Your dogs - let's see them


(Ashley) #1113

(Robin) #1114

Love love

(Robin) #1115

Would pay to hug.

(John) #1116

Just how my sisters would always react.

(John) #1117

The three Musketeers.
Our first children when I moved from London to South Africa.

Left to right, Rut ( pronounced Rit - Afrikaans for Ruth), her sister Lisa, and Luke as a puppy.
Luke was the cleverest dog I have ever known with a huge vocabulary of understanding.
Always smiling the three of them, and never once fought each other. They loved each other as well as us.

(John) #1118

Luke when a bit older, sitting on HIS step in HIS pool!!

(Robin) #1119

@Jesty… what lovelies! And love the video. We only have one dog, but he gets jealous if we hug or snuggle.

(Allie) #1120

We have just been to the vets for worm meds, then to a store to get Bertie’s sweeties, and finally on to the pet store to get Bertie’s dinners for the month.

(Robin) #1121

Good mama! Happy doggo!

(John) #1122

He looks like another backseat driver!!:joy::joy:

(UsedToBeT2D) #1123

Next to my wife, these are my two best girls.


2 yo Billie loves a summer beach run

(Robin) #1125

Sweet faces!


Hobbs, our 2 year old Golden Doodle at his 2nd birthday party


(Robin) #1127

My daughter has a much older golden doodle, Topsy. He is a dear sweet thing.

(John) #1128

Another hot one here today!

(Robin) #1129

A bathing beauty!!!

(Robin) #1130

(Ronnie) #1131

A younger Carly, my 4.3 Doberdor (half chocalte brown Doberman and half chocolate brown Labrador).

Even younger pics of her and bros and sisters:

Then, at 7 weeks home with me:

Sleeping on my couch!
She’s a pretty pup, very strong (35 kilos), takes me for a walk as opposed the opposie, very loyal, and quite a character tbh. :slight_smile:

(Ronnie) #1132

The lazy keto pupper.

On my couch! i give up.