Youtube altering Keto Information

(Richard M) #1

There is video that popped up about ERIC BERG IS SILENCED! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
You can go to YouTube a hear his complete comment.
I follow my keto/carnivore people, so hopefully I can skip the lies that youtube is trying to spread.


While that’s not surprising at all, from the handful I checked Berg is the only one complaining about it. Probably because he’s a known idiot and just copies everybody else’s videos within 24hr and people are probably flagging him left and right. Way more people can’t stand him than like him, so not really a surprise. He spends more times saying nonsense like you can eat keto and look like Dorian Yates, and then pushes his underdosed supplements.

In the end, YT can do whatever they want, it’s their platform. When you want control of something, you do it yourself, not rely on biased others to do it for you. That’s why there’s been an exodus for years from YT, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #3

Eric Berg is not the most reliable source of keto information out there, first of all. And I doubt that his keto information is what got him suspended. I can think of plenty more possible reasons for that.

(Alex ) #4

Eric Berg is not a proper doctor… he’s just another pretentious social media type pretending to be an expert.

(Doug) #5

For quite a few years, my opinion on Berg has been that he’s really just focused on spewing out videos, including considerable nonsense (even at the very best he’s just taken other people’s work and productions), and often he’s clearly just reading a script - he doesn’t know the subject. He pushes worthless ‘supplements’ and things which, even if not totally worthless, are priced ridiculously high compared to other suppliers. Behind the scenes he’s one nasty bugger - even as testified to by his son. And, he’s a Scientologist who sends huge amounts of money to that abusive organization.

For a comprehensive look, there was a good post right here:

(Michael) #6

Everyone loves Dr. Westman who fully supports Berg. I find that he supports him interesting in and of itself.

(KM) #7

I don’t particularly love Dr. Westman either. Half the time his " unpacking" (of media garbage) is a bunch of ad hominem attacks or otherwise avoids addressing the basic premise being debunked - by dancing around avoiding any hard data for the defense he makes the idiots sound right.

(Allie) #8

It means they’re realising he talks a lot of sh1t maybe? :rofl:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #9

Do you think it’s too easy to call yourself a Doctor? I don’t mind giving deserved respect if it’s been earnt.
There’s no law against calling yourself a doctor … maybe there should be?
There’s been cases in the UK of people practicing medicine and even performing surgery with no training what so ever!

(Richard M) #10

After watching the Dr. Berg video he made it sound like youtube was altering all the information on benefits of Keto/carnivore and putting in videos that tell of harmful effects of being on keto/carnivore.

(Geoffrey) #11

I’ve never watched him and don’t know anything about him but I did watch an episode of Old Guy Carnivore in which he addressed this issue. Old Guy noticed that his own viewership had dropped also but when he looked at the graphs showing trends he noticed that when the viewership was at its highest it was due to utube’s algorithm promoting his site by spreading it around to help him get his channel off the ground and running. After his channel was going good, utube stopped promoting his channel so much to sort of allow him to wing it on his own. He assumed that that may be the same case for the other guy. Old guy doesn’t believe it’s anything malicious.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #12

He’s a doctor of chiropractic. Hence the insistence on calling himself “Doctor” at every opportunity.

But it’s all linguistic snobbery, regardless. At my alma mater, all the professors were called Mr. or Ms., on the grounds that a Ph.D., like your nose, was only conspicuous by its absence. (How’s that for snobbery?)

But by and large, in the U.S. it’s only the M.D.'s who go around parading their doctorates. (Plus those who want the social status of M.D.'s.)

In Britain, surgeons to this day are still called “Mr.” or “Mrs./Miss”, even if they have medical degrees, because way back in the old days, physicians tended to be gentlemen and therefore got a special title, whereas surgeons evolved out of barbers (who did blood-letting on the side), and they tended to come from the lower classes.

Same here in the U.S. My mother actually worked at the same hospital as a guy who turned out to be an impostor.


No, gotta earn that Doctorate to pull that off, the problem is how many people have mentally linked “Dr” with physician. Berg is a real Doc, just not a physician.

THEN there’s the double-edged sword there, many of the people in our space and others who aren’t doctors (medical or otherwise) literally know way more than they do, and about a lot of stuff related to our health! Really comes to vetting people and making a call on whether they know their stuff or not.

In the end, I don’t care what your title is, titles are a result of being good at passing tests. I think Medical doctors are the only ones that for some reason in the mainstream always to be assumed that they’re good at their job. In every other profession on the planet, people are very aware that some people just really suck at their job.

(Allie) #14

He’s a chiropractor not an actual doctor.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

The story goes that one day in Heaven, God starts behaving very strangely. So Saint Peter summons the soul of Sigmud Freud to examine God. Dr. Freud and God talk for a vary long time, and finally Freud comes out and asks to talk to Saint Peter.

“Well, Dr. Freud, what have you found out?”

Freud strokes his beard and says, “It’s a very serious case. He thinks he’s a doctor!”

(KM) #16

I was a premed major in a US college not really known for its medical department, and I’d say at least a third of the people in my class were there because “MD” is a prestigious and very well compensated position. It seemed to me even though they were some of the more driven students, in the end their “calling” had very little to do with helping anyone but themselves. I was quite taken aback to realize that even back in the early 80’s, medicine was not so much about healing anyone as toeing the party line. Good girl/boy, you did what it said in the book, so if the patient died, that’s irrelevant. (Obviously at my level I had no power and no patients, but what I sensed was a whole lot of head-patting for not coloring outside the lines, and it shocked me.)

(Rosemary Easter) #17

Go onto YouTube and watch some videos by Ian Rafalko. He is Eric Bergs son and he gives out some very interesting info about him.

(Kirk Wolak) #18

Some of the Most Arrogant and Authoritarian people I have ever met are MDs.
Their arrogance in the face of being wrong is ASTOUNDING…

(Kirk Wolak) #19

Okay, so I have a nuanced view of Dr. Berg.
Being Carnivore (not by desire)… I did not like his vegetable pushing.
But Honestly, from watching his videos, I learned:

  1. He came by his knowledge honestly enough (looking to fix his health issues)
  2. He LOOKS healthy
  3. He Struggled with the advice he was given
  4. He made it look like he did a ton of research, and gave lots of details
  5. When I discovered his Scientology Bent… I was not thrilled
    But he is MORE presentable to normies than a lot of people.
    And they can follow his simplified messages.

Finally, he has a LOT of subscribers/views. So he is doing something right.

I prefer Dr. Ken Berry whom I’ve met a couple of times and he is EXACTLY who he seems to be on the videos. (Doctors are just Dudes and Chicks)

On the other hand… I have seen the effect of censorship on MANY of my feeds over time. But Bergs videos show up often enough. But maybe, like me, a lot of people stopped watching a lot of them, and therefore they are not getting boosted?

Not sure. But I do worry that Googles Parent Company is working with Big Pharma… Imagine a 90% reduction in need for Insulin?

No wonder they are pushing Veganism so hard…
They don’t want us healthy!

(Alec) #20

This. Absolutely. 100%.