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hey David. Best wishes on your hospital adventure. They are citadels of mainstream medicine. Great at fixing some stuff like excising tumours, but not the greatest at chronic disease. So the aim is to get out of there as quick as possible. I’m pretty sure they would frown upon any stow away toads in your knapsack.


thanks for the tip.

cool pics
I love meat pics!


Sure but what would be the point? (I know about nothing about them, I looked them up, they are tiny things something to do with hormones and I definitely feel no desire to eat such things. If it’s some inner stuff, I draw the line at chicken kidney and whole crickets/worms.)

I’ve heard of someone eating their amputated foot with friends, nicely done and whatnot (“Etwas Kultur muss sein” - Rammstein, the topic is more problematic there but it’s Rammstein for you. And some real German cannibalistic story as far as I know). Well, it’s meat and a mostly okay way to try human meat, it surely makes interesting comments at parties and one can feel all rebellious… So many positives.

I so rarely dare to talk about eating humans or their parts (and I am usually not very shy about my topics), thank you.
I deleted such a sentence even when I wrote my thoughts about the vegan poster where they eat “tasty, tasty rainbows” and “you are what you eat”. I don’t think they thought it over when they attacked people who eat meat. Or their minds just don’t go in interesting directions like mine does.
I am so not at the level of Fangs yet :smiley:
I talk about this topic and don’t know how to put it here in the usual fancier way, I never did such a thing: How We're Perceived by Vegans and Vegetarians.
Vegan posters tend to trigger reactions from me but it’s the same when vegans are attacked without a good enough reason. It rarely does any good to me but that poster was something new. Tasty, tasty rainbow…


Yep, meat pics can be very nice and I always forget to take photos about my food… But they aren’t anything special, I will bring some photos when I buy proper, Hungarian sausages in brilliant color due a huge (just right) amount of quality red pepper. Even though I am not into dry sausages too much and it’s not nearly as easy to get not dry ones that one fries (I am into those).
A proper head cheese looks interesting too but we ate it almost right away.

I ordered beef again, lots of ribs and some… Well mirror translation is “tiny [pieces of] meat”. The two cheapest available items, I wonder if it’s worth to try some slightly more expensive ones as I don’t know if I feel and enjoy the difference, I have little experience but when I bought not very expensive parts of ruminants, all meat were very similar to me and the beef ribs had so little bones, it has a really good price! About as expensive as some tasteless chicken breast from a cheap, bad source, bought in a small village shop where the prices are a bit higher. Or much better quality but still commercial chicken legs from a hypermarket.
And chicken and pork are always cheaper than beef (getting from similar places and comparing similar parts except chicken is nothing like the other two).
I definitely will try various parts, I am curious but now I went for more meat for the same money (and I did order something new this time).

NO liver or heart or trimmings this time (these are the ultimate cheap ones - and the bones, they had them now but run out quickly. It’s fine, ribs have enough bones for me though the marrow bones are obviously different. But I want organs), they almost always sell them but not now. How many months I must wait (my current order is for February, not much chance for liver until middle March)? In the end, I really buy some liver from a shop, only this once, at least I will see what that is like and maybe see the differences later. Maybe I can find some better place, some butcher shops have some home-raised meat sometimes but maybe not organs and it’s a lot of walk and who knows if it’s still there… Shopping is tiresome, we visit the city once per month and it takes hours and I quite dislike shopping in the end. Hopefully it gets better now that I don’t eat plants and it affects my cooking too. Still multiple shops to visit, we basically use two kinds of cheese but they reside in different shops, miles apart. We skipped the shop for vegetables last time, my SO is fine with whatever the nearby villages offer, we need much less now.


Making beef heart jerky.


ohhh sweet on making jerky.

no more cake or pie baking in that oven, might as well use it for outstanding stuff like jerky.

ok, what recipe did ya use and what cut of meat? very interested!!


That is thinly sliced heart. Made some regular jerky out of bottom round roast that’s good. No recipe, just good salt. I’m not big on spices.


@David_Stilley My friend, I’m so sorry about the surgery. I have a friend who had parathyroid surgery and the only negative was for the first few days it felt like she was spinning and had no balance, etc. Her doc told her that her body would find its balance and that would stop which it did. She was fine after that. {{{HUGS}}}

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@ReneeRC Thank you.The odd thing is that I am happy to get the surgery and looking forward to it in a weird way. I am the kind of guy who spends lots of time analyzing my own lab work. It I don’t know what something means that’s what the internet is for, and seems to be the best expenditure of my energy understanding the labs and my medical conditions.

I self diagnosed the tumor after studying my labs. I talked to my doctors and told them I had one. My doctor was like, “well maybe”. I convinced him to order a nuclear medicine scan with radioactive iodine to confirm it’s presence or not. I have had so many medical issues I fixed myself with KETO like diabetes reversal and weight loss and stopping about 6 prescription drugs. I told him that I have worked way too hard fixing my body on my own to accept damages from highly elevated calcium levels and osteoporosis resulting from leaching by my out of control parathyroid. So I get the scan and sure enough two tumors on the left thyroid bed. So if I were to offer anyone advice it’s be your own second doctor. Show diligence keeping informed and fluent speaking in medical terms to your doctor. They have a hard time writing that off and you can work with that. If I hadn’t done the work it wouldn’t have been addressed. You have lots more time to spend on you than your doctor does. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Maybe my Mom needs to take a leaf out of your book F. She’s going through menopause hell. She started keto the same day as me but can’t seem to stick to it. S h e loves meat more than anything but she argues with me about the fibre thing. Worth mentioning carnivore to her though :cut_of_meat::blush:


yea it can be hell on many of us LOL

she started keto along with you? you can mention carnivore to her but what would be best is if she just makes her keto plan very protein heavy. Not to try to confuse or change her up too much. She is learning keto so just to make that keto plan more meat heavy might help. Tell her to lean more toward good meat and fats in her keto menu and that might help her stick longer. Thing is menapuase for me was it did take a bit of time ON plan and sticking hard before I started to get that relief. You really have to hold that plan to get those changes. But once those symptoms started to change out for me and mostly stop it was wonderful.

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Thanks F, she has been having menopause for 6 years!! Is that even normal. She has always been a very driven woman but suddenly at age 52 has no energy whatsoever. It’s new for her. She said she’s going to try cannabis oil. God I’m glad I’ve got 20 or so years until I have to worry about that!!


yea mena can drag out. no energy tho could not just be that obviously, when one gets into that ‘I now got that very low energy’ when getting older, it IS time to change how we eat and improve our older years.

that is what got me going. Older I got the more I realized I was becoming so sluggy and tired. didn’t want to do my fun things anymore like kayak and hike…and I thought, nope, ain’t going here into old age a friggin’ couch tater.

heck my kid will hit college in 3 years, I don’t wanna send her off and sit on the couch and be fat/tired/slug/miserable and not enjoy my retirement, empty nest and freedom!!

So yea, when energy drops a lot it is time to make changes as we age. I so get that but your mom is working on it so that is good!

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:sob: She always worked so hard all her life. To the bloody bone. Hard work is great but not if you collapse and can’t get back up. When I was 14, we were at the stables and she was mucking out “Pearl Roses” stall and she suddenly fell to the ground crying in agony that her back was stuffed. I had to help her up and do the horses for her. She just never knew when to stop. When I was 13 I thought she was gonna die from it. She would get up at 3am to do all the racehorses, work with them and ride each one Trackwork till 11am. Come into the house, have a coffee, then get changed and head to work at the restaurant/pub and work there until 3pm, then come back and rush out to the horses for the two hour afternoon work, then come inside, change again and do her night shift work at the train station until 1am. What the heck!! It breaks my heart that suddenly she is cancelling music gigs and too depressed to even chat to me properly. She is on the other side of the world and I havnt seen her in 3 years but when I chat with her lately she just answers me using one or two words. I want her to get a checkup at the doctors but I don’t know if she will. I’ve never worried about her so much in my life. She’s the ONLY family I have left, I can’t lose her. I think something she really badly needs back in het life are animals but mainly horses. Horses were her lifeblood from age 7 to age 44 and i notice since she has been away from them, she has gone downhill. She needs them. Heck I need them. Xxx


Yea. We have that work ethic also like your mom. Hubby and I worked the farm for profit and hard work to the bone it was 24/7 and we had ‘real jobs’ we were tied too…so life was farm work and real jobs and repeat over and over for years.

Hubby has a bad back and years of fence post pounding, make hay and stacking hay and backbreaking work…with his real job, 12 hr day shift hard work on cement running a machine…….he was becoming useless literally. He would work and come home and not move. He couldn’t. His back was gone.

So I made the call. We close the farm. Done. Sold all animals, heck still selling tractors and equip, and we stopped all crop farming and livestock sold off. We could not do it anymore.

So then, his job took a toll and we decided to sell farm land and he could quit the horrible job, take a year or 2 off work to heal his terrible back and gain back a friggin’ life in some way…and when he felt better and improved he could later get an ‘easy job’ that wouldn’t take him down worse.

And we did all that and he has improved big time. Heck I saw it coming. All the backbreaking work will ruin the last times of your life. Ruin your retirement. Instead of a decent fun simple life in retirement, he would be in Dr offices, surgery probably, misery pain and not doing anything that required a decent back…I mean why the hell go there?

We didn’t. We opted out. Shut the farm down totally…he will work simple now, I stopped doing my 50,000 things in a day and we flipped our life more to live simple, live easy, live fun, and just friggin’ live and enjoy it. Screw the rest of it all now HAHA

Your mom has to make it about her now. Improve her situation and get more healthy and gain energy. We ain’t getting any younger, that’s for sure, and as we age we best go into it the best darn healthiest we can.
I am sure your mom will help herself more and she has you to help her also change it up and heal up :slight_smile:

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Yep I totally understand farm work. We had to build a Rock wall by hand once. So us kids would go and collect the boulders in a wheel barrow and mum and my father would have the cement mixer ready to make the wall. It was a huge wall and it’s still there I think, unless the fires burnt it all down. Kept the horses in their pen :joy:. I totally understand bad backs. But I have found that keto has helped with the pain somewhat. I’m glad you and your Hubby are living the simple life now. I personally think my Mum needs to go and raise some chickens and animals in the mountains or go work for keep at a buddest retreat. Who knows. She needs something though.

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It is very difficult to go against the conventional wisdom that has been forced into us over the years. You haven’t had “eat lots of fiber” and “saturated fat will kill you” drilled into you as long as your mom has. She may need more time to wrap her head around the changes.

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Yeah that’s true. She is always telling me to eat more fibre in keto. I had none today. Lol. Not big on veggies at all. Just been eating eggs, meat and a bit of cheese. The veggies make me nauseous for some reason so today Just stopped them. She’s the one who told me about Keto but she goes to buddest retreats all the time and there they live on rice and veggies. Xxx


No fiber for months. Feeling just fine.
I wish I could get through to my mom as well but she’s from the generation that thinks doctors are authority figures.
So, she goes through life complaining about all the constant pain and discomfort, lack of sleep, etc but refuses to try something as simple as eating real food.

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My deepest thoughts are with you David :pray::pray::pray::heart::heart: