Your dogs - let's see them


(Jane) #1092

Surveying her territory (the meadow). The bench was for Katy to get up there when she was a kitten and now Ella uses it to lean on so she can see out.

(Jane) #1093

Happy girl with her frisbee

(Allie) #1094

First birthday next week… gone so quick.
I’ll need a bigger car soon :joy:

(Marianne) #1095

We had a dobie who used to smile. It was adorable!

(Stephanie ) #1096

My fur babies, spoiled and naughty!

(UsedToBeT2D) #1098

My beagles are getting fat on two meals a day, and they get lots of exercise. Should I restrict them to one meal a day, or make the fast every other day?

(Stephanie ) #1099

I wouldn’t make them fast at all. Maybe reduce their portion size but dont with hold food from them.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #1100

Finally, open for business:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #1101

(John) #1102

My best friend.

(Allie) #1103

@Jesty if you do a search of the forum you’ll meet my Chunk. Lost him August 7th 2020, one week short of his 10th birthday.

(John) #1104

Shame. Sorry to hear that. It is always such a heartbreak.
Mia lost her sister last September. Her sister used to be my shadow, but now Mia has taken over that role.


kiddo and dog, can’t separate them :slight_smile:

(Allie) #1106

They’re amazing dogs and certainly do not deserve their bad reputation.

(Robin) #1107

Paul Petersen Wonder Dog & Love of My life

(Robin) #1108

@Shortstuff @Jesty I have never met a Rottie who wasn’t a sweetheart.

(John) #1109

Me neither. They are so loyal, clever, and have a great sense of humor.

Will post photos of some of my other children tomorrow.

(Allie) #1110

Bertie is now eighteen months old and seems to have stopped growing, thankfully. He’s 49kg.

image image image

(John) #1111

Just a light weight then!!:joy::joy:

(Allie) #1112

Still growing, slowly now thankfully, just filling out. He was 40kg the day he was six months old so seemed set to reach about 80kg which I’ll admit I’m glad doesn’t seem likely now :joy:
He’s solid muscle, Chunk was 50kg but rather overweight :slight_smile: