What do you think of Dr. Berg’s teachings on keto?

(Steve) #143

Sorry, but that article is just awful. Lots of misinformation, no sources sited (and they need to do a grammar and spellcheck) :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of GMO’s, but we’ve been doing “tweaking” a long time…just through cross-pollination, we’ve managed to make sure there isn’t a natural grape left on the planet (think that was 20 years ago).

LOVE this one " the use of GM bovine growth hormone" What!? Confusing the issue of GMO’s with the use of growth hormones in meat production? Yep…muddying the waters.

(Casey Crisler) #144

I like Dr. Bergs low key method of presentation. I agree with most of what he teaches although 10 million cups of salad a day is a little too much for me. I would love to listen to Dr. Fung more often but I can’t get past his saying “right” after every sentence. It’s like saying “you know.” I wish someone would mention that to him.

(Aimee Moisa) #145

Ah great! I didn’t notice that before and now that’s all I’m going to hear! LOL

(Casey Crisler) #146

I know. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Once you hear it… but he really needs to lose that as a pro speaker.

(Aimee Moisa) #147

As I said before, I like how he calls people stupid. LOL

(Sharon) #148

This is going to be quite critical. The more one gets to know him, to “see behind the curtain,” the less one will like him. Apologies for a long post.

Absolutely. The Scientology “mission” had the same address for a long time. Many complaints included attempts at coercing patients into joining Scientology. There were also complaints from the staff of the “Health and Wellness Center” about improper attempts to have them promote the same agenda. A member of my family went to Berg’s “Center” and was pressured towards Scientology, as well as pressured to spend over $1000 on treatment that is simply ludicrous. More about that later.

Berg does not do peer-reviewed work, he takes other people’s stuff and spams out a lot of videos, sometimes stating falsehoods or half-truths, or severe inaccuracies. At times, he does not even pay attention to what he is saying. The “supplements” he tries to sell are a mixture of horribly over-priced substances, things of dubious value, and things of zero value.

Berg cherry-picks the case where that one man did spam a lot, trying to mess with Berg. The man was mad because a member of the man’s family had gone to Berg as a prospective patient with health issues, whereupon Berg pressured them to join Scientology, with a lot of bad consequences that ensued.

Berg’s explanation of the VA Board of Medicine reprimand and fining of Berg is mostly nonsense, a red herring. Berg mentions CRA, NAET, and ACG. Nothing about “BRT.”

“The “Body Restoration Technique,” (“BRT”), a procedure whereby vials of distilled water containing homeopathic imprints are held over certain designated organs or body parts while the practitioner applies tactile pressure by tapping or rubbing accupressure points, allegedly to assist in restoring hormone balance and to address other symptoms.”

This is total quackery, and the Board of Medicine rightly took issue with it. For a while, Berg ran the “BRT Training Center.”

Eric Berg BRT Training Center - 4613 Pinecrest Office Park Dr, Alexandria, VA 22312
Church of Scientology Mission of Alexandria - 4613 Pinecrest Office Park Dr, Alexandria, VA 22312

http://www.casewatch.net/board/chiro/berg.shtml - disciplinary action. Was lucky to keep his Chiropractic license.

All of this can be validated and expanded upon. There are Better Business Bureau complaints against Berg and his clinic. There are Yelp reviews of the clinic.

http://www.doctorscorecard.com/ - this website appears to be not working now. A shame, because the patient and staff comments were invaluable.

For the member of my family, Berg also pushed the " Scientology Purification Rundown" - another example of sheer nutty quackery.

Numerous chiropractors are fronts for Scientology. That may sound crazy, paranoid, etc., but the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued for them violating federal law by requiring employees to attend courses that involved Scientology religious practices.

Scientology has convictions against it for fraud, conspiracy, criminal association, breaking and entering, stealing U.S. gov’t documents, espionage against the Ontario, Canada gov’t, libel, theft, interfering with witnesses, and breach of the public trust, among others.

Scientology is horrifyingly abusive to many people. It’s an amazing tale, how this insanity came to be.

About 70 years ago, at a science-fiction writer’s club, L. Ron Hubbard complained about low pay, a penny per word. Lester del Rey made a joke about “create a religion because it will be tax-free.” Other sci-fi writers joined in, laughing and adding their ideas about what the new “church” would be, and about how many people will believe even the most stupid thing.

From the discussion, Hubbard wrote a story, ‘Dianetics: A New Science of the Mind’, which was published in March, 1950, in the ‘pulp’ magazine, ‘Astounding Science Fiction’. Somehow, it caught on as an actual religion… Are people that stupid? Yes they are.

Good sources for information about Scientology:


List of documentaries: https://www.ranker.com/list/best-documentaries-about-scientology/ranker-film

https://tonyortega.org/2016/08/08/whale-watching-update-your-2016-mid-year-guide-to-whos-propping-up-scientology/ - scroll down about one-fifth of the way. Karen & Eric Berg have given $250,000.00 to the International Association of Scientologists.

What do I think of Berg? Some of the things he has done are unforgiveable. Or, just “UGH…”

Dr Berg or Dr Berry?
Fixing Broken Metabolism - Dr. Berg
Youtube altering Keto Information
(Aimee Moisa) #149

But you have to admit, his video are really good to help you fall asleep.

(Sharon) #150

Perhaps so.

(Randy) #151

His wife seems nice. :heart_eyes:

(Tony Phillips) #152

I like him. Yes, he sells a lot of supplements, but no one is forcing us to buy them. He’s a likable guy and I think he helps a lot of people.

(Becky) #153

Preketo, my doctor had told me I was going to die if I didn’t lose weight. I shrugged because I knew she was right. I also knew I couldn’t eat another bite of lettuce.

When she continued to read my lab reports to me, explaining how dangerously high each indicator was, my sense of hopelessness and despair increased, because more than once I had eaten 1/2 lb of veggies with every meal, only to fail again.

Finally, I said what I was thinking. “I’m going to die, because I cannot eat another bite of salad!”

“What if I told you, you could lose weight eating bacon, eggs, and steak and never eat a vegetable again?”, she asked.

I reversed my fatty liver, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and bad knees with keto and less than a cup (if that) of veggies a day. So my n =1 is fat and meat cures!

His 10 cups of vegetables a day video was the last of his I watched. I know I am not the only desperately fat person out there who had been brainwashed that vegetables are the answer.

(Karl) #154

That’s a lot of supplement sales… yeesh.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #155

You have a very cool doctor. I wish they all were like that. Mine is CICO. But then again, he really doesn’t care what I eat, as long as I get my triglycerides down.

(Linda) #156

He lost me on all that fiber. My stomach hates fiber. My bowels hate fiber. What may be good for one person might be horrible for another.

(Omar) #157

my colon is sandpapered by any fiber.

The main stream medical establishment promote fiber as a way for healthy colon. many fiber supplements are sold under the name colon care are literally sandpaper from my colon point of view.

(Omar) #158

So our standards for a decent doctor is a doctor who does not sell supplements or for that sake does not make any income from the service he is providing.

and maybe a doctor that his advice will work for all people.

I ask my self one simple question

Did Dr Berg adds value or not?

This is how I am judging him.

(Keto Victory) #159

Hmm. To my feeble mind, Dr. Berg does not seem to be in Dr. Mercola’s league. Mercola’s book was pretty good…

(Shayne) #160

I can see your point. I have at least three of Dr. Mercola’s books on my shelf at the moment and would not buy anything written by Dr. Berg. I didn’t mean it from that perspective.

I meant it from a motivational perspective. They both want to help people but they both also need to make a living (just like everyone else), so the fact that they have something to sell isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Why am I not surprised by this, glad my spidey senses are in check.

(Brian) #162

Not really surprised at some of the more in-depth negative. Kinda figured he was more into “business” than health. The keto thing is his pathway to $$.

He hasn’t gotten a dime outta me, unless he somehow gets something for my clicking on a few of his YouTube videos, I don’t know how that works. (Haven’t actually watched one for months anyway.)

Many years ago, I got into commodities trading. I found a guru named Ken Roberts. And he thought he was all that and a bag of potato chips being the “world’s best commodities trader”. (He wasn’t, and what he taught wasn’t of much value.) Well, he did get me interested. He did get me started. He did teach me just a few things for way more money than they were worth. He taught me some wrong things that I had to later unlearn, too, but no matter how I look at it, he was what got me started. I ended up with a Series 3 brokers license and got a lot of experience analyzing futures markets, but that was way, way, way on down the road from ol’ Ken being left behind.

Dr. Berg is kinda my Ken Roberts of the keto world. He got me started. And then I got acquainted with the likes of a whole bunch of keto types… Hallberg, Naiman, Cummins, Feldman, Westman, Phinney, Fung, and quite a few others… who have continued to enlighten me to the keto lifestyle, not to mention a fine forum like this one where we can interact with others who are on the same journey.

Whether Berg is a sheister or not, I’m here. I feel like I’ve graduated to bigger and better things.