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Yes I can relate.

My MIL has diabetes and is having big time trouble controlling it and is on at least like 5-6 major pills on top of that for various things.

and she won’t change one piece of food she eats or listen to anyone at all………………and

got a call early AM from mother in law to hubby while I was at the grocery store. She can’t breathe. He went to her house only a few mins. away from ours and she was bluish. Called 911.

So finally it is diagnosed as congestive heart failure. Fluid around the heart. She is undergoing tests and whatever procedures. So waiting to hear from hubby who is with her and getting her settled as to what is gonna go down.

but me and him talked about this. she refuses to change anything at all every time she has more troubles and is willing to take pill after pill but won’t change one bit of her behavior.

and this is the super sad state of affair people have to handle because they won’t put in some effort into their own health.

I think also now from what bob mentioned…I think she thinks the white coat is the be all end all to health and one doesn’t need to do anything, just go there and get a prescript and you are handled…well it doesn’t work that way, I wish she would see it but it won’t happen.

over and out

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I feel for you and your husband, it’s so hard watching someone we know and love literally fall apart because of apathy about taking any responsibility and helping themselves with what we see so obviously, very sad. :confused:

I will pray for your MIL and you and your husband as well, since that’s all I can do for you. :cowboy_hat_face:


I didn’t even SEE heart in the shop except chicken heart.
My SO’s Mom (who is the meat expert in the family as she eats lots of meat and his son and myself were very close to vegetarianism in the last two decades) said beef liver and heart can’t be bought in shops. Pork heart is a thing as there is a popular dish made with it but beef…?
And as I wrote already, I surely can’t buy any until March.

I got a tad upset and not caring about my rules so much and bought frozen chicken liver. Just once.

I went to shopping and have so much to tell but later.
I even will take photos, I never did.


I did that sometimes with my teeth and dentists… And I was right in the end.

I almost never go to other doctors, I consider it some healthy phobia that it probably requires quite good genes (I think most of my bad health points went to my eyes and teeth. and some tiny problem a doctor could do little with). I went to them when I didn’t know if I broke a bone (nope. the doctors said I did and I believed the one who did the X-ray and said it’s just fractured. it healed nicely enough but it was only my left finger and I rather use my left finger than getting suicidal and murderous thoughts when I can’t move my right hand for 6 weeks. The doctor loved overdoing things, I guess. I am miserable without my right hand) or when I was sure I did (impressive motorcycle accident! my armor was so good, not my gloves though but maybe no one is that good. I fell and broke my wrist. I had a surgery but why the doctors want to put me into some outdated stuff - plaster - all the time, I can’t imagine. Actually, I can, it’s the traditional way and they don’t care about my well-being and sanity at all. I am quite fine without my left hand for a while but 6 weeks, needed or not and that silly stuff that doesn’t allow me to wash my left hand? Nope. There are way better things and they are sold in the shop next to the hospital. I take the risks, not like those are significant or could be any worse than me incapacitated and feeling suicidal and murderous. I would accept things if I broke my HIP but it’s a wrist, for Heaven’s sake! So I had my way and the tool, I took it off every day and stopped using it when I felt my bone is okay, after 4.5 weeks. It healed very well).

Me overruling doctors (it’s my body, my psyche, I know myself better) always was a good decision.
They seemingly weren’t used to it, they needed the patient who says no. It probably was useless for their future patient handling, though but who knows? Maybe I was the Nth and they thought about it?
My SO did that once too and he avoided huge suffering (and smelling) too.

My doctor was pretty much surprised I know the words radius and ulna. And I know nothing about things he learned, I just like to draw humans so I know the bones and muscles. It’s some really basic knowledge for many person and about all people who takes drawing humans at least a tad seriously (except if they never use English terms but it’s hard to avoid if someone reads good books from famous masters).

So I quite agree, this attitude (I never researched sicknesses, illnessed and the like, I don’t know what’s the difference as I don’t have those but I did research what can be done with a broken limb, what tools can be used and if they are effective) can be quite helpful. If it’s healthy and based upon facts and not totally baseless worries. I am about the opposite of a hypochonder, that can be dangerous too but my strong desire to live a long, healthy life helps. I like to be safe even when I am very optimistic.

Good luck to you! And every other things not luck but helps. When you will get your surgery?

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I don’t know, up to the surgeon and available operating room schedules because it’s considered non urgent.

Finally a deal! I know what I’m doing later today. :smiley:

STOCKING UP! :cowboy_hat_face:


It’s true for very many people. I just can’t comprehend it!!! It seems they doesn’t care about their own heath - especially not when they should DO something for it but even when they should NOT do something like smoking or eating the 6th donuts (I saw that on shows about obesity, extremely fat people but making a tiny sensible change? Nope. I did DRASTIC changes just because I want to be even healthier, I take no pills, I can walk and hike, my weight is almost normal… But I want a long, healthy life. They keep dying, suffering and doing nothing).

Doctors are good for someone. My SO’s mother with diabetes rarely eats sugar and white bread now because of doctor’s orders. I think it’s very little but it could be way worse… Thankfully she eats proper food - and crappy food as well. It’s another thing I can’t comprehend. She made sausage and… something similar to black pudding and another I just can’t translate, it has liver and rice, she eats chicken and pork liver fried in lots of duck fat… And she eats bread with light margarine. Watered, hardened mixed plant oil. I am really open-minded and accepting about the definition of “food” but it’s miles away from that, no matter how I look at it, taste, nutrition, whatever. And people eat and even prefer it. WTF?
I ate margarine as a kid as my Mom bought that but that was a tastier thing at least and as fatty as butter (and I was a kid anyway). Okay, that’s not necessarily good thing for a margarine but at least feels more proper if we are used to eating that plant oil. And it’s not like I didn’t use simply 5 times as much from a light margarine my Mom accidentally bought and it still was too watery. So that resulted in eating even more oil with less joy. The tastier margarine brand is still quite alive, has a “butter flavored” version (still tastes plant oil, of course, just a bit better. nothing like butter, obviously) and it’s way more expensive than lard. I know a big part of the target group considers eating lard almost instant death with hell afterwards due to this some horrible sin but it’s an obvious reference for me.

By the way, my new lard is paler and less tasty than the previous one. Still tastier than coconut oil and I think even coconut oil is tastier than lard from a bad source (so the stuff they sell in shops, usually). By the way, why is there milk in it sometimes? Or is it a thing only here? I looked at animal stuff in shops yesterday and the lard contained milk. I buy it from the farmer’s market, I just looked at thing, being very curious. There was a section for meat from local farmers in the hypermarket, nothing interesting there, though. The beef farm I use is a bit cheaper and I trust it more.

One day I surely will write about fat here (no, I didn’t even ever started). But that would be long. It’s a very sensitive topic for me, low-fat things often upset me more they should. And high-fat things baffle me sometimes. Pretty normal people tend to use so much fat in baked things I find shocking and instantly divide by 4 (if it happens to be a kind that is doable without grains. I am quite good at ignoring most parts of a recipe). And I like to think I like fat. A bit too much. I can eat lard by spoon. But I have my limits if it’s, for example, a brownie (I simply left out all the insane amounts of butter and half of the cocoa powder from that recipe or something like that. And it was a non-vegan recipe on a vegan webshop. I would think the target group doesn’t bake cakes like that. But maybe the author just hates beind consistent :smiley: It totally is a vegan webshop, plant-based is on its logo, there are ridiculous vegan meat replacements and whatnot. I mean, banana flower as a meat replacement is quite funny but… Oh it seems they stopped having “vegan duck” but they still have vegan “eggie” and “cheesie”. Oh yep, it’s the right thing nowadays, using slightly different words, Hungarian vegans do similar but worse things sometimes but I can’t explain it without some too deep Hungarian language information and it would be hard to get as most Hungarians can’t seem to do it either. Many Hungarians are too bad at writing on their own language, it’s so painful for me).


Thanks and definitely appreciate the prayers!

Yes you want to yell and scream at them but in the end you just can’t get thru to them if they won’t open up at all. I think being older, near 80 now she also just doesn’t have it in her any more for any change. It is super sad.

and ohhhh David that is the price I have been searching for and no stores are going that low just yet on ribeye. I am jealous LOL but as soon as I hit a low sale like 5.99/lb I am gonna be all over it.
Great stock up for sure!!


I had that super salty day I ate a few days ago…my mouth has been super salty ever since.

and not just a taste, it is mouth chomping salty kinda feeling…like it is just there, in full salt taste. crazy. I need to drink up the water and flush some of this out of me LOL

Weird tho for just to live with a super salty taste…when at the ocean and me in the water all the time, yea I get that taste sometimes, but here at home, it seems crazy

oh well…I am watching my salt intake and using way less…ready for crazy salty taste to leave!! Woke up this morning with less of a taste so that is good, I tell ya, the crazy sometimes huh HAHA

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The proper care and feeding of your Carnivore :cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat:

A dozen Ribeyes, 18.4 lbs for $110.15 This will mostly feed me for the next two weeks. :yum: The best money we can spend is on feeding ourselves properly, it’s hard putting a price tag on health!

I’m starving right now after little appetite yesterday, my problem is “Which one first?” :cowboy_hat_face:

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I absolutely LOVE that you emojied every single one of them!

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I am lurking around here because I am thinking about going carnivore. Not sure if the wife will like cooking veggies for one. I don’t have a grill at the office …yet. Do any of you just take a cooked steak to work and refrigerate? I will often cut up a cold cooked steak and salt & eat. What other options do you do for lunch? Also I eat bacon and sausage daily with my eggs, do eggs fit in carivore plan? I am also curious about pork rinds too.


Nice, I guess… I don’t desire meat for a while now and it affects my reactions, I ate quite a nice amount today… :smiley: I will bring some photos myself tomorrow. Not very great ones, I just want to show my mutton ribs (with ham slices) and ham.
Because… Ham. It’s a word but it means so very different things. Sometimes deli meat and I get it when it contains ham. But folks here call a popular chicken breast deli meat ham too. Dieter girls totally eat that and call it chicken breast ham…
When I was a kid, some of my relatives had ham. Whole, smoked ones. They were glorious. Ham is my fav, and chuck.
But I prefer my ham fatty and mine is like that, it’s about as fatty as the pork chuck I buy. It’s hard to say. But I guess I usually like my food with the similar fat content. There are some exceptions. I can’t eat a rabbit or chicken so very fatty, I dislike most food with huge amounts of added fat. And some nice fatty pieces are quite nice even if they have very little meat with them. White bacon isn’t my thing though. Some lard with salt as snack, that’s nice but only in small amounts. I prefer my food with 60-70% fat content so my days are just like this.

The mutton ribs are awesome, we needed 2 rounds in our mini oven. The first bunch was a tad chewy but very good so we used a lower temperature from the beginning (well, my SO did, he was the cook, I just helped). The ribs were seemingly very fatty and they lost very much fat. So I have plenty now. Not like my tallow, it’s nicer, mixed with spices and the smoked flavors of the thin ham slices, the ham contained the not so fatty parts as there was no lack of fat to begin with but we wanted to improve the flavor. We used salt, pepper and garlic powder too.

So much rendered fat :slight_smile: It’s nice, I don’t like much garbage, we have little but the coconut oil doesn’t only come in strong boxes, usually but we order it from webshops (way cheaper) and they probably got complaints and they pack it into a lots of extra plastic… But since I eat fatty meat, I need very very little added fat and now it’s the fat in my meat. What I rendered from the mutton will last for so long :slight_smile: Even my lard in box is better garbage wise, it’s a way thinner box and we don’t accept plastic bags.
I like mutton for various reasons.

So. Tomorrow will be my carnivore trial 3. I had to break the previous ones, there was a nice meaty dish at my relative. I never skip that and anyway, I was tired and could use a tiny break. In the end, it was very, very tiny as I was happy to finally get something not egg… This last week was very unlucky, plans went awry and I mostly had my eggs.
But now I have nice things. Next time I will buy more smoked pork though as my SO happily put it into the food and he’s right, they are great there but I will run out of them.
We have fish and dairy and as I think about it, not very much mutton but it will be enough for a while. So I plan a nice, proper carnivore week next week (my definition of proper). Not a too eggy one, I don’t really desire eggs now.
So I had my second, very abnormal trial, 5 days, 48 hour fast in it (I got a wee bit hungry in the end, it went away and came back, I welcomed a meal, too bad it was only a cold one with some deli meat and my eggs and dairy. but I comforted myself the next day). I had 28 eggs (ugh), 25 in the first 3 days. It takes some time to get used to the amounts I need to buy when I visit the city and this one week delay was very problematic, I run out of everything (but eggs). And my meat was frozen as one… It will be much better later. I never will forget this :smiley: But one needs hardships sometimes, it’s fun. If it’s very, very, very rare. I like to try things, usually good ones but not too harmful other things too.
It went better this time despite my extremely lacking supplies, I was quite fine except my sleep (nothing to do with my eating or fasting at all). My weight is quite stable but my pants show I lost that unusual little gain lately, even after refeeding (I definitely ate more I did before). Good enough for now.


I precook ground beef or burger patties and eat them cold. I will also take frozen beef stew meat and cook it in an instant pot at the office.
Pork rind are great and I ate them all the time when I was keto. Funny thing is that when I went carnivore I lost my taste for them. One of my favorite quick keto lunches was tuna and hot sauce on pork rinds.

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This is exactly what I do for work. I cook it a little more rare than I prefer, then when I nuke it, it’s perfect. I also do ground beef the same way. Or pork everything lol. Then I also do hard boiled eggs sometimes, or tuna, canned salmon etc.
eggs work perfectly on carnivore. Many people can do pork rinds, but they don’t work well for me. You have to find what works for you.

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@David_Stilley I’m so sorry to hear about the tumors. You will be in my prayers. I’d be curious to see the effects of carnivore on the tumors, as I’ve heard of good reactions.

@Fangs I’m also sorry to hear about your mother in law. I will also keep her in my prayers.


holy cow that is one sweet beautiful picture ya posted David! WOW

what a great price sale!! Beautiful meat!! I would be having trouble picking out the best one first HAHA Love it!


Pork rinds are ok but in all seriousness if you can do without them for a bit while trying carnivore that would be good. In that eat meat/eat seafood! Forget the ‘snacky’ stuff while ya transition over, or if you want a few, yea you can do a few but just eating meat and seafood is just kinda how we roll best :slight_smile:

any meat you can take with you. Any seafood you love take to work. anything you like right out of the fridge and eat is fine.

Eggs are fine. Don’t rely on them as a ‘big meal’ cause while eggs are good, they ‘aren’t meat’ in all its glory. But yea bacon and eggs are great.

Jump right on in and try it, maybe you can steal some of Davids beautiful meat from his picture LOL Heck I wanna do just that :slight_smile:

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@Fangs I went with this 25oz beauty, not the biggest one in the bunch either! :yum:

I feel better now. :cowboy_hat_face:

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That is a beautiful steak but are you going to eat all of that? To me that looks like dinner and lunch the next day.

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Carnivore Baby…It’s gone! :cowboy_hat_face:

only this thin bone remained for the bone bag!