Your dogs - let's see them


(Jane) #1092

Surveying her territory (the meadow). The bench was for Katy to get up there when she was a kitten and now Ella uses it to lean on so she can see out.

(Jane) #1093

Happy girl with her frisbee

(Allie) #1094

First birthday next week… gone so quick.
I’ll need a bigger car soon :joy:

(Marianne) #1095

We had a dobie who used to smile. It was adorable!

(Stephanie ) #1096

My fur babies, spoiled and naughty!

(UsedToBeT2D) #1098

My beagles are getting fat on two meals a day, and they get lots of exercise. Should I restrict them to one meal a day, or make the fast every other day?

(Stephanie ) #1099

I wouldn’t make them fast at all. Maybe reduce their portion size but dont with hold food from them.