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longer video but all about hormones for gals being zero carb and this interview is with Dr Fit and Fabulous.

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Excellent video! Thanks for posting!

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Carnivore diet myths discussed

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The TV told me I could lose weight, just by watching it! :rofl::rofl:

I posted the above while listening, couldn’t resist getting it out first, now for the edited part. I enjoyed the video, lots of familiar faces and doctors that most of us are used to seeing discussing the ketogenic woe. So happy for Jim Abrams son, who was having a dozen seizures a day, and miraculously cured them with a ketogenic diet, after 2 days of switching. Shows how ridiculous dietitians, scientists, and doctors are about curing disease with food. Thanks Kellyn for posting this!

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That Paul Mason is so smart. I had seen him talk on some of the Low Carb events, but I could never get into what he was saying because I think he was too technical for me. I saw a talk with him on another video last month, where he was one on one, answering questions, like this video, where imo he comes across much better. Even so , I still tended to daydream during some of his more technical moments, haha, but i was still able to learn that…meat good…veg’s not so good, unless you want to ferment some vege’s in your colostomy bag, or your lower intestine for that matter. haha.

If I wasn’t already in Carnivore, and I heard Paul Mason was, I would switch immediately!

Thanks Frankobear, good info here.


This is a medium read ALL ABOUT why we do zc like we do. Why we need to eat. Why we should not supplement a ton of vits/minerals/supps/and all, why we should not ‘force’ fast ever thru hunger. Why we should adhere to our meat eating plan and not jump in and out of zero carb wtih those nasty plant carbs.

Just a good read to kinda just put the zc plan into perspective for those newer wanting some info on this plan!!

Thanks for our friend Elizedge who provided this link for me!


that’s me. I need videos that talk to me in ways I find interesting, engaging, story like and sing song along, you give me dry facts and graphs of blood glucose and gynormous 32 letter words of chemical processes in action I go brain dead HAHA

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I think this answers one of the questions I had on the Slaptember thread. :smiley:


hey wow that is very cool! Posting vids we find online that support our zc lifestyle and you hit some good info that might apply, neato on that actually


this isn’t a video and it is from Nora Gedgaudas, who is more of a high fat lc paleo type person and her book was Primal Fat Burner

but I loved what she says here…just a blurb from her thoughts------just a throw out to make one think a bit-------

We seem to rationalize every indulgence with the other pseudo–wise mantra, “everything in moderation.” Why everyone silently nods their heads in reverent agreement every time they hear this phrase as though some great wisdom is being spoken is beyond me. REALLY? That’s not wisdom, that’s politics and/or wishful thinking!

How much of anything metabolically dysregulating or inflammatory or disruptive to your endocrine and immune system or even potentially autoimmune provoking do you really want to enjoy “in moderation”?

Are you really that completely healthy and symptom-free?

And if you’re lucky (or young) enough to say yes—do you really think it’s always going to be that way?

It is an almost unavoidable fact that we will all choose moments of some compromise in life, but these moments need to be chosen carefully and consciously, and compensated for as much as possible. And some compromises– especially in light of the dangerous autoimmune epidemic— should never, ever be made at all…by anyone. Case in point: gluten.

---------and she goes on but I just loved reading this little bit and thought I would post it here…I always despised that ‘everything in moderation’ statement, like it is some darn fact when it is not. Couldn’t be farther from the truth for millions of us!

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Yes, I always make sure to consume my arsenic in moderation, yessir!


HeeHee…yea me too :skull_and_crossbones:


little blurb about Why Ketones Do Not Matter on ZC

as in ‘staying in active ketosis numbers’ at all time by Dana S:


Almost everything consumable should be consumed in moderation.
And the right amount is often zero :smiley:
(I still won’t give up even my toxin, my tiny booze. I know what is worth it to me.)


:heart_eyes: yes it is LOL

moderation is subjective also…my moderation ain’t no one else’s moderation levels on anything kinda so when we say that moderation suits us all, heck no it don’t in full truth! :crazy_face:


another great vid!!


Why ZC people DO NOT FAST and we don’t do FORCED intermittent fasting…good read: remember we eventually fall into a great natural long between meals times we don’t eat, but it is natural!! We don’t force anything on our plan…we just eat when hungry, do not eat when not :slight_smile: So simple.


Boozing it up :wink:
We all know the holidays are coming and some liquor is gonna be wanted by some :sunny:

just a good fast read on ZC style drinking!!


To all of you avocado, berry eating “carnivores”, let’s get real, you are not true carnivores, you are “Dirty Carnivores”. Calling yourselves “Carnivores”, while eating a salad is confusing the newbie Hardcore Carnivores, who can’t eat salads or dark chocolate without suffering or falling into a craving abyss that sometimes lasts for months. It’s like the alcoholic drinking a light beer at an AA meeting. So not cool.

There is nothing wrong with being transparent and we are not disparaging the Dirty Carnivores at all, we wish we could be one, but we can’t. I think it is time to differentiate the diets as to avoid confusion.

read more: