Worst cold and cough since carnivore

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I have a long history with magnesium, which I won’t completely go into, but when I am deficient in magnesium I develop restless legs and heart palpitations. If I get really deficient, I also get some anxiety. I need to supplement about 500 mg a day. If I get lazy and stop supplementing, the symptoms return.

I read a book years ago called The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean. It was all about how important magnesium is to the body and all the problems that can develop due to deficiency. You may want to give it a read. I like her first edition better. In the second edition she really pushes her ReMag supplement. That gets a little annoying, but the information is still sound.


It seems Fangsy is not around. So, I’ll just say that raw honey, especially Manuka honey, is an animal-based medicinal food stuff allowable for some carnivores when they have a cold. But by me writing honey, the alarms have gone off at keto HQ. But I’d say that if someone is eating carnivore and they have 20g of carbs in their keto bank at the end of the day, 5g of Manuka honey is only 4.2g of carbs. So, a teaspoon of honey at bedtime is OK, based on technicalities. Dissolve it in some hot water. Uh, oh, the alarms have gone off at Carnivore HQ because honey is not carnivore? Pah-shaw. I better skedaddle. Man-colds are serious stuff. Hope you are well recovered by the time you read this.

And this:

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Interesting. I sometimes have my toes get twisted when it gets cold at night. and sometimes on rare occasions thigh cramps and twitching eyes. im curious to see if the magnesium glycinate would help. i just ordered some today. im interested to experiment it out.

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I see. i have tried some other type of organic honey once but my arthritis popped back up the next day. i havent tried manuka honey. cause here in france its insanely expensive for a tiny bottle. so i thought maybe ill just save the money for rib-eyes and steaks. those are expensive as it is.

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I don’t preach keto or carnivore - basically I don’t care what anyone else eats, only what I eat. I do, however think honey is just bee food and few eat it for the ‘medicinal’ effects, whatever they are. As a topical antiseptic it may have its uses. Ingested, not so much.

See above for my discovery of how to assist/fortify your immune system to fend off respiratory virus and bacterial infections. (Hint: camphor vapor) Much more useful than a teaspoon of honey at bedtime. It has made my life much more enjoyable and healthy year-round. Didn’t the Egyptians use honey for embalming really important people?

Embalming with honey
Embalming was used in Old Kingdom
Embalming in the Old Kingdom of Pharaonic Egypt
Ancient materials: analysis of a pharaonic embalming tar

PS: Honey Exception: brewing mead and braggot. :beer:




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I don’t get cramps from low magnesium, although that is one of the symptoms of Mg deficiency. I do get muscle cramps from low sodium.

Please let us know if you notice anything.

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You may need to go ahead and relax your carb count until your weight stabilizes, then figure out where to set your limits. I know folks who eat 50G of carb, bout mostly stay in the keto boundaries. They had also lost too much weight with below 20g. They still do keto but have personalized it for their needs. You do you. You got this!

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I can almost guarantee that magnesium before bed will help with the cramps. Add some salt for good measure…

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im not sure against eating carbs. its just that i dont have any knowledge of which carbs dont bring back my arthritis pains. cause any forms of sugar does it. so technically im at zero carbs. maybe there are some in eggs but those do not appear to be enough though.

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i just ordered the glycinate version but it comes in pill form. here in france, they have the sel de guerrande. Since its local, its not as expensive. so ill combine the two

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sodium is a tricky one. i think to my self that i have alot. but maybe im not having as much as i need.


remember also the few carbs in eggs, or the few carbs in some seafood or even liver etc. is ‘wrapped in meaty protein goodness’ which feeds your body…the carbs in plant matter come along with alot of plant toxin baggage for many of us so we do best in a zero carb eating situation.

Zero carb plan meant ‘zero carbs from plants’ so that is how it got its name kinda, doesn’t mean we don’t eat a few meaty carbs, but they don’t count cause of all the good the protein and fat give us vs. what bringing plant carbs back would give us. Plants can effect joints horribly, plants can upset our gut systems and more, many of us are off plants for a reason :slight_smile: hence we went carnivore :slight_smile:

Only way you can walk backward is one veggie at a time. Try some and see. If bad reactions you know it is not for you. If you add back some veg and you do ok, maybe just stay on it for a bit and see if it ‘builds up in your system’ to nail your joints and such with more eating of it you do but only that ‘very slow add back, wait and see’ type experiments works and it kinda is a pain to do. But you have options if you choose to take them.

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I don’t eat carnivore, just plain keto. If you’re struggling to avoid losing weight/fat my advice is just eat more. NOT more carbs - I think that’s misguided advice. By trial and error I discovered my ‘caloric window’ for maintenance. I don’t experience normal hunger nor satiety, but if I eat to stay within that window and my macros I’m good. I’ve managed to stay at 144-5 pounds for 4+ years. I have eaten sub-15 grams of carbs per day since starting keto in Jan 2017.

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I tried carnivore to see if it helped me with joint trouble. My joint trouble is not nearly as serious as yours. I also don’t seem to be a sensitive to plant food as you. My joints definitely improved on carnivore. When I ended my trial and started reintroducing plant foods, there were some foods that would give me achiness the next day, so were obviously a no-go. But I think there were others that weren’t so obvious. By three months post carnivore trial, my joint trouble was coming back. By then I had reintroduced a number of foods, so I don’t know which ones caused the trouble. I think the affect was cumulative like @Fangs mentioned. I went back to carnivore, so I could restore my joints and begin the reintroduction once again. It is definitely a long term process. It took several months for my joints to recover.


That was a really good post VE cause you are truly walking ‘the trial of it all’ that suits you and you are finding real body truths about you…but you are a special one VE in that you truly are doing the work to know. You are putting in the real time and effort and your body is ‘showing you a path’ that in the end, will be ALL you and a good you, but it sure takes alot of time, time which many will never commit. But what you said is SO true. You have to put in the work 1000% along with the time and you are truly almost a unicorn doing this work, most ever will not do your path to help themselves.

So I sure send tons of kudos to you on being that experiment and telling what is happening for you and putting that out there. Fast draw, fast turnaround, fast anything about carnivore is not a thing at all, it is not that type of plan ever cause the time involved to ‘find ourselves’ by eliminating first and that even has to be a long commitment :slight_smile: and then giving that year of adding back and again, finding you thru it all.

I really love your journey VE and appreciate you share it out here! I am a fan of your posts :sunny:

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Awww, I’m blushing. Thanks. I could definitely say the same about you. :heart_eyes:

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Yes. I dont what its really doing but im just going with it. I tried experimeting on brocolli, lemon, raspberry, mango, lettuce on seperate occasions. Each one led to some leaky gut like diarhoea followed by leg pain. i would continue to experiment maybe at a later point of time. At this point im just ok eating egg yolks, beef and eggs. experimenting is good, but it can be tiring and if when its going wrong i become incapacitated from few days to about 2 weeks.

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Do you recall how much/what you eat in a day? or the calorie count


wow you are one who is experimenting and truly seeing those bad effects that plants give…super happy you are doing your trials slow and easy but holy cow on being that bad with being incapacitated for up to 2 weeks…yes that sure would be sending me back to carnivore also.

but ya know there are so many of us in that boat with you :slight_smile: Being carnivore for life is not a bad thing LOL we eat very well along with just having great meat/seafood/fish and fowl in our life :sunny: