a cup my stomach started hurting, so I ate some macadamia nuts. I made it so much further than the 3 days I originally planned. I’ve lost 13 pounds. I know its mostly water, but if I can keep off 5 I will be thrilled. See y’all next month.

(Newimprovedme ) #148

Great job!!


I have don the last 6 weeks at 22-2. It literally takes me 2 hours to eat (while also making food for others).

(MakinBacon) #150

So, I wasn’t planning on posting in this thread anymore since the fast has been over for a bit, but I just had to share something awesome. I’ve been feasting since Sunday after ending the fast. And I mean really feasting, going way over my usual amount of calories. I had expected to gain some amount of the weight I had lost during the fast, as that has always been my experience. Well, this time, I gained nothing. Zero. Nada! In fact, not only did I not gain during the feast, I LOST another pound! So my metabolism must be really revved up! And the cool part is, today I am heading into yet another fast, with my metabolism in high gear. This one is going to be shorter, only 42 hours.

I also had an NSV over the past week. I’ve been wearing the same belt since I started my keto journey last year. The belt was tight on the first hole. I’ve been slowly working my way down the holes, and when I started the Zornfast, I was on hole #4, and it was a tad tight at that point. I’ve now moved onto hole #5. My belt has 7 holes, and I see myself either getting to the last hole, or needing a new belt sometime this year. :grin:

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That is very cool. Yay you!!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #153

SO similar to me, I had to link this.

(chris.coote) #154


I also started a short fast again last night to try the “mix it up” concept… Glad to have company :slight_smile:

(chris.coote) #155

Actually, I have a little bit of an ulterior motive here, with a little science experiment. I have been wondering if some of the “mix it up” results might have something to do with a transfer of energy occurring in the feast phase out of adipose to restore the glycogen depleted during the first fast. I’m curious about this, because, how else would there be a glycogen magnitude drop reported by folks at the start of the second fast?

So here’s the experiment. I ignore most weight measurements usually, except for the ones I take the Sunday morning of each Zornfast. Though it is not my day to day weight, I feel is my most reliable weight for tracking progress, since water would have had a chance to balance out from the weight before, and after 54+ hours of fasting, there is no more glycogen factor to worry about. After the Sunday night to Wednesday night feast, I am now planning to fast again until at least Saturday morning. I have the calculated maximum rate that my adipose should be oxidized, and I want to see if my baseline weight drops in accordance with the number of days fasting in between or in line with the total number of days between measurements.

Lets see how this goes… I might have to try some variations in length between to show a correlation rather than just an anecdote :stuck_out_tongue:

(chris.coote) #156

So, if my math is right, I have about 20kg excess body fat, which should allow me to pull 600Cal per day from adipose. Over three days of feasting and two and a half days of fasting, that would put me in at 3600 cal or ~1lb of adipose converted if I was converting even while feasting. Problem is my delta was slightly over 3lb. So, I’m figuring something is wrong with my methodology. Will refine and try again next month…

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #157

Hey @chris.coote
I decided to try the feast/fast method outlined by Megan Ramos in 2KetoDudes podcast number 58.

I “feasted”(ate about twice the normal fat) 3 days, Monday through Wednesday night. I didn’t ‘force feed’ the fat. Just ate more often, and always only to satiety. And I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I am now fasted 69 hours and have lost 7 pounds! Not only is this fast easier, the weight loss is double so far@ And I just did a fast last week!

Even though I miss food, Ima keep going.

It will be interesting how much scale weight will return. Normally it’s half.

(What The Fast?!) #158

I thought it was 30 cals per lb, not kg? (I could be wrong here, double-check that.)

(chris.coote) #159

You could be right on the units… I need to find that old study again and will repost…

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