Your dogs - let's see them


(Marianne) #969

My husband and I actually preferred it over Vikings.

(Jane) #970


(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #971

Look how big she’s gotten!

(Jane) #972

She’s only 9 months old so may grow some more… :flushed:

(Bunny) #973

My 20 year old dachshund Doni, just took this now! Doni is a rescue dog! These dogs live forever, no joke!

(Ashley) #974

She’s so big now :heart_eyes:

(Ashley) #975

Very cute old lady!


My companion drinks bone broth and also gets some bacon grease over her food. Look at the results in her shiny fur:

(Jane) #977

My spoiled brat licks the yogurt spoon every evening as we give our chickens a bowl of yogurt to coax into the coop. Plus it replaces the calcium from egg-laying.

(Jane) #978

I’ve been buying cheap pork and chicken to cook, shred and feed to my pup. A bit of work but worth it to give her quality food.

(Jane) #979

She is gorgeous!

My bacon budget has increased a bit because now I have to fry 5 strips instead of 4 LOL. She gets a bite when we sit down to eat and then has to wait patiently (no begging at the table) for the rest when we are finished eating.


Mine gulps down her food, so the vet suggested adding a little water. Well, I added bone broth instead, plus a little bacon grease. I reduced her kibble serving slightly. She also gets odd meat scraps and leftovers in her dinner. She is thriving on this, almost 5 years old and still super shiny fur. If It wasn’t so expensive and work intensive, I would feed a raw diet. But for a Great Dane - she eats more than me. So, it is what it is, and it works very well for her. There is no end to her energy.

(Wendy) #981

Just Beautiful! I remember your pictures when she was just a Pup! Time moves too fast!:grinning:


She is 4 months old now.

(Virginia ) #983

Today is my beautiful fur-baby’s 10th birthday. She is so spoiled and very sweet.Happy Birthday Shelby, mommy loves you. :heart:

(Virginia ) #984

Oh my goodness, Ella is growing so fast. She is beautiful. :slight_smile:


Lost puppy! 3 months ago I was posting about my Labrador puppy Billie. I seem to have lost her. I keep asking a large black dog that follows me around, if she has seen a puppy anywhere? She does that head tilt, “What are you talking about?” thing that dogs do.

(Doug) #986

My dad’s dog, Charlie. It’s a small farm at the end of a road, literally “the last house on the left.” Charlie is the latest of 20 or 25 dogs that found their way there, or were deposited in the surrounding area, over the past 48 years.

(Robin) #987

Oh Sweet Ginger, a larger version of our Paul. He’s nine and still spry. We can’t even think about losing him.A6E5F1D9-0362-4E44-95D4-31B9ECABD7E7

(Marianne) #988

Oh, hi honey!!! Who made you!? (i.e., what is he?). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::laughing: Whatever the breed or mix, he’s adorable!!!

After we lost Ginger, we adopted Petey, an 8-year old chihuaha (sp?, not looking it up) :laughing:. He is a total sweetie, and gets along so well with Bambi, our frenchie we adopted.