April 2017 Zornfast 20-23

(chris.coote) #162

Thanks folks for the correction! So, over 6 days the 6 day max adipose burn would be 8,000 cal, which fits much better with 3 lb lost. :blush:

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #163

I broke my spontaneous “switch it up” water fast at the peak of autophagy, hour 72.

I lost 7 pounds in 3 days.

This is significantly different than previous fasts, where I only lost half that amount.
…I do believe my metabolism was revved up!

(chris.coote) #164

The whole switch it up piece has been amazing. Not only is it revving my metabolism, but at the same time, adipose seems like it is still being consumed!

(KCKO, KCFO) #165

I’ve been mostly lurking but I have started fasting these last couple of weeks and have found this thread to be great.
I did a 24 hr. fast, dropped 1 lb. Ate 2 days. Then I did a 56 hr fast and dropped 2 lbs. Water along with chicken bone broth and coffee with coconut oil was consumed… After my refeed I had added back 1 lb. I thought that was good because I am now 67 (lchf WOE) and haven’t done any fasting since I was in my 20s and a vegetarian. Back then I would drop a lot of weight and almost immediately gain it back once I had a couple of meals. I was doing it more for spiritual reasons, my weight was actually on the low side and I liked it that way, so I did some rounds of fasting.

As I hope to join the Zornfast for May, I am in the middle of a 3 day fast currently 43 hrs. into that. I want to make sure I am understanding what I am doing. Have listened to the 2ketodudes with Megan podcast (and a lot more :slight_smile: ) read a bunch of stuff here. And I have even started listening to Jimmy Moore’s Fast Talk with Dr. Fung and Megan (don’t really like Jimmy’s voice but the info is good stuff).

I just need some feedback on if I am getting this right. I went to Richard’s calculator and this is my result:
Total weight
Lean body mass
Body Fat (lb)29 lb (20%)
Metabolic Rate (kCal/day)1250 (as per MFP)
Required Metabolic Deficit 337 kCal
Required Metabolic Deficit 26.9%
Additional fat 37.4 g
1 average Metabolic rate of US Males = 1696, US females = 1410
2 How many calories you will be short
3 What % of energy savings you would have to find
4 How much dietary fat you would have to eat to prevent slowdown

Does this mean I need to pull 337 kcal from my fat stores?
Does this mean I need to consume only about 37.9 g of fat, but I should add it? (That would be in my coconut oiled coffee)

(chris.coote) #166

It sounds like you did great with the fasting. What are you trying to achieve with the calculator? It can help with giving you a limit on “caloric deficit” to try to avoid limiting your BMR, but many are finding better means than number counting. Fat to satiety and making more pronounced differences between feasting and fasting days seem to be easier to maintain long term…

(KCKO, KCFO) #167

I am doing this for weight loss. I have staying a a small weight range for months now. I started fasting to break out of that and it did work. I just want to fine tune the fasting. I have used bone broth, coffee/tea with coconut oil and water during the fasts. Just wondering if I am using too much coconut oil. so that additiona fat info is my focus.

I also want to understand how much fat I might be burning, don’t want to loss muscle for sure.