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My favorite podcast refers to a carnivore heavy diet with a few veggies here and there as “carnivore adjacent.”

And I do agree with you @Fangs. I considered myself pretty carnivore before the challenge because I was only eating a serving of berries a day, but even with that small amount of plants, my body went through an adjustment when I stopped them.


yea I get carnivore adjacent. I get ‘dirty’ carnivore. It is just people who don’t wanna go all in with zero carb carnivore as it should be and that is cool but the thing is for us who require NO plant carbs to function our top best and get the great benefits, we can’t keep having tons of carnivores out there saying I eat berries. I eat avacados…and only like 1 time per month-----cause I have to say, you sucking down plants you are doing it MORE than 1 time a month and more crap than that probably. No one is fooling me here. Many won’t tell what they do eat :wink: if they went dirty carnivore. The new people who need the correct plan can get confused fast and never hit what zc is all truthfully about. but it is what it is I guess out there in forums :slight_smile:

Isn’t that amazing truly. What little we did have and then we go all into zc and eliminate and we actually ‘feel’ differences and changes in our internal health. Wild huh? That is why ‘dirty carnivore’ can’t ever kinda be put right up against ‘real carnivore’ cause even a small amt of plants kept in our bodies for our meals/snacks mean we never hit the full transition. And yea they can be worlds apart for sure.

VE how are you liking zc? Is this a long term plan for you maybe or still experimental type thing? just curious and I know you need more time for getting an idea on where you might land in the end, but wondering how the plan is as a whole for you, cause you seem to be doing very well on carnivore for sure…and going this long without diet soda! WOW you are game on girl!!

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I’ll answer your question on the Oxtoberfest thread.


good read on why zc people ‘might not want’ to go down the electrolyte ‘cure’

--------- The bandage is not ‘curing’ anything, only the healing process will actually ‘cure’ the cut. And that takes time. Nothing wrong, again, with using the bandage of course and if it helps then by all means it can be a good aid which we can employ to assist to process as the body takes the time it needs to actually fix the underlying condition.

read more: zc and how we heal:[0]=AZW9nNvmIsbXSJlRB5WU40Pq4ViOsljVe5EA7-im7Snzp46iavfasvWXik3hnibwc7iaFCCe8bEYBuRDL-7i36AiJhDkQRMpS6UHBM8MXTPgd2Wvh7rE1uxOrkVHo7yrWtnPVUVhB-hHsVQ6Omz8OKwP&tn=*OH-R

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Every time I try to stop salt or magnesium, my entire body aches. Although, I do seem to need less, the need to supplement is not gone.

I just keep periodically checking to see if they are still necessary. So far, the answer is yes.


VE, that is fine. everyone can ‘treat symptoms’ a bit as needed with what might be happening to them, especially during adaption/transition time into zero carb plan.

you do seem to need less? than WOWZA that is a good sign. Maybe the healing is going down and things are balancing out more in your body and you are walking toward using none? but if you need less, cool, use less.

Salt of course alot of that is for taste why most of us keep it. I mean I love my salt taste on food LOL I tried before a bit to give it up when barefoot bob said he was walking toward not needing it and I tried, but couldn’t :slight_smile: I like my salt too much HAHA

You do you and just keep seeing how you are improving and just let time handle that healing. Down the road more on zc we still change SO much.


BUMP UP…alot of great stuff in this thread for all!


not many of us are dealing with gout but it sure is out there and this video holds great information for anyone you know who suffers!

Another reason zero carb is wonderful for us!


great one from Kelly sharing some carnivore news and what is going on out there with our lifestyle.

fast video and fun to watch :slight_smile:


I love Dr C

learn and learn and learn from this😊


So much truth here ya know. Simple picture but shows how society is pill popping to ‘correct/manage/treat symptoms’ that simple changing your eating habits can CURE!


good reminder how it falls, I know I am a relaxed carnivore…but I don’t eat fruit or plants. Only some spice on occasion.

but this kinda gives everyone an idea about how carnivore can fall.

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It is to signal that he is a very busy man, but he can fit in a chat to us so long as it does not hold him up from getting somewhere important.

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I am definitely relaxed carnivore iwth occasional forays into meat based keto.


I still badly miss the eggs… And have other thoughts but I don’t want to litter this thread with my long texts.


WONDERFUL information in this video from Kelly Hogan

The 10+ year Carnivores take on: Fasting, Salt, Organs, Electrolytes, Cheating, & their Lab-Work

there are like 8 or so long term zero carb eaters on this video who just chat about everything! Has just fab information, when ya get time, watch this video!!

what they say as one thing in this chat is the number 1 thing zc people do wrong…they undereat! You have to eat and eat well on zero carb, especially when first starting out…so listen up to great advice from long term people who are on plan and doing so well!




steak and butter gal has a thing to say about her personal experiences!

and be sure to watch the above vid. with the veterans of zero carb just chatting what it is like and how they walked their path on what it takes to be full carnivore!

2 good new vids posted here, take advantage everyone and watch :)!