2/28/2017: Brenda & Donna's 30-Day Steak Challenge


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My plan.
I literally will only eat whole, unchopped, not ground, beef steak and plain black coffee.

No spices and no other oils for preparing. Zero.

I am keeping my experiment as controlled as possible.
I won’t eat fat outside what is found on the steaks I consume, so I will be buying very fatty steaks. There will be no limit to quantity, I will eat intuitively. I will attempt to stick to my 20/4 IF schedule, but if I need to eat sooner, I will.
At least once during the 30 days, I will find and consume a wagyu. And post about it. Obnoxiously. :zornface:

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Finding steak for an average price of $7 a pound (I know people), consuming on average one pound a day, this will result in a lower grocery bill than my current as I will not be buying my weekly supply of butter, greens, HWC, raspberries, cheese, shrimp, eggs, Brussels sprouts, or bacon… which averages $50 a week for me.

(softjazze) #83

I would like a 30 day Alaskan King Crab Challenge please?..

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Dang. I’d REALLY love to be able to afford this! Butter would need to be included as crab is very lean. Maybe I could afford a week. Keep in touch kiddo. I’d do that with you!

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(Derek I. Batting) #86

What are you guys doing to ensure you get all 4 electrolytes during this experiment? Also, will you be taking a multivitamin/multimineral just to cover all the bases? Meat can only offer so much and 30 days is enough time to cause several kinds of deficiencies (but you probably already know all that).

(đ૯αท ʍ૯ઽƬѳท) #87

I’ve not tried sous vide steak yet - but somebody stop me! Haha

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #88

Meat has micronutrients. Read through the Zero Carb / Carnivore subforum

(Derek I. Batting) #89

Does an all-meat diet cover all macro and micro nutrient needs as well as enough electrolytes to meet the demands of someone in ketosis? Not to nay-say or anything, I just have questions.

(Alex Dipego) #90

Biotin- egg yolk
Folate- eggs
Niacin- beef, tuna
Pantothenic Acid- trout, eggs, pork
Riboflavin- eggs, turkey
Thiamin- trout, pork
B6- Tuna, pork, beef
B12- shellfish, beef
Vitamin A- liver, tuna
Vitamin D- trout, roe, eggs
Vitamin E- shellfish, trout
Calcium- sardines, mozzarella
Magnesium- mackerel
Phosphorus- Salmon, beef, pork
Potassium- Salmon
Sulfur- eggs
Chromium- fish, beef, turkey, eggs
Copper- oysters
Fluoride- seafood
Iodine- seafood
Iron- oysters, mussels, beef
Manganese- trout, mussels
Selenium- oysters, tuna, beef, lamb

These aren’t the only things that contain micro nutrients but some.

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And will you take vitamins/supplements as you usually do, if you usually do?

Can we quick find a researcher to compile the data for this study and then if the results are interesting a more formal study/trial could be done, and we can get results published? I would certainly sign up to be a guinea pig for that kind of study!

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This is the post that piqued my interest. I have it bookmarked for further reading, a number of links are included in the post.

My n=1, I followed ZC for 18 months about 15-years ago, felt amazing without supplements but quit because I listened to others and feared I was doing long-term damage… I didn’t listen to my own body. I’m 21-days into my latest ZC run and feeling awesome.

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I will consider this. It depends on what I can stockpile over the next month. I’ve really noticed that the cuts of meat around are pretty lean. And I’ve only noticed cuz of making jerky and choosing between lean cuts.

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YES. Salt is definately not a spice. It is necessary for life.
And I will be taking my usual supplements. Yes.

(Dave) #96

You guys are after my own N=1 heart!

Okay – can I talk you guys into doing some blood panels throughout this experiment? You’re making extremely valuable data throughout that could be super useful to the low carb community – especially in regard to zero carb.

I can get you a great price though my doc (John Edwards), but you’d need to PM directly.

Also, while I’m adding unsolicitied advice ( :smiley: ) – please consider my food logging protocol as it allows for an ironclad auditing trail via photos. Anyone curious abour your results (not necessarily in a bad way) can have a solid, time stamped means of reviewing it. http://cholesterolcode.com/food-logging-protocol/

Once again, thank you guys so much for doing this! I’m excited to see how it goes.


Photo log on this forum could be considered robust too, perhaps? I do this with the “32 day ZC variable protein experiment” I’m currently doing, like here:

32 day ZC variable protein test

This is evidence-based protocol, maybe?

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I’m down.


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Not even a tiny bit concerned. I did 7 months of animal products only (no plants) in 2015 which was mostly beef steak and ground beef, had a full blood panel at month #5, and had zero deficiencies for all electrolytes, minerals, etc.
Steak for 30 days will be a piece of cake… eeerrr steak. Lol


Here is some info I think is important to review regarding effects of too much protein in daily food intake. Please recognize that I don’t mean to stir up any controversy or alarm, or even discourage participation in this test. In fact, I have signed up for it, too.

My main objective here is to point out the difference between “lean steak” versus “fatty steak” eating. Surely, not everyone in this testing group can afford ribeye and waygu steak each meal. And my concern rises from the potential that someone will consume cheaper/leaner cuts, like cube steak, eye of round, minute steak, etc (which contains approx 5% fat). Furthermore, this test has an additional criteria of cooking without oil (grilling, dry pan fry, boil, sous vide, poach, steam, etc) which limits any addition of fat to lean steaks.

There is a condition called “rabbit starvation”, or protein poisoning, which is described as eating too high amounts of lean protein. I’m not a fan of wiki, but will post the rabbit starvation link below, in case you want to read further. I would advise all participating in this test to perhaps consider the fat content of the steaks you will consume during this test trial.

Here is a quote from the wiki site, describing rabbit starvation:

“Symptoms include diarrhea, headache, fatigue, low blood pressure, slow heart rate, and a vague discomfort and hunger (very similar to a food craving) that can be satisfied only by the consumption of fat.”

Wiki link: