Another Carnivore Thread


Ok, maybe we don’t need another carnivore thread but the regular keto folks have gobs of them so here goes.
I’ve had some successes with carnivore that I didn’t with keto so hope some of y’all will join me here.

I made a trip to the local Piggly Wiggly this morning because I wanted some pork belly and here’s what I walked out with:

I had never asked if they sold fat trimmings… turns out they do sell beef fat and much cheaper than the butcher shop I had been getting it from! Woohoo!
That back container is 7.14lbs of beef fat… for $7.07!

Does Steak and Red Meat Just sit There in your Colon for 3-4 Days?

Breakfast - no bagels ever again


Some good carnivory resources: lots of good stuff and links to other resources
- Dr. Shawn Baker’s youtube channel is good, too

Not really carnivore but some pretty good interviews

Will add as I think of more.
Update: I guess I assumed everyone here knows about this lady but if not check out pretty much anything by L. Amber O’hearn.
She’s on the forums, too.

Benefits I’ve experienced:

  1. Better blood pressure. Veganism left me with the curse of elevated BP. I was really fit and active, a freakin’ ultra marathoner! Went to the doc to check out a hand injury and found out that way. Tried all sorts of things to fix me but none did the trick until I said F veggies and went carnivore. Hoping it helps me stay off meds.
  2. Body composition: I’m the leanest I’ve been since high school. Oh yeah, I’m 48.
  3. Mood. I’m even more chill than when I was keto for two years.
  4. Sleep. Holy :poop: I sleep better. I still have sleepless nights but they are much less often.
  5. Decreased desire for alcohol. Even when I have alcohol now I don’t want much.
    Yeah, more coming here as I discover more benefits.
  6. Less caffeine dependence. This could just be from better sleep but since I attribute the sleep to carnivore this makes the list.

Cons… well I already don’t have a girlfriend so I’m sure this way of eating probably won’t help the dating situation. :laughing:i


Loving this thread. The only “con” I have so far is that I’m up two pounds, ugh. Hope that’s only a temporary thing.


Great deal on that beef fat. :slight_smile:


Our bodies do weird things sometimes!

(Full Metal Carnivore AF) #7

Ripped! :cowboy_hat_face:


I run a few times a week and do pushups, I don’t even slow down passing a gym. That’s what happens when you feed your body what it’s meant to eat!

(Heather Meyer) #9

YOU are not 48!!! Nooo way!! :wink: You look stellar for 48!! I would be through the roof happy if i looked aa good as you at 48… i only have 15 years till i find out.
Kudos to you on taking charge and taking care of your body! Thats an accomplishment!


I have 3 young kids so I have every reason to try to stay healthy!

(Heather Meyer) #11

Even better!
I can relate. My daughter is 9 and it would be heartbreaking if she lost me to obesity related causes. It definitly is good motivation!


My daughter is 9 as well. If figure I have to be in good enough shape to still be intimidating when she starts dating. :laughing:

(Daisy) #13

You look incredible! I am amazed you are 48! I’m just starting carnivore, so hopefully I’ll see some great results too. I’ve been listening to all the women carnivorecast posts the last week or so and will start on the rest after the last one I have.
Congrats on your success!

(Heather Meyer) #14

Haha! So true… my husband is the same way…
And to think… they are almost teenagers! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My oldest is a teenager now. He’s 13 and obsessed with his hair and girls. He also seems to have lost a lot of IQ points suddenly!


In the sous vide for tonight.

That’s chunks of beef tallow on it. Only other thing is Redmonds salt.
This will cook a few hours at 140F then maybe a quick sear.
I have concerns about the sous vide but at least it won’t be overcooked.


I really like that podcast.
I think Dr Georgia Ede is on one of the episodes. I really enjoy listening to her. She has some very good articles online, too.
Nutrition with Judy and The Armstrong Sisters on youtube are good, too.
I forgot to add them to the above list.


Looks delish! I get a LOT of my meats and fats from US Wellness Meats and have for years.


Eat the right stuff now! Everything you do in your 20’s and 30’s seems to bite you in the butt right around 40 or so. :smile:

(Daisy) #20

Yes, I listened to hers yesterday, it was so interesting!
I love the Armstrong sisters. Someone here introduced them to me a couple weeks ago and a watched a ton of their videos. The carnivorecast episode was a little rough to listen to with all the beeps lol