Another post about not losing weight

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Thank you for the response. I’m picky about mayo. I like it in salad dressings (ranch/blue cheese) but didn’t like it in an egg salad. I’ll have to try macadamia nuts; I’ve only ever had in them cookies. Thanks again!

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I just had a massive “cheat” over two days eating an entire bag of them. And it was a Costco bag.:joy:. I don’t even want to compute what the calorie count was those two days.

Amazingly I actually lost weight the first day and stayed the same the second.

Stuffs like crack.


I second the mac nuts!! I used to live in Hawaii and all the big bags of flavored Mauna Loa mac nuts in the ABC stores were pure gold. Expensive, but worth it! Not really the best for keto, but my favorite was the honey sriracha flavored! They had chocolate covered ones too, and I bet I could make a keto version. Chopped mac nuts are yummy in salads too.

Now that I think about it, during my vegan days (only 5 months, couldn’t take it anymore) I made a really good alfredo sauce for zoodles. It’s basically cashews, garlic, nutritional yeast, and coconut milk (not the canned, the unflavored dairy replacement milk) in the blender and then heated. Google will pull up a recipe. Super good, even though it probably sounds weird. I’m thinking I could make a variation of that using mac nuts and subbing nut. yeast with a teensy bit of parmesan, or sprinkling some over the top. (Being dairy free is easy for me- except when it comes to cheese!) Could use HWC for the non dairy folk for a fat filled meal. That sauce would be yummy on some zoodles with mushrooms and bacon!

I do love keto, because I absolutely love to cook. I love experimenting with making keto dishes that are even better than the non-keto version.


I am so pleased you have found what works for you :slight_smile:

I am really struggling with weight loss.
Have been this WoE for 6 months now and just move 2 kg around on my body, but no overall net loss.
My measurements are not changing after initial waist loss, and I have actually gained a couple of kgs recently.
Dont get me wrong - I feel a lot better and my metabolic profile and blood pressure are all in normal range now so that is bonus, but I am really struggling to find out what else to do.
I gave up all dairy as it was causing problems; I have cut right down on red meat as it also caused reflux.
I dont have any alcohol and I sleep well.
I mix up my eating - sometimes 3 meals a day, other days one or none.
I have tried adding more fat and taking all fat away as I have to be fat adapted now.

It is really getting me down.

Really struggling mentally with this now as I look at all the amazing improvements people have seen, and I doing all I can think of and following all the recommendations but the blubber is not shifting.

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I love Costco - will add the macadamia nuts to my next haul!!


I feel ya, big time. Maybe pick one thing and stick with that for a while? I know my body hates it when I will eat less/more on different days and make lots of constant changes with my diet. Adding veggies worked for me, and I am eating more each meal. I probably eat less fat than recommended, but I’m eating more intuitively now after being frustrated with seeing no change when I damn well should have! Ha. It’s so frustrating when our efforts aren’t paying off. The main change that had an immediate effect is the veggies.


Thanks @blakjaxx

I will give it a try.
Might have to rekindle the old vegan in me!!! (just kidding :smiley: )

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Thanks for the advice. I do cook with fattier cuts of meat and olive oil, coconut oil, butter and bacon fat!! My main problem is I think about food 24/7 so the idea of “eat fat to satiety” doesn’t always work. It can be difficult to know if I’m hungry or just hungry because I’ve been contemplating what to eat all day…it’s something I’m working on. I haven’t tried fathead bread yet - it’s on my list.

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You’re not alone, jennyellen. I started Jan 15 at 220 and have bounced between 220 and 225 ever since. I had a little flutter of excitement earlier in the week when I saw 217 but have gone up again the past 2 days.

I figure I must’ve seriously damaged my mitochondria with that last binge at Christmas (straw that broke the camel’s back, etc) because I’ve never had trouble dropping weight in the past when I’ve ditched the carbs. Or possibly I’ve got a thyroid issue. I’m just trying to convince myself to spend hundreds of $'s to find out.

Anyway, no advice but lots of sympathy…


You know, I actually still enjoy some vegan food- right along with meat! Ha ha. Some of the recipes are perfect for dairy free keto. And can easily be adapted for carnivores. :slight_smile: One of my friends was telling me about a podcast they were listening to where a doctor said that in keto you don’t have to worry about vegetable carbs- just the carbs in everything else. It makes sense when you think about how much fiber is in veggies. I do believe that there’s a difference between veggie carbs and normal carbs.

And Emily, you HAVE to try fathead recipes!!! I don’t eat fathead stuff right now as it is dairy, but you will almost feel guilty eating it. It’s that good. Since I have my acid/ulcers under control (Pepcid), my appetite has come back. Very recently I was eating very little and wasn’t hungry. But now I see that it wasn’t my metabolism keeping me from being hungry, it was the general unease and pain I was used to feeling. Funny how after pain goes away that you realize that you were actually in pain before. In hindsight, I don’t think I was eating enough. Normally I am always thinking about food- what to cook, what sounds good, what to eat, etc.


Thanks @Countdown2020 mary :slight_smile:
Good to know there a re a few little snowflakes out there that are a bit like me.
One of us will crack the code one day and let the rest in on the secret!!
@blakjaxx might have the answer - veggies it is for while!!


The way I looked at it was, I don’t have anything to lose (ha ha) by trying to load up on veggies. Veggies won’t make you gain a ton of weight. Turned out to be the best decision!


It is very timely as my veggie patch is bursting with broccoli, cauli and brussels sprouts at the moment, and the chooks are not laying much due to it being winter.

I have a very sad, sneaking suspicion that eggs are not agreeing with me either, so will go off them for a bit too and see if that is a possible cause.
I love my chooks, will be sad if I cant eat their eggs :frowning:


It’s interesting how when I started thinking about AIP then keto, how I’ve noticed sensitivities to certain foods. I love cheese, but I don’t think my body likes dairy. I certainly do not do well with gluten! I think everyone is different, and what may work for one may not for another. Ultimately, diet comes down to what makes you feel the best. When I’m bummed about not being able to eat dairy, I’ll just tell myself I am stoked to eat asparagus, or whatever other food I love. My relationship with food has always been complicated at best, but for the first time in my life I’m eating to feel good. The weight loss would be nice too, but first and foremost it’s about what makes me feel nourished and healthy.

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After re-reading your post I was taking it out of context. Sorry.


It’s ok! I am happy to elaborate if you’d like!

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I took it as a carnivore could somehow incorporate plant based foods into their diet? But understand that was not what you meant after reading again. :crazy_face:


I just meant that some ‘vegan’ plant based foods can be keto, or adapted to be keto :slight_smile: Obviously there can’t be a vegan keto diet, ha ha. And I was more meaning like the alfredo sauce and zoodles recipe that is vegan, but also keto and can easily add meat/cheese to. It was a dish I loved while being vegan, and now that I’m keto I can still enjoy it.


Since I am aspiring to be dairy free, there’s a huge amount of vegan recipes that can be adapted to suit the keto diet quite well. I don’t have any plans to stop eating meat, ha ha. Just dairy!

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I believe there are a few on here that do keto as vegans. They use whey based (plant based) proteins, and fats from things like avocados and olives. They just watch the carb count.:wink: