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I love that! And you are so right. We have to take it in pieces and experiment on us and see results and those take time etc. I so understand it and you are working on yourself in good form I think.

The ‘good meat’ and ‘good fat in that meat’ is super important. You don’t want to eat leaner meats for sure. So upping fat might be important for you definitely.

When one goes without carbs…one will lose weight usually…drop that water weight for sure being held by the body. Carbs, even if eating only a little hold that water weight, and also when off carbs more inflammation will be cut from your body and it will be likely to drop some lbs.

but remember too, since starting, you can easily start to gain some lbs. on carnivore if you hold your eating to exactly what the body is asking…in that, if super hungry one day, then you eat very well, as much as you need that day, never/ever restrict yourself…if not truly hungry then just eat a little.

Carnivore with time on plan, will put your body back to where nature intends it to be. If you need to lose some lbs, it will give it to you, then if you need to gain some lbs, it will do that for you also. So we all walk a different path while the body heals in carnivore, but in the end we let the food and body put us where we should naturally be.

One coming from keto, even if more toward carnivore style, there will be some adaption time. I wouldn’t think it would be, but yea, there is :slight_smile: so hold strong. Hormones balance out and your body normalizes better with time.

Listen to your body at all times. I think you are doing fine…I loved your report. You are giving carnivore a fine trial!!

And hope you share some info on the DEXA scan and more later if ya can!


LOL one of the worst things is when others tell ya you are gonna die eating this way HAHA
and a lot of other nutrition nonsense they believe and you might to get to hear it all from them. I tell ya it can drive one batty but hopefully if you tell a few on your eating experiments they will be cool with it…hey some people go crazy over food intake and they let ya know it whether you wanna hear it or not…heehee…


It is darkly humorous when someone who is sick, overweight, feels crappy, and is on medication has anything to say about how I eat.


yea yea yea, I so agree! Usually the people who tell ya are from those needing ‘real’ nutrition info the most! I love it bob!!

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I made my family what I call the Meat Lovers Breakfast Casserole. It has bacon, pork sausage, and ham. I don’t eat it because it has cream and cheese, but I saved some of the meat mix to add to my scrambled eggs. This morning I added about an once of calves liver to the meat mix before I scrambled the eggs. Ya know, it wasn’t that bad. It made the liver barely noticeable. Not an bad way to get some liver in me.

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You do lose more water weight when you go carnivore. Those last carbs do keep ahold of a fair bit so don’t worry about this unless it continues.

The clamminess makes me question your fat to protein ratio. To much protein can overheat you. I also sleep worse the fewer carbs I have. So carnivore is the hardest. But cutting the coffee seems to be helping.


My not so little braindump for today, nothing particularly interesting here.

I realized my cooking habits didn’t change but it was only some days on carnivore, usually with little (or in a big frozen chunk) meat and I’m used to the fact my SO cooks certain dishes, in bigger amounts and often over an open fire. He’s the one who cooks/bake meat. I just fry it, quickly. I need to change this, for reasons.
One is that he just can’t not put plants into everything. The meat dishes are sometimes good enough but not always.
The other is that now I cook different food for both of us. It’s not much work, it’s just weird. I totally cook plant-based dishes for him this week as I realized. Cooking meat didn’t even crossed my mind as I did that a few times in the last decades and never alone. I need to change my attitude, habits, even recipes. I have some eggy one but I need quick and easy meat dishes too.
I don’t even know if my SO is willing to eat meat often. When we ate meat about 5 times a year, he expressed some vague desire to eat it a bit more often later. Then I went from once a month to carnivore trial in some weeks and I eat meat basically every day now unless when I don’t have any but I am a tad stressed then as I still don’t want to eat plants. He’s fine with meat on half the days now but how will it change? He probably will be okay with it very often, considering the itsy-bitsy amount of meat he eat per meal (and he needs big meals).
Edit: I asked him, he says he can but he doesn’t need it.

But I cook small meaty dishes just for myself now :). Soup with poached eggs, tiny fried meat pieces yesterday… It was supposed to be big pieces or a steak but well, frozen chunk. I sooooo won’t forget it, ever. But it’s fine enough, it’s way better than no meat at all. The little meat was a perfect ending of my meal yesterday.

I had way more meat today, I got better at carving and I had problems with the eggs, I overdid them a lil bit, again. My fridge is lacking now, it was unlucky I had to postpone my shopping in the city during my unusually hungry times. I waited with my meal until I felt the need in the last two days and it worked well enough but this one ZornFast is something I want to try so I thought I needed to eat well today, lunch and dinner should do. I guess I will wait until I actually desire eating in the future. Lunch usually works well anyway but not always. But I am very full now.

But it’s day 3 of carnivore trial 2! I feel completely fine when I’m not eating. The problems of the first trial disappeared but they did towards the end anyway. I can eat if I wait until dinner, a proper amount, it seems, it satiates me very well and for long. I eat somewhat little lately but I probably need that after last week and I can’t do that for too long anyway, my normal hunger/appetite will arrive eventually as it always does. At least I think so, I have no experience and maybe carnivore is more magical than keto OMAD and that was pretty much that, I just underate a bit as I was soooo satiated then I eventually got very hungry and inevitably fell off the OMAD wagon. 1 meal never worked for me very long term, that’s too few but 2 was too much. I am all for 0-2 meals, whatever my body actually wants. Carbs interfere with even this nice chill idea though but here I am, being very hopeful.

My odd new starvation-like hunger still emerges but only during my meals, not after, thankfully. It probably will go away soon. Why I started to eat carbs again and woke up this monster? Oh, yes, I run out of meat (and lard), tried to live on eggs and cheese, got bored of eggs, plants came, carbier plants came and chaos ensured. Never run out of meat, fine, I probably can do it if I am careful. Learning curve.

The meat I ate for dinner was quite good and not enough, I carved off a bit more and fried that too. It’s such a quick dish and I doubt I get bored of it soon. Well, I mean this type, I don’t think I would be able to eat mutton every day. It’s great but has a very characteristic smell and flavor, simply too strong for me every day if I have a choice, I surely could get used to it in need. But it’s quite nice now and then. I use spices but that’s fine for me.

Oh well, next week will be a more proper carnivore week. I want information what that is like for me. But I reap benefits of very low-carb this week, it’s something I really need.

I try to skip coffee again from tomorrow on.

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Well yesterday’s DEXA scan was a major disappointment. I had looked online and there isn’t a place in Santa Cruz that does full body DEXA scans for bodybuilders or fitness people. So I had asked my MD back in September if I could get one and he said “Your insurance won’t cover it for many reasons” and time was running out with my long appointment which he always scheduled me for so not really discussed as to why. Anyway the thyroid specialist/surgeon I consulted with in November said I should have one because of chronic elevated serum calcium levels and it got ordered to check for osteoporosis. Yesterday when I had the scan turns out that it wasn’t a full body DEXA scan but focused on bone density only. I asked the tech about it and he said the machine could do a full body scan, there’s a button for it but insurance won’t ever pay for a full body scan. He wanted to scan my right wrist too but it wouldn’t let him without the proper code to enter. What I ended up with was a scan of my lower spine and hip bones, since those areas are big bone mass parts of the skeleton and reflect what’s going on in your skeletal structures. So no muscle and fat stats. And I won’t know anything until a doctor reviews and releases the results. I really hate this rule. It’s my body and I have a right to see the results as soon as they are processed. I understand the “logic” behind these rules but don’t like it. Basically if you have cancer or AIDS or some tumor they generally don’t want you seeing that information online before your doctor talks to you. People do crazy crap like killing themselves or go into deep depression sometimes when they get info like that over the phone or online. They want to see how you handle it face to face or at least after the doctor looks. So I have nothing data wise on body composition. :confused:

However the ultrasound was reviewed by a radiologist quickly and the information was released a couple hours post scan. My left thyroid bed has two tumors, so two parathyroid glands of four must be removed surgically. I hope to hear from the surgeon soon for scheduling now that she knows what’s going on in there. I will probably have a hard time staying full Carnivore for three days of hospitalization. The University of the Pacific hospital has the best dietary options for patients that I have ever seen. They offer “paleo” choices but I doubt I can manipulate my meal choices for Carnivore and still get enough meat in me. So I can fast maybe some of that as a compromise maybe, I’ll have to play it by ear. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Bummer, David. Is it possible to get a full scan as a ‘full-pay’ individual?

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I am sorry that you cannot get a full scan, I hope that everything will give them a better plan for the upcoming surgery and know how to proceed. Hopefully the food options are not too hard to negotiate around. At first, just stick to Keto as much as possible, and get back to your Carnivore plan when you are out =).

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@amwassil Not at the medical facility, they don’t allow you to test for whatever you want without doctor’s orders, and doctors can’t order the full scan. I am going to have to investigate getting on in San Jose or San Francisco from someplace that services body builders most likely. I have seen people here saying they got a Groupon deal and had one for $50-60. I’m hoping I can find a deal like that. I think they’re usually more than $100.


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Wow that’s crazy.

Sorry to hear this David. I hope the surgery goes well. Sounds scary. Your non-carni forum friends will be thinking of you.

Ain’t that the truth…

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@kaclp By the way you’ve been kind of quiet and many times I have wondered how you are doing Kirsten? Did you ever do the Mayo Clinic time you were getting ready for last year, if so how did it go? Maybe you created a new thread about it and I missed it. If so put up a link because I want to follow your progress or difficulties if it’s still going on. I really hope you’re feeling better than the last posts I read from you about thrombosis and severe food reactions. Thank you for the kind thoughts and concern. :cowboy_hat_face:


now that don’t just beat all :slight_smile: So close, a George Jetson push the button moment and the tech guy wouldn’t do it LOL
Feel for you on that. Annoying circumstances!!

So sorry to hear that surgery is gonna be on your list. But since the treatment will be that, sure it is great to get it scheduled and done. Thinking of you and hoping everything does go well!

Oh ya know about hospitals, if you have anyone at all who can bring in meat for you, then do just that. Many carnivores talk about being in the hospital and they have a significant other bring in burgers, ribs and more LOL Yea many will do just that to stick to plan and be sure they do get enough meat. So just a suggestion, you can plan food for yourself etc if you can get it prepped up with another.


It would be my plan A, it solves the problem in the best way. If I am in a hospital and I don’t even feel healthy (I was there with a broken wrist, it’s some mechanical problem, I felt fine) and have some woe that is probably best for me, I stick to it if I can. More when I am healthy as the last thing I want is some extra burden even if it’s small. And it’s surely nice to have this important part of life in the usual order… So I would did my best to get my proper food and it’s really not hard when one has visitors. It’s very common to bring food for people in hospitals here as Hungarian hospital food is infamously bad (not always but if one has some extra rule and it’s not avoiding meat, better get your own food).

But the paleo option should include meat, some extra stuff and it may be quite okay. I would bring something that doesn’t spoil to be safe and look forward to the offerings of my lovely family members who love me and accept my woe, no matter what it is (I never do something really extreme or harmful).

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Unfortunately the hospital is in San Francisco about 70 miles from home. I live alone and doubt I will have a visitor. One survival thing I am considering is making and bringing some beef pemmican to supplement the eggs, bacon salmon and whatever they have that’s carnivore in the house. I will be fasted going in, stuck with liquid the day after surgery and get get Solids on my third day if things go like usual with surgery. I already told them glucose IVs were out of the question! I should be an expert on this by now because I can’t even count or recall how many times I have gone under the knife for medical experiments! :laughing::joy::joy::grin:

Thank you Fangs for your concern and ideas. :cowboy_hat_face:


ahhh darn but at least you got a good plan in mind for yourself and do what ya gotta do to get thru it all.

eat really well ‘before ya gotta’ do that fast time for the surgery :slight_smile: don’t go light HAHA eat well and full…will help ya in the long run hopefully.

heck on that third day, when you truly can eat again as they say on their procedure schedule…order in…LOL…call a local BBQ place and get something delivered…hey ya never know!!

Sounds like you got this tho and hope it all pans out well! If I was closer I would be there bringing you whatever meat ya wanted!!

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You are just super sweet! :cowboy_hat_face:


Bizarre thought alert:

I wonder if you could eat your own excised parathyroid glands?

I may have overthought this.

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@FrankoBear Don’t bogart that toad my friend, pass it over to me…:cowboy_hat_face: