Youtube altering Keto Information

(Allie) #21

Dr Ken Berry is amazing, I have much more time for him and have corresponded with him personally a few times.

(KM) #22

I’ll put Ken Berry on in the background even if I’m not exactly listening. There’s something about his voice, even when he’s being repetitive, that makes me feel reassured. I actually trust him. It’s possible he’s getting things wrong, but I truly believe he’s honest, and truly in this to share and help.

What I’m getting tired of is the preponderance of yt interviews with people who I am interested in, that are badly designed and that last 2 to 3 hours. Especially when they keep interrupting the speaker with side notes that seem to miss or truncate the point. Interrupted every 90 seconds by a commercial for junk food, and titled with a come-on clearly designed to keep you waiting endlessly on a question that may or may not even get answered.

(Richard M) #23

Totally agree. When I see a video that is over (what I think is to long )I keep moving on. And the constant interruption by the host. If you’re going to keep interrupting just interview yourself. I won’t name a names.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #24

That’s a good way to put it. I want to hear the interviewee, not the interviewer trying to impress.

The other thing that gets me in many videos is music playing while the speaker is talking, I don’t care how soft it is, I generally cannot stand it, and will move on to some other video.


I really wonder how anyone can handle it, it’s so distracting! But it’s probably individual… As you, I can’t stand it. If there is talking all the time, why the music? I can imagine and probably experienced exceptions but music usually distracts me. Even when soft, just like in your case.

(KM) #26

The music somehow makes me ultra aware that I’m listening to a Presentation, which starts to get me suspicious about what I’m being marketed. The interruptions, one of three things. 1. this person is kind of an idiot and really doesn’t understand the subject or the interviewee’s point, 2. they are intentionally steering the interviewee away from the Climax information that will end the interview, or 3. they’re really only interviewing some quasi famous person so they can get personalized info about their own situation. Yes, Dr. Chaffee, when I such and such, I find that so and so . What do you think (about ME)?