Worst cold and cough since carnivore

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ill look into it. Would you know what is the mangesium combination from the bones of beef?. i suppose if the formula is close to that. then thats what is most absorbable right

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yes, i get that. the thing is im only a new carnivore. like around 9 months. so before that i used to eat alot of rice and stuff. thats why they know i can consume them. until my arthritis issues became severe and carnivore kinda made be able to walk again. so thats still my best reason to eat carnivore. To be able to walk again.

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the doctor prescribed some medication. but since the last 5 years of my health research. im trusting less and less on medications. so i avoided them.yesterday night i took 1g of paracetamol after like ages. i know some may be good or ok. but my trust in big pharma is broken

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:smiley: i used to be showing off that i would never get ill since starting carnivore. I admit i was too cocky cause i did genuinely feel much better than i have for a long time. thank you for sharing your experience. its remarkable.

i am determined to take this long term despite all the resistance.

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I do all the time someone asks why I’m eating a 1/2 pound block of cream cheese or a bowl of bacon crumbles! I always reply that I eat keto. That I eat lots of sat fat and protein but less than 20 grams of carbs per day and I am healthier than ever before in my life. I tell them I like it and don’t miss anything I ate previously. But I don’t say anything unless asked specifically. And I never criticize what someone else is eating. When asked for my opinion, I express it fully. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: for anyone interested. Walmart’s Great Value cream cheese has half the carbs of Philly. And, yes, when I eat a block of it as part of a meal I compensate for the rest of the day’s meals.

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That you found something to help with your arthritis is wonderful. Being able to walk is really nice; I highly recommend it, lol!

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I will for sure check it out. I could easily eat a whole block of cream cheese!

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i wish i could do cream and cheese. but it doesnt work for me unfortunately. :slight_smile:

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Hahaha. Indeed. The ability to walk is more than enough reason for me :slight_smile:

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You mean from bone broth/stock or actually eating bones? Either way, I’m not sure.

As for absorbability, I have no idea how they tested this for this particular product.

I don’t know what contributes to absorbability, although this goes through a ton of testing:

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bone broth. yes. hats why im confused as to which type magnesium is the better option. from natural bones or supplements.

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I know many on this forum are purists and want to eat as naturally as possible and not need supplements. More power to them. I think I am lazy at heart and go for what’s easy and quick. I roll up meat I’ve had sliced from the deli and just go with that. And I’ll eat precooked bacon, sausage patties etc. I will on occasion dust off the crock pot for a roast. I can’t remember why I began to take collagen, probably something about the fountain of youth. Whatever, mine is working wonders and probably in tandem with my mostly carnivore diet. Same for magnesium. I know it should be in my food and probably is, but adding the powder is easy and I saw immediate results.

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ill remember to check it out. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I take that, too. Supposedly, it is more bioavailable.

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I hope your family can see how much better you feel and move and be understanding about your way of eating.

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If you are underweight (you said you were trying to gain weight) that can be a stress on the body. If too lean for your metabolism your body can raise cortisol levels. Just a thought, not sure if that’s applicable to you.

I had an experience last year that was a combination of stress, sleep loss, too much weight loss and a severe respiratory infection. That’s why I’m wondering

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Exactly. I’m just under the BMI. Scale. When i started this diet. My only plan was to be able to walk again. And it worked. Unfortunately I lost too much weight. About 40 pounds. And it’s criminally hard to put on weight with this diet. Even while chugging butter

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Indeed mam. Thank you. And i really hope they do.

Regarding magnesium . Since glycinate is more popular. I’ll go with that. Have you personally felt a difference with magnesium supplement


So you’ve been Carnivore for 9mo’s, and now have a bad cold and cough. How are you connecting that to Being Carnivore or your wife not being sick, or her eating carbs having anything to do with it? Sometimes you get sick dude!

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Thats right!