Your dogs - let's see them


(Amy) #989

This is Daisy. According to Google pics, she’s a chiweenie!

(Robin) #990

Winner! That’s a GREAT smile and pose!

(Robin) #991

Think they’re related?

(Marianne) #992

Adorable!!! :sob:

(Joan McLaughlin) #993

This is Hank the Old Tyme Bulldog - also the laziest pup in England!

(Robin) #994

Does he make those wonderful snorty sounds and wheezies? I love an adorable flat face dog, and wrinkles are the icing on top!

(Robin) #995

Seriously, Jeff photographs him all day long.

(Marianne) #996

I get it. I must have thousands of pictures of our dogs on my phone. :laughing:

(Robin) #997

All of my grandpa’s dogs arrived the same way. I always thought, how terrible and how wonderful! They were such good dogs and my grandpa adored them all. Liked the Pied Piper, he always had a bunch of dogs following him everywhere he went.

(Robin) #998

THAT is one glorious regal looking dog! What a face!

(Robin) #999

Beautiful photo, beautiful dog.


Is feeling very sorry for himself at the moment. Sliced his pad up pretty bad this morning and thinks he needs all the cookies to make it better now…

(Allie) #1001

(Virginia ) #1002

Thank you so much. :slight_smile: She is one out of two of our fur-babies, she has a sister name Khaleesi. We did have a 3rd fur-baby, their brother Kito, but we had to have him euthanize back in March because he was sick, he had Kidney Failure, he held in there since about Oct-Nov… but it got to be to much for him. Miss him so much. They are very spoiled and very loved. I’m sure you will come across some more pictures on here of the 3. My husband @Digital_Dave has also posted pics too.

(Robin) #1003

The many faces of Paul Petersen, wonder dog.

(Marianne) #1004

Is the first picture a portrait? Did your husband do that? Very beautiful!

Paul is adorable! I love his beard. :hugs:

(Robin) #1005

My husband is THE actual photographer, but I took these. I used a filter on the first one to make it look like a painting. In fact, I think the effect was called Painterly. I love that photo so much, his nose in all it’s glory. I have that one on the wall. (We had his beard trimmed recently and regret it. So he’s growing it back.)

(Joan McLaughlin) #1007

He definitely makes lots of snorts and grunts! Luckily he doesn’t wheeze too much as his breed is trying to reverse a lot of damage done by over breeding Bulldogs so their faces are too flat and they can’t breathe. His snout is longer than an English Bulldog so he doesn’t have any of the raspatory problems and is much healthier :smile:

(Polly) #1008

@Shortstuff Allie, how is that puppy of yours doing?

(Allie) #1009

@Polly1 not great… he has x-rays tomorrow as vet thinks he has elbow dysplasia. He’s grown very big very quickly and it seems to have caused some problems for him :pensive: