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new good reads for all us zc people! :slight_smile:


“Now, I can trust my body is right. If I am hungry, I eat. I don’t worry if it’s 5,000 calories in a day (and sometimes it is). I know my body is asking because it needs it. If I am not hungry, I don’t worry about it. I know I don’t need it. If I am feeling like going out for a walk or a run, I do. If I am feeling like sitting in the yard and enjoying the sun without moving except to reach for my iced coffee, I do that instead. No guilt about being lazy. No concern about getting fat and losing my muscle. I am no longer a slave to my appetite. I would be ravenous sometimes. I couldn’t stop myself from eating. I would just eat everything I could get my hands on, trying to stop the hunger. Now, I can be hungry and wait until there’s food I want to eat (if I am out). It’s no longer an “emergency” when I get hungry.”



Borrowed from Elizedge who finds such great things to help understand zc and from a great zc advocate, Dr. Kevin Stock.[0]=AT2DoRCrqAQQqVJG4Bvz5iw2nLkviBQG6xAdnUdF9L65UpmXcXFD6H5LkcwkneqRGfjpYhLS9oVHXk-HeRaKlssRUkgh-dGTZO7jEwWNA78GUYMCFKV52NVuTCn2nDPP3QWisAxcGgNyzTkO8vaoorkr_GYdIPaEES829G_8yd-DBtC8UVtzzV99yysJw4ndonGjMB7ydDB49ezu


Not one carb is essential for life.

good fast read just showing that no carbs are ever needed in life.


another fab video I ‘borrowed’ from Elizedge cause she posts the best darn zc stuff :slight_smile: :sunny:

quick video and well worth watching!!!


another great video from Dr. Bikman


bump for VE!


having trouble posting this vid I want LOL back later


adaptive glucose sparing

keto people but great info anyway even for zc people


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This is a long but excellent video put on by a carnivore I had never heard of, Dominic Rapson. It starts out as a discussion about Dom’s journey into carnivorism, from vegan to ancestral to keto to carnivore, but then continues with questions from his dinner guest who range from beginning carnivores, to non carnivores ( I presume eating SAD or Vegan diets).

A great history lesson on meat eating from Dom who is a nutritionist and holistic coach, and I think is still a personal trainer. Most of the crowd gathered around him are body builders or exercise buffs, but some ordinary people as well.

There is a lot of what @Fangs tells us on a daily basis in here, see for yourselves.


I also never heard of him and SUPER THANKS for posting this cause I enjoyed it alot. The ending about veganism and ‘dumbing down the population with weak health’ thru the centuries and more, I sure knew that and am very happy that type of stuff is truly being ‘seen’ as a ‘real thing’ about humans and controlling populations.

I am liking him but I have to say audio on some of it is rough, those gals I could barely hear sometimes.

and I loved what that other trainer guy said…stop the ‘vanity weight loss/body’ focus and think HEALTH and once you follow that path, even if it takes time to change on a health plan, you eat and heal and all your body issues you want fixed do come your way thru health. YEA!!! I wish so many would finally get that, I did. That is why I always say, zc will drop my last lbs I want gone on its’ time, and it is even if slow but now I just let health rule the body and not ‘some diet to starve’ off lbs I can’t live with…so he made great points too.

AND SHOOT ME HERE MOO!!! What did I focus on right in the beginning, was Ian sitting next to him eating burgers, bacon, eggs and I think cheese and hopefully some fish roe and not tomatoes in that little bowl LOL but I kept watching him eat and eat and eat and now it is close to 10AM and I am starving.

I am going off and cooking my darn steak hrs early now cause watching that plate of food he inhaled…man now I want food HAHA

good post Moo! I will go check him out a bit more…nice to hear some young guns are coming in hard on carnivore and showing some real truths out there!!

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I thought it was good, a few rough moments when the dogs started yapping, and weird that the mic only seemed to work when the camera was focused on them. It was an interesting set up, usually you see a 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 interview setting, so this was a nice change, but your right about the audio so I ended up using headphones after a while to hear them better.

I felt sorry for him sitting with that food while Dom is talking and the camera on both of them. I’d feel pretty self-conscious to dig in, but he didn’t shy away once he got started. I was thinking that red stuff was Ketchup, haha, fish roe makes more sense.


yea LOL he was hesitant at first then he tucked into that big old plate and it was funny when Dominic said to put the dogs on a spit and roast them cause of the yapping :slight_smile:


bumping up for carnivore info

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“6 Pack Journey for Life” This guy is a real character, lost 42 pounds in 5 weeks on carnivore, and now “Feels Alive”.


yes quite the character for sure LOL

and I loved the way he presented in that ‘he is doing this his way’ and his ‘cheats’ I think from the beginning was ‘built in to make it work for him’ and are very minimum.

but what worries me is the cheats are EITHER a blessing or a curse. This is the key thing. While the guy eliminated down into carnivore the re-introducing back of sugar could be fatal…but that is a very very very personal attribute tho carnivore ya know. In that if you can be one of those who makes the plan work at ALL times with minimal sugar intake then ya can find a sweet spot YET MANY can never do this and that distinction has to be very noted here. Some can never go this way ya know and for me it works! We are all human and want but it is an extremely mind blowing road to sow on each of us as individuals.

I would love sugar in my life, but I can’t go there even on a weekly ‘extremely small cheat sugar level’ cause I am not him and I can’t do what he does.

BUT in the end this guy plugs extreme heavy meat based carnivore very well and it was nice to hear his friend learned heavy meat based is key also!! And fat satiates and gives us so much movement forward!

good find Moo! you rocking the vids now :sunny: but I also like that many are going way into the zc realm and figuring out our optimal health is not plant based ever, it is meat protein/fat based and that is the whole enchilada behind it for me…more success is great but at 5 weeks I shy a bit ‘on success’ to that level it comes across cause go into year 2-4-7 and come back and see what went down ya know but in the end, the intial "HOO RA’ of carnivore drags so many in but longer term they can’t make it work cause of ‘the cheats’ every now and then but ya never know, this guy could be the one that goes long term and works it out for him :wink:

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Talk about an easy interview. Give him a question and he just runs with it.

I think he seemed to touch on everything good about carnivore, bit of a salesman for sure, and likely a good motivator in the gym. That weight must have come off so quick because he works out so hard, I’m just guessing, but he had it figured out.

The half a quest bar for lunch, not for me, I’m not touching cause I know they are addictive. I could handle the pineapple rings though, but why bother cheating for that. haha. I’m with you, don’t touch it, unless you want a take a week off on a high carb free fall.

I wonder if he is still doing it today, 42 or 48 weeks whatever he had done as of the video date, like you say, not a real good test of success. I hope he is still doing well after what he went through with the potential life ending surgery. Life ending as in no gym for him.


yea this is me and I so know me LOL I wish I could do the heavy based protein/fat LC type plan but it never worked for me. I get any sugar in me I want more and more and more.

I am the same too when I see older vids and think, where are they now and did they hold plan and succeed. But with him being a big gym person and physical training seemed very important to him, it seems his diet would have been on the better side anyway ya know…from the start, so this guy could end up as a heavy meat based ‘ketovore’ type and do very well. If one can’t hold carnivore daily and make it a lifestyle plan for long term, that back up step is being a ketovore type plan and if they can hold that, it would be a wonderful plan for health for life also. But when we introduce back in sugar/plants etc. and we can’t control them even tho we think we can…ugh, nothing good comes from it :slight_smile: