Your dogs - let's see them


(Marianne) #949

Honey, you don’t look a day over two!


(Kristen Ann) #950

I camp for work in the spring/summer. I’m 7 weeks into my field season and we still haven’t figured out the sleeping arrangements…

(Ashley) #951

What kinda cake does she have there? :thinking:


Osso buco :slight_smile:

(Marianne) #953

Looks perfect to me! :innocent:

(Kristen Ann) #954

I think he (doggo) would agree…

(shawnkuplin) #955

(shawnkuplin) #956

Mr Crowley and Aethelwulf

(Jane) #957




(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #959



My latest health improvement technology device - black Labador (she is 10 weeks old)


Hey there cutie :slight_smile: labs are awesome :slight_smile:

(Shelly C) #962

This is my pekingese/longhair chiahuahua. Her name is Princess Molly. She is 13 years old and I have had her since she was 7 weeks.

(Paulene ) #963

He is lovely. We are 9 weeks in and he is only just starting to relax. Webought him a thunder vest to reduce anxiety when we take him out. We put the vest on and he went from pacing back and forward on the back seat to laying down calmly. We have started giving him vitamins as well, including VB. This weekend was the first time he came and greeted me at my car. Usually he circles nervously (despite happily sharing my bed on occasions :smirk:). So, we are getting there slowly.

(Marianne) #964


(Marianne) #965

That is so heartwarming. Only going to get better. I don’t remember what I’ve posted (:roll_eyes:), but I read a diagram from a rescue that said it takes about three months for a rescue dog to get used to a forever home. It’s just routine and consistency.

We adopted “Petey” (b/w Chi), on March 14, 2020, after our beloved Ginger passed. It’s been a little over three months that we’ve had him. I notice just recently how comfortable and relaxed he is in our home now. He seemed to take to us and his new environment immediately and was happy, however, it’s just little things he does now where I know he is feels totally relaxed and that this isn’t going to change for him.:grin:

(Marianne) #966

Are you watching The Last Kingdom? (Aethelwulf) Great show!

(shawnkuplin) #967

No. I haven’t heard of it. I’ll check it out. Actually, my husband was thinking of it after watching Vikings. It means “Noble Wolf”. It was his turn. I picked Mr Crowley from the Ozzy song.

(Wendy) #968

They make me SMILE!!:heart: