Honey is essentially pure sugar. Why do some people think that it has some sort of magical ability? It is sugar


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I’ve seen so many people on carnivore Facebook groups preaching honey? It’s sugar…

Worst cold and cough since carnivore
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Blame Saladino… no idea apart from that.


and blame Shawn Baker cause on his Word Carnivore Tribe site the admins let all the chat about ‘eating natural’ foods, like honey, as an ok topic and many jump on it and then eat it and say they are carnivore…ugh.

Honey is sugar. No use to the body in full truth cause there isn’t anything magical about it. It is bee food. It is food for bees to raise their species and food for bears to put on lbs to gear for hibernation…humans don’t require it one bit!!

but as we know people ‘tweak and change’ what eating plans are all about…and then they wonder why they don’t get great results or fall off the plan and backslide cause they are sucking down honey or other crap LOL

oh well…for those who have brains truly, they accept what carnivore plan is all about…NO SUGAR added into this plan other than what little carbs you might get in scallops, or eggs, or liver etc…other than that, you eat anything that is not an animal or gonna be an animal like an egg, you are eating off plan…simple as that :slight_smile:

but yea, no honey…no matter who pollutes the carnivore plan it is their own will to do so…but many of us know that honey is not carnivore food at all and never will be. :slight_smile:

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Yep that’s where I kept seeing people saying I have raw honey & whatnot, Like wtf? It’s sugar, end of. Someone suggested people on a standard American diet have honey instead of sugar, because it’s got a little nutrition in it. Suggesting someone who is insulin resistant, eat honey is ludicrous.


Preach It!! I so agree with you.

those who want a ‘paleo type menu’ with in season berries and some honey and in season local veggies…yea I get that, it is a good menu for some but it will never be a carnivore menu ever, even tho they pretend it is LOL

and then what is worse is they have no clue why they never get ‘the carnivore plan’ benefits so many others get that follow the plan…ugh…


Raw honey has benefits, super processed stuff not so much. It’s not just like eating sugar, that’s cult-y nonsense. I use it, like it, have had ZERO downside to it. I no longer “fall in line” with all Keto or Carnivore dogma however… That’s no better than when I did it with SAD years ago. Listen to Baker and Saladino, they’ve addressed why they like it and what they’ve found in themselves because of it. Just like the responses you’re seeing here, the Carnivore crowd flipped out because they fell out of the “box” that they were supposed to be in. Whether Carnivore, Keto or anything else what we all have in common is we’re NOT Vegans! So let’s not make our WOE a religion!


the OP stated honey is just sugar and it is.

if others find it has ‘benefits’ they desire then eat it but don’t be calling yourself Carnivore…eat it on Keto, Paleo, General LC plans but you are in a carnivore thread here and sugar is NO on carnivore point blank and if it is addressed as being carnivore then it is wrong.

No one is ever taking away the benefits of honey as one sees fit…just don’t plug it as carnivore. Sugar is sugar in all these forms…so if one allows it on their plan cool and if it suits them cool. It will never be carnivore plan. There is no more chat about that tho! Done deal.

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Honey is sugar (mostly fructose ~41% and glucose ~36%) and water ~17%. Whether or not it has benefits is debatable. Whatever benefits it might have, in my opinion, are negligible - a few minerals and bee enzymes. The so-called benefits are more readily and more amply consumed in other foods without the fructose and glucose baggage.

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I used to eat honey all the time on the SAD, thinking I was helping my body cope with allergies and such.

Now I realize honey has two major benefits. The main benefit, is it causes NAFLD quite well. Especially being so full of fructose. Then you can feel sick all the time and get sympathy from others. So it has that going for it :+1:. The secondary benefit, is you can consume it, and get unbearable cravings for carbs. Then you can say that the carnivore diet is unsustainable as you had to have cheat meals all the time.:slightly_smiling_face:


you got that right E!!

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I used to have honey back on the standard UK diet thinking it’s healthier… A lovely dose of fructose directed directly into my liver.

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Dosage is the difference between therapeutic and toxic for many substances. For honey and sugar it wouldn’t surprise me if I cross that line at a tenth of the dose that is ok for Saladino or Baker. I could not care less who thinks honey is carnivore or not. There is sugar in liver and eating too much liver is also a bad idea but at an appropriate dose it is an excellent food.


well that is the difference actually noted.

all and any carbs wrapped in all animal products will not truly ever effect you like a good ol’ big tablespoon does of honey.

they are not the same ever cause honey will not give you anything while that liver, or trace carbs in scallops or shrimp etc. gives SO much and that is why carnivores do what we do :slight_smile:

carnivore plan is no sugar from outside animal sources and I agree with you, but it gets tiring polluting what the actual plan is all about cause it isn’t no different than keto people surviving on keto crap products and all the keto people then say, eat real food :slight_smile: the other stuff is wrong for this plan mostly and carnivore plan comes in no different truly.

but yea in bitter end we all do what we want to do and what works for us but to say what works for me eating honey on a no sugar plan is wrong for the mega population of carnivores who can’t and don’t eat it and have to stick to the ‘real deal plan’ for real deal carnivore benefits it serves 0 purpose. Go be keto sucking down honey. Go be paleo and hit those forums and chat up til the cows come home but don’t think a zero carb, carnivore eating plan will ever condone sucking down honey. Nope.

just throwing out some thoughts on it all.

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Bee vomit. :honeybee: What’s not to like?

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Saladino and baker are both fitness gurus yes they prob do better on a bit of extra carbs because of that …they also eat a ton more meat than the average carnivore as well…Shawn baker up-to 6lbs at a time time… just as much as I couldn’t tolerate their sugar I’d not tolerate that much protein in one setting either …so I think anyone reading those suggestions should look at the full picture not just the highlighted shiny parts thst sound good.

I think its great that they are being honest about what they doing and if it works for them well thats great… each of us Is on our own journey…

For alot of ppl carnivore is the ultimate elimination diet and I doubt ether of those guys ever had carb addiction or messed up metabolism like so many of us.

if your having medical issues like saladino was then it prob is smart to step back and reasess…
But I dont think that means everybody should expect to suddenly come down with the same issues…
I think human nature is always looking for ways to make excuses for us to deviate from plan because somebody else did something and got away with it and that sounds good to body to get us back in into that trap we tried so hard to break free from.


To be fair, the OP was indeed making a point of how ‘some’ folks make it seem they don’t see Honey as Sugar, when in actuality it is. It’s simply one of the forms of sugar, to which they are many. - If some don’t see it as sugar, they really need to research it some for themselves. But will that then change their mindset? Who knows… in the end it’s their choice and some can’t be told anything as we know. - Is it then ‘better’ if someone were to eat it instead of, say, table sugar? I personally would probably have to say if I ‘had’ to choose one or the other, I would much rather eat the Honey myself… though I actually don’t eat either, and haven’t for many, many years. Way before I even switched over to this WOE.

To me the bigger issue/problem begins when statements are made, that in a sense, belittles or comes across as a disparaging comment towards those who ‘choose’ to occasionally incorporate something outside of the realm of what some feel is being a “True Carnivore”. The main problem is, there is & will always be variations of anything, regardless of the subject matter. (Huh, especially in the times we live in today!) There are a lot of folks that love to say that they are a Carnivore as if it gives them some sort of credence with others who proclaim the same. When in truth, there are actually plenty of members here on this forum itself, that also fall under this statement at times. Repeatedly stating that they are a Carnivore, but then mentioning here & there that they sometimes, or occasionally partake in something clearly ‘not Carnivore’. Such as having seasonal fruits, or anything else that is not ‘meat’. … And there is NOTHING wrong with that. So do they then lose their ‘Carnivore Badge’… NO. They simply ‘choose’ to partake in something they don’t usually eat. But yes, they do need to rethink or admit that at times they do step outside of box of what some find to be ‘True Carnivore’.

But back to the statement at hand I mentioned…

First, @Fangs You know I’m not meaning to target anyone here, including yourself, but wanted to use your comment below as an example…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this statement what-so-ever, and most will see it that way… But there are some that might feel the mention of ‘this is a carnivore thread’ as meaning, there is only ‘True Carnivores Allowed’ here, which of course, is not the case. If folks who do not presently eat a Carnivore Diet do come and read and participate in these threads, who’s to say they learn that maybe this WOE is or could be something they would benefit from? And in most cases, it might. But again, they also need to realize it is not set in stone, and they can indeed eat the way that is best for them. But it is simply an option one has at their disposal, especially if they looking for alternatives to finding whats best for them.

I’m only mentioning this, because I think we are seeing this sort of thing way too much these days. For example, I’m a Hunter. - Have been for a long time, and yeah, proud of it. It has always brought me an opportunity to do something I enjoy. … Years ago, hunters would get the ‘Oh God, you hunt?’ with the sarcastic looks and snarls, as if we should somehow be stoned for partaking in something so barbaric. But now-a-days? Yep, it’s the inner-fighting amongst ourselves, more so than the non-hunters, though we still get those too. … Hunters now sometimes look down on other hunters simply because of their choice of weapons, or who don’t simply hunt ‘their’ way. And this is across the boards too. ‘Some’ Bow Hunters think hunting with a Cross-Bow is cheating, or somehow gives them a bigger advantage over one who shoots a Compound Bow? Or one who shoots a Long Bow, see Compounds as the same. … I say, shoot one for yourself and you might just learn something. :slight_smile: Not as easy as some make them out to be. - Then there’s the traditional Black Powder Hunters who shoot Muzzleloaders or Flint-Locks, who at times do look down at those who shoot the newer Black Powder Rifles, with all the technologically advanced elements, such as using shotgun primers, pre-formed pellets and Bullets opposed to the old Balls of Lead. … My point is, they are all still hunters, no matter their preference. So why do we attack ourselves, instead of standing together for something we simply enjoy alike?

For the record, first off, I’m one of the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet. (No, not just when they are on my plate. :smile:) But I’m occasionally told this can’t be truth, since I do indeed hunt the poor little creatures. (So you know, I only hunt Deer and don’t shoot anything I don’t eat!) To those who think this I say, think again. I care dearly for animals, and have the utmost respect for the animals I pursue. - But I myself am a Bow Hunter through and through, and it’s what gives me/myself the most pleasure. 95% of the time, I have a Bow in my hands when I hunt. Though I do still Gun Hunt on occasion, and it’s a good way to cull the herd and put some delicious venison in the freezer. I just don’t find it as enjoyable as I do with a Bow. I personally see it as ‘when I’m hunting, I’m Bow Hunting’. And when I’m Gun Hunting… well, I’m shopping. :slight_smile: Meaning no disrespect to anything else’s thinking, but this is how I see it. I just find hunting with a gun is much simpler and is simply picking out the one you want, similar to shopping. … But have never, and will never, look down on a fellow hunter for their choices on the way they choose to hunt. They are simply another Hunter that I stand by, side by side. :+1:

Sorry for such a long reply, just wanted to pass along some thoughts… And for those that may not know this already, I’ve pretty much always considered myself 85% Carnivore most times, since I do partake in the occasional Salad or other items. But at times, such as now, I too am 100% Carnivore because this is what I enjoy and what I wish to do… :wink:

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Nice post, @Digital_Dave.

I hesitate to participate in certain threads here because I’m not pure enough. I’m not interested in “being” this or that, and I might not have the same health goals as other members. I have bad reactions to many foods, so I eat whatever is left. Meaning, I am not keto because I don’t eat vegetables, but I’m not carnivore because I eat dairy and drink coffee. So where am I supposed to go for support?

As much as I might disagree with others, or disapprove of their choices, I try to always remember that this is a support group and I’m here to be supportive.

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Dairy is carnivore since it comes from an animal. I don’t fret about it though, the nutritional density of your food is more important than its name.

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But that is carnivore dairy is allowed so is coffee well I do both…
So do come join us :smiley:


Thanks, Laurie. Didn’t mean to ramble on so long, but it happens… :slight_smile: And yes Ma’am, this :point_up: The ‘quotes’ above are exactly my point. (And I believe you ‘are’ in a good place just for that.)

Regardless of ones choices as to what, how, why, one is eating how they do, I think we can all agree that eating any form of LC, is way better then eating a SAD diet, which we have all done at some point. So we need to keep in mind that there are limitations for some at times, that may dictate those choices, and there is no need not to not be supportive just because it doesn’t mimic one form or the other or is not considered ‘pure’ as you elegantly pointed out. … Making anyone feel as such, is nothing but a loss to all. And I for one, think these forums should be above that. But still not look down on those that will or still believe in the CICO or SAD ways of eating. :slight_smile:

@carnivorelad I agree, and then someone will say… well, Honey comes from Bees… :flushed: :smile: I know they are insects, but some do see all living creatures, ‘non human’ as animals. :slight_smile: :woozy_face: