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another reminder how we fall into eating categories and if one drops all plants ‘as food in a meal’ then we are carnivore! You eat plants ya ain’t carnivore all in :wink:



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Elizabeth found this great video and I am sharing it here.

I like this guy :slight_smile: he says he is a natural ultimate meat hound like me!
He just chats general info about his carnivore journey and it is a fast little video that is a good watch!


that ‘healthy fruit’ to get Vit C to boost your immune system is actually wrecking it :slight_smile:


older vid with Dr B but I have yet to find ‘newer info’ on him but he does spread great truths about what the body requires and how we each fall into that.

I will check up on him more when I can :slight_smile:

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This is one of those things that I don’t trust. Using pure sucrose, fructose, glucose, etc is not the same as testing the immune function with whole foods. And there is no comparison to what happens when someone eats protein, for example. And even then, there are a variety of different proteins that could possibly affect the immune system differently. Also, maybe our immune function dips just from eating in general. I don’t know.

Looking at the table in the article would make me think starch must be okay to eat. It barely depressed the immune function at all and the dip may not have been statistically significant.

More info would have made the article better. It just makes me think the writer was biased and cherry picking data to prove their bias.


Yea I get your drift on that.

It was in reference from the book listed so for more solid info reading the book for that support would be the thing to do but I get what you mean that the few things picked out of the book kinda could leave one hanging.

the starch etc shows that even lower, the reduced normal functioning is just as long with the inflammation happening in the body.

and yes, I get there are no proteins listed here but animal proteins don’t inflame like sugar/starch does…but more info might be in the book about that?

I do think more info would have helped. Now I kinda wanna read that book a bit and get a feel for that info in it.



2 good info articles about cholesterol and carnivore eating.

just a reminder how we think about chol. on zero carb eating.


bump up for any new zc people wanting some info on zc eating plan.


good vid by Amber


Dr Ken Berry and Kelly H together in a video…oh boy that floats my boat truly HAHA

watch, everyone watch!!


from Paul S and while I am ‘so iffy’ on his ‘honey intro/experiments’ which I despise, he is having a ‘campfire chat about coffee’ …and hey I am not in it LOL in that I don’t like coffee. never have. so you coffee people have to bob and weave thru what ya want HAHA

good luck–exert from it:

I know many of you would sooner perish than part with your coffee, but let’s all just admit that we use this stuff as a crutch to make up for our under-slept, overly busy lives . Coffee doesn’t provide nutritional value for humans, plain and simple.

About that cup of joe that worry me** . These include acrylamide (a potential cancer-causing chemical and neurotoxin), caffeine (yes, it’s bad for you in the long run!), mold toxins (mycotoxins like fumonisins, ochratoxin A, aflatoxins, etc.), and even compounds that might block pain-relieving signals in the body. I go into detail about all of this and touch on evidence.​

The last set of compounds was the most shocking to me . When I read about it I found that it has the potential to worsen pain syndromes like fibromyalgia/CFS and complex regional pain syndrome. The biology here is a bit complicated, but here’s the high level. Within your body there are naturally occurring substances known as endorphins that bind to mu-opioid receptors moderating pain signaling. Within western medicine, we’ve made compounds like morphine (derived from the poppy plant) that can also bind to these receptors and lessen pain, but like all plant molecules, they have many unwanted side effects, as well. Compounds in coffee like 4-caffeoyl-1,5-quinide appear to block (antagonize) these same mu-opioid receptors, potentially worsening pain by blocking your body’s natural signaling systems

------------So for more on it, one can join up with Paul S’s blog and campfire chats.
if ya want…just some info to push forward about zc and coffee and what we ‘eliminate’ and ‘what we desire to keep’ in our journey. Coffee is a very very personal walk on this lifestyle :wink:


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Kelly’s enthusiasm is addictive.
She makes me smile in the dark winter days.


opps having trouble posting my next vid…will be back to correct :slight_smile: