ZC What did you eat today?

(Steven Judd) #153

I recently rediscovered Braunschweiger, which I used to eat often as a kid. I just don’t do the toast and honey with it anymore. Tastes great!

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #154

Phew…got away with it this time…same weight as day before. Not “bad news” can be good news.

More (cold) beef rib today and the rest of the liversausage.

Also was pleasantly surprised to find my wife spontaneously tucking into the beef…she’s not normally a big meat eater. I’m trying to gently guide her towards low-carbs, or at least lower carbs. It’s a slow process, but this was a step in the right direction. :slight_smile:

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #155

Had a bit too much beef yesterday (so I thought), but: got away with it again! - actually down 0.6 lb.
Not greatly significant in itself, I know, but good news, as I’ve been bouncing around +/- a couple of pounds for over a week, and I think this may have been the lowest weight so far…“hovering” (ha ha!) just over the 200lb mark. If (when!) I get convincingly below the 200 lb mark for a week, I’ll take another “milestone” photo. (Don’t really like doing this, but I figure that if I’m going through all this, I might as well have some sort of record, in addition to my notebook). Still a long way to go though…

Finished the beef rib today, and had a plaice fillet (20% off every Friday at our local Waitrose!).
With the skin…of course. Who doesn’t like the skin? Well, my wife for one, so I get hers as well… :wink:

Tempted to get Greek Yogurt and creme fraiche tomorrow and binge out, but I fear that way lies madness. Dairy seems to be my downfall (one of them).

(Lauren Casapulla) #156

Went to Gen Korean with @goodgrrl and meat-feasted on pork belly, brisket, roast beef, and rib eye.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #157

I ate the one on the left last night

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #158

Sous vide and then hot grilled thick cut pork chops, mmmmmmm

(Alex Dipego) #159

Liver and mackerel scramble.

1lb liver with 8oz mackerel and 6 eggs cooked in butter :heart:

(Jacquie) #160

Beautiful chops! I like pork pink towards rare provided I know the source.

(AnnaLeeThal) #161

Steak sliced thin and sautéed. Salt for seasoning only.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #162

[quote=“Jacquie, post:160, topic:4913”]
I like pork pink towards rare
[/quote] Exactly @Jacquie! You describe the doneness I’m seeking, but the 140F was a mix of mostly reddish with pink mixed in, a bit too rare for me!

(Jacquie) #163

I like rare meat but pork can be tricky. Love raw beef. :heart_eyes:

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #164

Working my way there… I need to find someone that knows how to source good beef for raw consumption. I dislike medium cooked now, I prefer rare with some cuts and medium-rare with others. Someday I will have raw beed! :grinning:


Many moons ago, before my 16 years as vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian…see where this is going…I used to eat raw ground beef from the grocery store. Yeah, lucky I never got sick. :open_mouth:

(eat more) #166

i remember doing this as a kid when my mom would be making burgers…grab with fingers, salt, pop in mouth…she never let me have more than one grab :cry:

(Sascha Heid) #167

1 week ago i got 14 pounds of fresh beef from a farmer. Steaks, ground beef and liver. He slaughters once a month.
What i also get from there are fresh eggs and fresh raw milk. From another place i got homemade butter. Did you know that butter has a strong taste and a smell that fills the whole room when you fry something with it? I didn’t.
The Steaks are “thick” and require effort to cut and chew. And they have a full taste as well. They satisfy me, they make me happy.

I feel like i have been duped my whole life.
All of this stuff tastes so amazing and i feel so full of energy that i can’t wrap my head around it.
It’s not even more expensive and some things (milk and eggs) are even significantly cheaper then the stuff from the supermarket.

Please, look for local farms and try their meat, their eggs, their milk, their butter, their cheese.
You will not regret it.

(Genevieve Biggs) #168

I am suffering. Cheap strip steak dipped in egg and a mixture of pork rinds with Parmesan, fried in beef bacon grease, and topped with a touch of cheddar. How will I ever survive? :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

(Genevieve Biggs) #169

Zero Carb is not boring, difficult, or limiting. Burger, parmesan eggs, bacon, and sour cream. I whipped this in about ten minutes. And I won’t leave this meal bored or hungry. :sunglasses: #ZeroCarb #NoProteinLimit #Feast

(Charndra Pile) #170

The good part is it wasn’t the six meals every kid is being taught to eat these days! My youngest son has to​ eat 6 meals a day as he’s severely underweight, and it’s a nightmare trying to remember! Especially when I eat usually two large meals in some window, followed by fasting, oops, better feed the kids something, LOL. Nah, they remind me!

(Charndra Pile) #171

Parmesan eggs- do tell! Is it simply scramble with parmy on top?

(Mary Ann) #172

I like when a forkful represents a good representation of the animal kingdom:

egg, beef, bacon, liverwurst (obviously from the Wurst animal family). :joy: