Another post about not losing weight

(Diane) #102

Add extra egg yolks when cooking eggs.


Oh wow, that is fascinating!!! I’d love to find out more info about that!


OK @blakjaxx,
I have taken your advice and gone heavy on veggies and salad, and dropped levels of animal based foods dramatically.
It is only two days and the scales have already dropped 1.5 kg!!!
And no - it isnt poo weight either !! (TMI - apologies for that)

Blood glucose levels are down and ketones are up.

Fingers crossed as it is very early days, but this may be the answer :slight_smile:

This forum rocks!!!
Thanks so much xxx

(Ron) #105

Do a search on here “vegan keto” and some great stuff comes up.


Oh my gosh! That’s wonderful!!! I’m so happy it’s working for you!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the link!! I’m going to look into it.


What I have done is really rediscovered my dormant vegan.
I thought it had died a natural death but it was actually lurking with intent!!

As I am reactive to dairy, eggs and red meat, I have just used the vegan diet as a base and adding fish instead of tofu.
I really don’t like soy based foods, but I do like fish.
I get plenty of animal protein and fat, as I am choosing oilier fish, but lots of veggies and salad.

Anyway, the trend continues.
Down another 500 gm over the last two days :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s oddly familiar. I’m the same way with dairy and red meat. I’ve never been big on dairy, except cheese. I’ve never been one to drink a glass of milk- yuck!! And red meat used to be ok except for the past year or so. Possibly mildly sensitive to eggs too, but no major problems. I’ve just started to dislike them. The only meat I have is chicken and salmon. And VERY occasionally bacon, even though I cannot stand pork- never have. I’m on of the very rare weirdos who don’t worship bacon, ha ha! I cannot do soy either- it makes me break out big time, almost like an allergic reaction.

I’m not sure if I want to give up chicken and salmon yet to go full vegan, but I am considering it. I’m researching it more though. Going by my natural tastes and cravings, it’s been primarily veggies I want. I’m the kind of person who would rather have another helping of roasted veggies than dessert!

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Hey Blakjaxx, Just wondering if your veggie experiment continued to bring you weight loss success. Your last post was June 22. It’s now mid September. How are things going?

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Are you on any meds? Birth control? Antidepressants?

I’m 5’1 and have been at your weight. I’m 122 now (it’s shark week) but 120 is my current baseline. My GW = 115. 1400 will keep you at 130. I know because I was there. I recommend 1000-1200 calories. Us petite people have to start counting calories when we hit a certain weight, keto or no keto.