You Bacon MeCrazy- how much bacon do you eat?


(Troy) #1

Time for some more fun😄

[Eggs ](How many eggs do you eat?

  1. per day

  2. per week

  3. per month

You can go by slices, ounces, lbs, or grams

No rules🙂

All Bacon Puns are welcome
Just be ration - al


Today’s game is Brought to by Swift Co.
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“ Think Lean “

(Allie) #2

This may not make me popular, but… I can take it or leave it and often go without for weeks at a time…


I am also not a huge bacon eater. Maybe once a week when I am making weekend breakfast.

(Cindy) #4

I love bacon. :slight_smile: Haven’t eaten much of it for years since, you know…FAT! LOL Plus, hubby can’t stand the smell of it cooking. So when I started keto, I decided that it’d be my treat to make up for not eating sweet stuff. I cook a package of it one day while hubby is at work, then have it available for the week.

Some days, I’ll eat 2 or 3 slices. Sometimes I’ll go days without. Just depends on when I want it.

(Carl Keller) #5



Too much bun :wink:

(Carl Keller) #8

The bun is merely a clamp to hold things in place until I am ready to eat it. :wink:

(Bob M) #9

I’m with Allie. I used to eat a lot of bacon, but have moved to less fat, higher protein. So, I rarely eat bacon now, though I do enjoy it when I do.

(Queen of Random) #11

Three slices a day.

(Mike W.) #12

Like many others I used to eat it by the pound. About 6 good thick slices does me now.

(Natasha) #13

14 slices (one pack) of streaky a week… mmmmmm!

(Brennan) #14

3-6 slices per meal when I do have it, typically breakfast with 3-4 XL free run scrambled eggs!

Probably 1 lbs a week when I’m not fasting.

What kind of Monster do you live with!?!? Lol

(Cindy) #15

Yes, I know, right? Never met anyone else who didn’t like the smell. And it’s not just a minor dislike…he says it’s like someone else smelling vomit. It’s that strongly offensive to him.

(Daisy) #16

Last week during my second egg feast, I made it a bacon and egg feast. However, after the first day, it sent me sprinting to the bathroom after each meal. I haven’t had any since Thursday. Not true, I had it in my green beans Friday and Saturday. I’ve been fasting (water, then broth and fat) since Sunday afternoon, but I’m going to have steak and salad in about an hour and I’ll have bacon in my salad. I don’t eat it every day but I put it in a lot of my food.

(Chris - @carnivoremuscle) #17

How much bacon do you eat?


(Ken) #18

I’ve been buying by the five pound box lately. I got a deal on sliced smoked turkey in bulk, so I’ve been eating a lot of bacon, turkey, and avocado lettuce wraps.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #19

I eat one of these and one pack of sliced “pretty” bacon a week. Four lbs total.


(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #20

Every Saturday in my house it goes like this, Housemate: Are you going to prep bacon today? Me: You know I am, I do it every Saturday. Him: eye roll, huff. Me: I bought tomatoes, I’ll make you a BLT.

But I still have to open all the doors and windows so he doesn’t have a fit about the odor.

(Laura) #21

This week, bacon is on the dinner menu. So 3 lbs spread over 6 meals. About 3 or 4 slices per day. With 3 scrambled eggs and cheese, with sour cream and guac on the side.

I haven’t had it for awhile, so it is a treat this week.

I don’t like the smell after cooking. It permeates the whole house. While cooking, it smells good.

(Kathleen Rose) #22

I eat two eggs scrambled in butter, 5 slices of bacon and an avocado every day at noon. Sooooo good!