Your dogs - let's see them


(Heather Meyer) #1071

Thanks yall. She really is! When shes not in a land shark mood. Poor girl is teething right now so everything looks edible.

(Allie) #1072

Frozen chicken wings or feet are amazing for teething. Some like frozen carrots too.


Our pups loved when we gave them cold Carrots when they were teething. Though you can expect to get some shredding at times, since they didn’t always eat them. :smile: We also had hardwood floors at the time we had Kito and Khaleesi as pups, so the Wife actually has a lot of their teeth they dropped.

(Virginia ) #1074

But, their favorite was cold celery when they were teething.

(Heather Meyer) #1075

Yah we are doing the frozen carrot thing which she LOVES but of course it doesnt take her long to gnaw down. We have hardwood floors thankfully so its easy clean-up

(Heather Meyer) #1076

Yah, this girl wont touch celery. She hates it sadly.

(Heather Meyer) #1077

never even thought about frozen meat!

(Virginia ) #1078

Try spreading a little peanut butter on it. :slight_smile:

(Heather Meyer) #1079


(Virginia ) #1080

So sorry for your lost, she beautiful.

(Virginia ) #1081

Haven’t posted any pictures in a while of our fur-babies. Khaleesi (white and tan) 87.5 pounds, Shelby (black, white and gray) 101 pounds

(MavisArthur) #1082

Hubba, hubba. They’re gorgeous.

(Virginia ) #1083

Thank you so much.

(Virginia ) #1084

Here is our fur-baby Kito, we lost to Kidney failure 16 months ago. Miss him so much. He had those cute, floppy ears for a long time…he was 5 before his ears started standing up. Beautiful either way.

(Jane) #1085

When she decides to lay across the doorway she can be hard to step over!

(Virginia ) #1086

She is beautiful. How old is she now?

(Jane) #1087

She will be 2 in late October. She has a real sweet doggie grin but most pics I have of her she looks so solemn. I need to snap a pic after she has been running and barking in the meadow - that always puts a grin on her face!

(Virginia ) #1088

Wow, already. Time goes by so quick.

Lol… I can actually picture her with a grin on here face while she is running around playing…lol

(Marianne) #1089

What an adorable angel!

(Jane) #1091

Ok, not her full doggie grin yet, but caught a half smile. When she is grinning she is moving, so hard to catch with my iPhone.

Here she is NOT.MOVING