You Bacon MeCrazy- how much bacon do you eat?


(Kathleen Rose) #22

I eat two eggs scrambled in butter, 5 slices of bacon and an avocado every day at noon. Sooooo good!

(Karen) #23

Three slices per day. But sometimes I use bacon fat to sauté in.


You lost me at avocado

(Doug) #25

Right on, Marie. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got a pound of “Bacon Ends” at Trader Joe’s and ate it in one day - cooked it all but couldn’t quite get through it right away; had to wait about an hour.

Slab bacon. Haven’t had it yet but Restaurant Depot has hickory-smoked rindless slabs for $3.59/$3.41 per pound, depending on how much you buy. I can see slicing it really thick.

(Amanda) #26

I completely agree. However this never stops me from having bacon!

(Ketopia Court Jester) #27

You rang?

(Doug) #28

‘Gnarly’ bacon ends.

I work “on the road” most of the time, and eat hotel “continental breakfasts” (which is a buffet breakfast in the U.S.) often. So tired of sausage patties - have had more than enough for 3 lifetimes. Sausage links can be good or bad… Bacon is the best. Sometimes it’s almost paper thin, other times it’s actually pretty good. I’ve had it be too crisp, but never too undercooked.

You usually get scrambled eggs, too. I load one half of a plate with the eggs, and the other half with bacon. Might be 10 strips if it’s fairly thick and not too crispy, or it might be 40 if it’s so thin and crisp that it’s almost imaginary.

(Dave) #29

I’d eat more if I had another kitchen outside…

(Rosemary Easter) #30

After being vegetarian for 30 years to be able to eat bacon was fantastic! I have now been doing keto for 1 year 3 months and eat bacon:

  1. 2 per day
  2. 15 per week - 3 on Sunday
  3. That would be about 60 per month - rashers that is.

(Diane) #31

Around a pound every other week; sometimes less (fasting), sometimes more (if I have time to cook real breakfasts more often).

(Steve May) #32

Bacon and eggs every day for breakfast. 2 or 3 slices of bacon, fry some chopped onions and jalapenos in the bacon fat for flavor, stir up 3 eggs with some cream and pour it into the pan and, when the whole thing is done, drop some grated cheese on top.

We get our bacon at the local butcher shop - they can slice it a bit thicker. He makes his own double smoked bacon which is excellent.

Unless I am away from home, this has been my breakfast every day for the past year and a half. Since starting Keto, I am rarely hungry so may not eat breakfast until well after noon.

(connie balint) #33

I do it in the air fryer.Not so much smell or grease all over everything

(Not a cow) #34

When I bring home the bacon, I just buy more bacon !


I do it in the oven so it’s not all over the stove top. But it still smells up the house.

(connie balint) #36

my mom swears by the oven

(Jon Borgen) #37

I actually make my own. I usually buy a 10lb slab at Costco and then rub it down with some Coarse Kosher Salt, Black pepper and Golden Monkfruit and then vacuum seal it and let it cure for a week. Then I smoke it low and slow at 200 with Applewood for 3-4 hours until it comes to temp (160) and then I’ll sloce it all up and cook it as desired. I especially love melting some coconut oil and 100% Cacao with some Erythritol and making chocolate covered bacon. Mmmmm

(Troy) #38

Sounds :yum:


Around a lb of thick cut a week, just for breakfast. More added in here and there.


With a meal, I like around six thick cut slices. If my daughter is sat nearby, I’m lucky if I get about half of those slices, though.

(John) #41

Between 1/2 and 1 pound a week. I like eggs and bacon for breakfast, so I tend to have that or some variant of it about 5 days a week. 2 or 3 strips of bacon.