Zero Carb Information Videos



new good reads for all us zc people! :slight_smile:


“Now, I can trust my body is right. If I am hungry, I eat. I don’t worry if it’s 5,000 calories in a day (and sometimes it is). I know my body is asking because it needs it. If I am not hungry, I don’t worry about it. I know I don’t need it. If I am feeling like going out for a walk or a run, I do. If I am feeling like sitting in the yard and enjoying the sun without moving except to reach for my iced coffee, I do that instead. No guilt about being lazy. No concern about getting fat and losing my muscle. I am no longer a slave to my appetite. I would be ravenous sometimes. I couldn’t stop myself from eating. I would just eat everything I could get my hands on, trying to stop the hunger. Now, I can be hungry and wait until there’s food I want to eat (if I am out). It’s no longer an “emergency” when I get hungry.”



Borrowed from Elizedge who finds such great things to help understand zc and from a great zc advocate, Dr. Kevin Stock.[0]=AT2DoRCrqAQQqVJG4Bvz5iw2nLkviBQG6xAdnUdF9L65UpmXcXFD6H5LkcwkneqRGfjpYhLS9oVHXk-HeRaKlssRUkgh-dGTZO7jEwWNA78GUYMCFKV52NVuTCn2nDPP3QWisAxcGgNyzTkO8vaoorkr_GYdIPaEES829G_8yd-DBtC8UVtzzV99yysJw4ndonGjMB7ydDB49ezu


Not one carb is essential for life.

good fast read just showing that no carbs are ever needed in life.